Things Anti Vaxxers Say

I held out on this until after the election campaign (and then preparing the new site), and I have one regret. I never kept any screenshots.

There’s a page on Facebook called “Things pro-vaxers say”. There is an opposing page named in the title of this entry and the latter has many more likes (thankfully). But I went to the former page and asked for evidence of deaths as a result of vaccines – and vaccines only. I got four attempted examples which I was easily able to debunk as an issue outside of vaccines.

But a mighty debate started when Michelle Hillier, under her fake account name Wilma Stone, demanded evidence of tests that proved there were no carcinogenic effects in vaccines. It quickly became obvious that she “knew” that they hadn’t been done and was using this “threat” as an excuse to not vaccinate. Now I knew better. She’s a Pom, but nevertheless I told her that the tests had been done in Australia – and the results were not publicly available due to commercial confidentiality. Her response was right out of the stupid book. No public results – the tests weren’t done. Even when I pointed out that the TGA legislation required them to do the tests, she still wouldn’t believe it.

Sheer ignorance.

And then the cowardice finally rose up – she blocked me. And then added what she thought would be the last word. Artie Christou kept me up to date as he could still see the thread and he took a screenshot of Michelle’s last comment. Here is what she said;

So what Artie says, goes?
I don’t know if my parents were ‘challenged’ about not vaccinating, had they, they would’ve stood by their choice anyway. 50yrs ago there wasn’t so much hype about vaccines, and not much faith in Drs back then after the Thalidomide scandal. There’s not much need for a Dr when you have a non complicated case of measles. There are no prescription mess to treat measles. You’re simply told to rest, keep hydrated and boost the immune system.
Diagnosing mental health issues over the internet merely because we don’t agree on a subject, just makes you look foolish.
That is just to detract from the conversation because you failed to back up your claims.
Neglect, being fake, mental health issues. It’s lucky for me that they are just words on a screen typed by 3 angry little boys because they have had their rubbish called out.
Did Mommy never show you love? …There, there.

Let’s tear this apart piece by piece.

1. The reason why there wasn’t much hype about vaccines back in the 60’s was because there weren’t many vaccines, and what there were had to be paid for. In Australia in the 70’s vaccines were a requirement, but before that I don’t know. So the point isn’t really relevant.

2. I had a quick look for the scandal she referred to, and it looks like it was limited to Germany – so the idea that doctors lost their credibility in the UK (or anywhere else for that matter) over that is a red herring the size of a barracuda!

3. There is no such thing as a “non complicated” case of measles – and she missed one instruction. Stay in the dark. Close all the curtains in the child’s bedroom during the day. The “boost the immune system” comment is BS.

4. Anyone who listens to the junk that’s being put out about vaccines has to have mental health issues. It’s common sense to vaccinate, and the science backs that up. Ignoring science in favour of pseudo science at best is a clear demonstration of mental health issues due to low or at least questionable intelligence. That is all fact, and it has nothing to do with a lack of agreement.

5. I don’t think I need to repeat what I’ve already said in this blog entry about “backing up my claims”. I’ll just add again as I did at the time that if she has any evidence that the tests were not done – report it. I even linked her to the contact page for the TGA. Of course she didn’t have the courage to do it!

6. The third person being referred to here is Wesley Cooper, who came almost out of nowhere into the debate. None of us spoke rubbish. Hillier did and she couldn’t handle being called out on that.

7. My parents showed me plenty of love. Hillier’s parents did not.

The query disappeared altogether when I was banned from the page as a result of pulling a few other idiots into line – or trying to. If it wasn’t for the fact that there was already a page, I would have created “Things Anti-Vaxers Say” myself. Artie gave notice that he was going to create a page on Hillier, but that went by the wayside when he was banned from the page like I was. I have no idea if Wesley is still there or not.

It’s clear. Anti-Vaxers don’t want to hear the truth.



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