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Yes to SB277 Part 2

My efforts on Twitter have brought out some absolute morons squealing this, that and the other via conspiracy BS. I mean for instance this morning I left the final comment to some twit called “The Political Port” after he called me a psychotic troll.

“@PoliticalPort @BlueballsNina Anyone who opposes vaccines is a psycho with no education – or common sense. Yes to #SB277”

Along came Rocky with two completely deluded tweets;

“@PhilGluyas @PoliticalPort u are the sick psycho who is very uneducated nazi who wants to harm & make children chronically ill by forced”

“@PhilGluyas @PoliticalPort poisoning them u are sick to the core I pray u don’t have any children oh dear God!!!!!”

The character limit obviously stopped Rocky from adding “vaccinations” to the first tweet. No child is harmed by vaccines by themselves, nor are they made chronically ill by said vaccines alone. They can be harmed by poor administration, but is that the fault of that little vaccine? No! It’s the fault of the stupid medical “professional” (I use that term loosely) who stuffed up the process, and there are several ways to do that – especially in a BS medical system like the US have!

Nazi’s subjugate everyone into one line through violence. This is not violence. SB277 is rightful education that has to be forced down the throats of parents who are doing the wrong thing by their children and are refusing to listen to reason. I personally prefer taking the children off them for child neglect and find them parents who actually want to protect them from preventable diseases. Those who oppose vaccines oppose disease prevention.

As soon as I tweeted my first status above, I added this before logging out;

“@PoliticalPort @BlueballsNina Oh and I’m Australian just by the way, where similar laws are also likely. Yes to #SB277”

Here comes deluded Rocky again;

“@PhilGluyas @PoliticalPort oh so u are used to being a slave to govt makes sense now haha”

“@PhilGluyas @PoliticalPort so u would let your child drink anti-freeze, aluminum mercury formaldehyde & aborted fetal cells?”

“@PhilGluyas @PoliticalPort are u going to respond?”

I’ll address the second tweet first and it’s the reason for this blog entry rather than a responding tweet. Rocky clearly doesn’t understand the concept of compounds. Compounds combine ingredients and render the properties of said ingredients absent. Salt works the same way. Sodium and chlorine are poison on their own right? So we should ban salt for the same reason. And we don’t, because salt is a compound. Pure water also works the same way. Hydrogen? Poison. But put it in a compound with oxygen….you get the idea. This is basic science, and it’s clear that Rocky failed the subject at school. I’m not a slave to anything, except telling the truth in the face of lies about vaccines.

And unlike you, Rocky, I have a life off the Internet. So you can wait for my responses while I get on with my life. It doesn’t revolve around social media, unlike you obviously. Get the hint.

And that wasn’t all. Here’s another of my tweets;

“@PoliticalPort @BlueballsNina You want children to die from preventable diseases. YOU are despicable. Yes to #SB277”

And Rocky was totally stupid in reply;

“@PhilGluyas @PoliticalPort wow u are so indoctrinated its sad u do know that the sheep who vaccinate are actually caring diseases they got”

“@PhilGluyas @PoliticalPort vaccinated to “protect” from & are spreading diseases not the unvaccinated healthy people! Vaccine shedding hello”

Caring diseases? Learn to spell “carrying”, dummy, and while you’re about it stop making things up based on what I already said about vaccine content. Is it a crime to actually understand the science behind vaccines? Obviously it is according to you, which is dumb and more like sheep thinking that I could ever be.

The theory of vaccine shedding has been bunked by real science.


Yes to SB277

SB277 is the code for a proposed law in California whereby it is made compulsory to vaccinate your child, with the only exemption allowed being medical. No more religious objections or conscientious objections. This law is needed – particularly in the wake of the measles issue coming out of Disneyland recently.

But there are parents screaming blue murder – claiming that as long as there is a risk there should be a choice…..


For goodness sakes, what reasonable parent would risk the death of their child from a preventable disease? No reasonable parent would take such a risk – they would vaccinate their child without hesitation. All medical procedures carry some risk, but the pros outweigh the cons by the proverbial country mile!

The only way to eradicate these diseases is to vaccinate. Those that oppose vaccination want these diseases to stay. That is a crime against humanity that goes beyond childhood. Being generally fit does not protect from disease even as an adult. I learned that the hard way in July last year when I was hospitalised by Influenza A. Just yesterday I got my flu vaccine. I’m not stupid. I’m not going through that again. And yet there are people out there who are happy to run that risk!

It annoys me that there are so many stupid parents out there, particularly as one of the excuses given is that vaccines cause Autism. That is BS! I’m Autistic. Vaccines didn’t cause that. It’s genetic in origin. It’s a complex set of behaviours that are passed down from one generation to the next and the set needed for an Autism diagnosis is random like any other DNA set. Every human being has at least one of the behaviours listed – but you need a certain number to be on the Spectrum. That (put very simply) is the genetic connection.

I’ll be linking this on Twitter as part of my battle against those idiots who are saying No to SB277. Anyone who says no to it opposes the prevention of disease in children. That is a crime against humanity and it has to stop.