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Science is a religion?

In the week leading up to August 25, I was involved in a debate (for want of a better word) with Pro Vax Quacks. During this period I was able to confirm that I’m dealing with a female (she referred to her other half as her “husband”) so in fact she revealed more about herself than I think she was willing to. More importantly though, my last comment to her was modded out – and I think I know why. Here’s my posting with PVQ in red and my response in blue;

This shows just how much of a moron you are. Did you actually read the article? Stylometry takes all of this into consideration. Culture was accounted for in the analysis of your blathering rant, and each time you respond, I get more and more information about you.

You aren’t learning anything. The University in Pennsylvania that was the subject of the article ASSUMES that what they do works world wide. They’re wrong. Their work is limited to the dog’s breakfast that is the USA, and they think that the cultures within the US are matched throughout the world. That is not correct, and typical US ‘everyone in the western world is guided by us’ thinking. It’s why I hate those in charge in America. They have no clue.

LMAO…Phil, you’re making an utter and complete fool of yourself. Dialect is not specific to spoken word. That’s why novels are sometimes written showing different dialects. Here, this may help you educate yourself, since you’ve shown that you’re a high-school dropout:

I’ll shut off the quote because it’s not needed, and you need a lesson in comprehension. That’s all about the interpretation of the spoken word, which naturally has a written form – for instance the most obvious differences between original English and American English; Aluminum (US) and Aluminium (Original); Thimerosal (US) and Thiomersal (Original) and there would be others. The dictionary is also irrelevant in the sense of different spellings of words – which we have already covered. Not to mention words that only appear in one dictionary and not any of the others because it’s unique to that country (do you know what a “sheila” is as an example?). Dialect is all about the spoken word. There’s a dialect that is not mentioned in your quote – Scottish. They’ll read “not” quite easily. But do they say it? Nope! They say “nae” (pronounced “no”), and that is only written in a novel when a Scottish person is speaking!

Lesson over.

“Which is exactly what you’re doing here, Phil. Attacking the person, not the issue. Oh, the hypocrisy. I admitted I don’t know for sure, only that I have evidence that helps me reach a conclusion. I don’t know if he has kids or not because I have no proof, only your word (which is oh, so trustworthy). What I do have proof of is how your use of language, punctuation, and syntax (which is accounted for because of regional dialect (or jargon, if that helps)) is very similar. And, your continued protestations are adding more evidence. Have you ever read Shakespeare? “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” It means that your frequent and vehement attempts to convince me that you and “Artie” are different people have ironically helped to convince me that the opposite is true. You look insincere and defensive.”

My word that he has kids, and his as well by the way! Regional “dialects” only exist if the immediate family comes from another country. I don’t know how long the Christou’s have been in Australia, but the Gluyas’ have been here since the 1850’s. And then there’s the factor that you refuse to take into account – the Autistic community. The number of people I’ve seen on line and spoken to in real life within that community have the very similarities that you claim makes us one person!

I only appear to be attacking you because it’s the only language you seem to understand. Is it my intent? No. You might not believe that, but then that’s typical of a closed mind. My intent is to try to educate you and correct your incorrect views of various matters.

Sure you have a closed mind, Phil. You’ve demonstrated that over and over again. If something doesn’t fit into your confirmation bias, then you reject it, whether it’s true or not. And your continued litigation against people who hurt your feelings confirms what I said about you. The only way you can validate yourself is through legal intimidation. That speaks volumes about you, Phil, and is the reason that so many people that you idolize think you’re a complete joke.

Oh dear, you obviously didn’t read the decision against Best. He didn’t just upset me. He defamed me. Two completely different things. I don’t pursue legal action unless I have a bona fide case, and the victories I have had show that the cases were not frivolous. And another point. If I don’t take legal action to protect my name and my reputation, what other options are available to me? None. I won’t be silenced and I won’t be lied about in a damaging manner. I have the right to protect myself. I idolise no one, and those who think I’m a joke are limited in numbers.

In direct response to me asking for proof that I’m a murderer. It’s obvious you weren’t talking about the original poster, Phil. The fact that you’re so vehemently denying it shows that you’re defensive and insincere.

Or I’m telling the truth and won’t tolerate being lied about. You directed the question to the person who wrote the OP, not me – and I ignored it for that reason. It was not a question for me to answer.

Once again, this is your confirmation bias rejecting something that doesn’t conform to your own personal reality. There’s a psychological term for that, Phil…

The only thing that Terry Poling admitted on CNN was that Hannah was “precocious.” I was precocious as a child, and I’m not on the spectrum. My eldest child was precocious, and is not on the spectrum. Your assertion that the courts would have noted that she was already on the spectrum shows magical thinking. The court documents, and testimony from Terry and Jon Poling themselves shows that she was not on the spectrum prior to vaccination. Jon Poling’s remarks on various news articles, personal correspondence, and open letters to various individuals around the world show that Hannah was developing normally, got vaccinated, and lost milestones and skills. The fact that you’re rejecting this shows confirmation bias.

