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Science only allowed Part 3

Originally in the September 5 entry last year I was going to put the follow up in the comments, but it’s been so long I figured a new entry would be better. And would you believe Provax unbanned me again! I was able to actually comment!

But first here is what he said after my last comment;

You were not banned, Phil. I’ve only banned two (now three) people. If you weren’t able to see the page, then it’s likely something wrong on your end. There are times I’m unable to see pages as well…it happens, Phil. Especially if they are in other countries.

“I’ve worn out my welcome? You have worn out your welcome on Facebook with your lies about vaccine safety. You were called out on Taylor’s blog about your lack of logic and common sense, and that call out was right. Even high school drop outs like me are capable of logic and common sense, so what’s your excuse? You have no respect for such simple and accurate facts of life – as the above meme demonstrates.”

And that, right there, gets you banned. Goodbye, moron. Goodbye, religious nut…adieu.

“Over the coming southern summer, your beliefs are going to cop a hiding – from science. The reports that you say don’t exist will be brought out. That’s what I will be fighting for. This is one of those occasions that commercial confidentialty will be smashed as it’s not helping science win the fight for vaccines as they should be. At present the attitude of science is that people like you are cult followers who will fade from sight eventually without having any real effect. I agree that you are a cult follower, but the damage being done to vaccine integrity is a very real effect that can’t be just brushed aside anymore.”

Oh no!!! Science is coming to get me! I am so very terrified. You’re a child, Phil.

“One more thing – you admit now that the doctor did the wrong thing with Hannah? Good! Forget about the vaccines and go after the quack instead. The vaccines were not the poblem. The doctor was, and under the present system in the US he is protected from prosecution. That’s pathetic and it wouldn’t happen in Australia. Remember also that Hannah had a condition that the vaccine catch up reacted against, something that should have been noticed and wasn’t. The mitocondrial dysfunction. She was already on the Spectrum and the whole combination led to the regression. Ponder on that list of facts and you’ll see why her father is wrong to blame vaccines for causing Autism in his daughter. He should blame the doctor for not DXing the mitocondrial issue, and blame himself for not seeing he had an Autistic daughter already. Anyone already on the Spectrum should NEVER get nine vaccines in the one visit.”

No, I didn’t admit that. You admitted that giving 9 vaccines at once is a problem. But, if vaccines were as safe as you claim, then 9 vaccines shouldn’t be a problem. She wasn’t on the spectrum, and you have absolutely no data to back up that claim. So, again, cherry picking data to suit your own bias.

“If you ban me now, you are only enforcing your bullying tack to protect your own little fairy land – a land that will soon be exploded to all parts of the world.”

I told you why I was going to ban you. You didn’t listen. You are being banned because you are a rude and arrogant hypocrite, and verifiably insane.

First off, there he goes again with the idea that I worship vaccines. If I worship anything it’s football for goodness sake and even then it’s not to a level that would qualify as religious! All I did was fire facts – and I get “banned”. Second – I don’t need to add to my October entry about what I’m doing when it comes to science coming to get idiots like this. Third – nine vaccines for a person on the Spectrum IS a problem! And Hannah Poling was always on the Spectrum. Her own mother admitted to the symptoms on CNN when the decision was first handed down.

Provax then added this;

What a paranoid psychopath! If I banned him, why on earth would I unban him? Idiot…

And yet he did it again! Well actually I think you’ll find he blocked those who hadn’t liked the page (perhaps Joseph Bonnar had) and just today or fairly recently he removed that block thinking he was safe! Uh uh! As I added today;

HA! Pot meet kettle!

I was of course referring to the first sentence of the addition. So who’s the idiot?

My guess is that he’ll block the page again, after he deletes my comment or decides on some sort of retort.