Kristin Comeaux – Anti Vax Lunatic

I don’t often block these anti vaccine morons – usually they block me. But this one was the most perfectly brainwashed person I think I’ve ever seen. She claims to have studied at the University of Louisiana, and I can only surmise that she studied how to be dumb and believe the unbelievable. Must have been a strong course that she must have got 100 percent for. Sherri Tenpenny and all the other anti vaccine quacks must be proud.

I knew I was dealing with a fruitcake when she said this;

<em>”Please post some medical studies that werent backed or funded by the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the vaccine. Also please find some studies that follow children getting multiple vaccinations for a period of 10 years so we can see how they interact. There is nothing of the sort. Also please find a study that pits a vaccine vs. a placebo. You wont.”</em>

I suspected at this point that she figured I would link to the CDC – when I’m in fact Australian. I referenced the TGA instead and also told her that the studies weren’t publicly available. As we know, the TGA are required by law (under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989) to do all the required tests. I didn’t mention that of course because I didn’t feel I needed to.

But this brainwashed fool wanted to know if I believe everything the government tells me! I’ve been politically active for more than 20 years! I know how government works! And I know the difference between truth and lies within that area! I simply told her that I do believe the government – in this case anyway – because we voted for them and they represent us. The Australian system is far better than America’s (I didn’t say that to her). I did say that I understand the basics of chemistry and I have common sense. The combination of both says that vaccines are safe and I was yet to see anything different that made sense.

This idiot pushed the stupid button further by claiming that chemistry has nothing to do with immunology! She also claimed that no scientist understands the effects of multiple vaccines after ten years!! That got her a reply in capital letters that they do! It’s their bloody job to know you idiot! And all she could do was demand that I back that info up? That was when I knew I was dealing with a religious fanatic bent on destroying vaccines without compunction – and I blocked her. I was so incredulous at that point at the woman’s stupidity.

But she went further when Artie Christou charged in to support me as he does if he has the time to do so. He demanded peer reviewed studies from her and she tried to shift it to me and then wanted to know what he wanted. Artie was brilliant – he wanted Tenpenny’s studies! I knew he had her because I knew she hasn’t published any! And Madame Foolski tried to deflect away from that and rely on her quack book. That’s not peer reviewed, dummy! And when she claimed she’d reviewed and exposed the CDC published studies Artie jumped on her about Tenpenny’s qualifications to understand the studies. And all she could say is ask for proof that she didn’t understand! This woman is a brainwashed idiot!

It all boils down to her believing that Sherri Tenpenny is a renowned expert on vaccines. I think she sees Tenpenny as God and worships her. She’s not a god and she’s not an expert. Here are some links to back that up;

Damned lies and idiots

And to back up vaccine safety;

I’ve contacted Artie to link this to Madame Foolski. And one more question. How does she know Autism isn’t there from birth? How can you tell? You can’t tell either way. So backdating as has happened with Artie’s son AND with me is perfectly acceptable. Just because a diagnosis was made later doesn’t mean it wasn’t there beforehand!!



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