HAH! Gotcha! “Precocious” is a VERY strong indication of the Spectrum! It gets ignored because of this idiotic assumption by some in the Autistic community that Autism is very much a male condition – when we both know it’s not. Presentations of the Spectrum in girls is harder to nail for this and a number of other reasons, but being precocious is about as good an indicator as one can get. However it’s not hard and fast as you know yourself. Anyway, Terry also made some other observations that were more telling – and if I had a transcript or even the video I’d point them out.

I said that vaccines are not safe for everyone…something that you, yourself, have echoed.

You’re lying again. I NEVER EVER said that! Vaccines ARE safe. Prove that they are not. Interesting developments in the US? I treat that with a grain of salt, but I do look forward to seeing some links and hopefully from reliable sources.

I did, and then it was copied over to a site that mocks Christian fundamentalists. People whom you idolize (Scientists, etc) read your remarks and couldn’t tell that it was not written by a religious extremist, Phil. That speaks volumes about how zealous and foaming-at-the-mouth insane you are. These are people who make a living in science, those versed in reason, who can’t tell that the comment they are mocking was not made by a religious nut. Fundamentalists say the darnedest things, Phil.

They ignored the hidden meaning, as they should have. It proves nothing. It showed how grounded those who accept science as real and religion as fake are. If they knew the truth, they would have supported it and slammed you for changing the context. I agree with the last sentence (case in point – Susanne Atanus!).

Everyone has the qualifications to question. This dogmatic statement from you adds further proof that you think that scientists and doctors are some priesthood who is above criticism. And me remarking about the efficacy of the flu vaccine is trying to get you to question? Talk about paranoia!! And, what does it say about you that you don’t question. Oh, the hilarity…

The lack of efficacy in the flu vaccine is evident all over the world, Phil…Australia doesn’t have some magical protection from this lack of efficacy. Read the Cochrane review.

I read it and it still supports vaccination in case you didn’t notice! Australian DOES have the protection you claim doesn’t exist. Why? Because unlike the CDC, the TGA isn’t dictated to by the money of the pharmaceutical companies! Australia is not run by capitalists alone. It is run by a well rounded mixture of capitalists and socialists, and the latter knows how important it is to get things right in medicine before putting it to use.

The whole point is that vaccines work. The only issue, like everything else, is the delivery system. As the old saying goes, a bad worker blames their tools. You and your allies are doing exactly that – blaming vaccines when you should be blaming those who deliver them at various points. I question only when something doesn’t make sense. And I’ve done that a lot over the years.

Why, so you can stalk me? Yeah, no thanks.

Paranoia rides again. How can I stalk you when I don’t know your name? Sheesh!

No Phil…you think you’re better than everyone else. I don’t claim to know everything, as well as I don’t claim to have all the answers. I only know that I don’t know. Contrast that to you, who has demonstrated that he has secret knowledge of Hannah Poling’s condition prior to her vaccination, and then we see just how hypocritical you are.

That is the perfect example of a massive lie by you, in addition to (and I love using this Bugs Bunny quote) “he don’t know me very well do he?”

Sure you do, Phil…like Hannah Poling? And what evidence have you provided?

See what I said earlier about the transcript or video. if I had it I could prove it in a heart beat.

This is a direct quote from you. I suppose I could discount it because you’ve been so untruthful about so many things, but the evidence is there…

There’s a difference between being untruthful and making a mistake. In that case it was the latter. I’m human. I make mistakes. Are you human? Do you make mistakes? Of course you do, but unlike me you won’t admit to them. One statement is not evidence. If you threw that to a court as evidence, it would be thrown out.

As far as that last paragraph goes, you just proved yourself to have a closed mind. That’s what a closed mind does – calls another person who challenges them “insane”. If I’m so insane, why not just ignore me? Because you know I’m not. You see me as a threat to your beliefs and you are fighting. Just what I wanted. Thank you.

What I bolded at the end is what I think caused her to mod me out. I trapped her and she knew it and ran for it as she tried to do from other valid points that I made. I mean take a look at the whole thing from my first comment under “TLPG”;

Now if these comments disappear I’ll add another entry here to bring them back. There’s a chance Artie Christou will comment again next time he has a few minutes to spare what with his Autistic boy occupying his time, but he might also think that I owned her and leave it alone. I can’t predict that to be honest.