Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Battle Begins

As previously noted on this blog, this summer is going to be busy and today – it all begins.

After the election result on September 7 we have a new Health Minister in Peter Dutton. As a Queenslander he worries me in this area, but pressure needs to be put on. Today, I sent an email to the new Minister in the same terms as the one I sent to his predecessor a few months ago. I added the response and how it “wasn’t good enough” and why. It remains to be seen what the response is this time. I’ll be following up in mid November if I don’t hear anything before that. Meanwhile I’m going to getting my local member on board. I already let her know of my intentions when we met by accident at a ceremony I saw near my home while I was walking by to get some lunch.

But I’m not sitting back and waiting for anything from the politicians. I’m taking my own action, and that starts on my next trip to Melbourne. I will be attending the Faculty of Science at Melbourne University to start my enquiries as to who to speak to in order to get the help needed. In this respect I’m referring to exactly what I said to Provax – “science is coming to get you”. Or to be more accurate, scientifically specific responses and/or corrections and/or clarifications of the reports Ginger Taylor is so keen on. None of the morons will listen to the likes of David Gorski, Matt Carey or Liz Ditz – or anyone else linked on the list Liz gave me that I passed onto Justa Punk AKA Artie Christou.

I’ll also be attending the same faculty at Monash University, and the Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering at Latrobe University with the same aim. Ditto (if I have time while I’m there over the next two months) the Faculty of Sciences at Adelaide University. I’ll also be sending emails to as many other universities as I can that have science faculties that cover this area (the University of Ballarat does not which is a shame).

And as I said in late August on this blog, I’m not taking “No” for an answer.