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Yes to SB277 Part 3

It has been despicable, disgusting, disappointing and all related terms per Roget’s Thesaurus to see the ignorance being played out on Twitter over vaccines and California’s SB277. Moronic parents who think they know better than trained scientists who understand the complexities of vaccine manufacture and it’s intent. Google University has a lot to answer for as does the loudmouths who think they are qualified but they aren’t – Sherri Tenpenny and Rebecca Carley to name just two.

Here are some examples of the more recent rubbish being tweeted;

Who confirmed it? No one qualified I’ll bet.

The link is an unreliable source that is not peer reviewed. The aluminium being used as a preservative is part of the compound – and when a compound is involved the ingredients lose their properties. Scientific fact.

The quote comes from a quack, no doubt. Science is never totalitarian. It’s black and white and you can’t change that. And science says vaccines are safe.
(This person has since left Twitter)

It IS about vaccines, you goof! Police power is needed because there are idiots out there who are doing the wrong thing in terms of public health. This is no different to a blitz on speeding, drink driving and wearing seat belts. Equally stupid and equally dangerous.
(This person has since been suspended from Twitter)

One word – bullshit. Note that there isn’t a link to this so called admission by the CDC.
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Getting sick from the measles is a PRIVILEGE?? Avoiding the illness is a right, that opponents of SB277 are looking to wreck!

Another ill informed and poorly educated reflection on vaccine content and ignorance of compounds.
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It only violates the rights of criminals, who have no rights. I’m talking about parents who refuse to protect their children from disease the only way that they can – by vaccinating. It is a higher right to live free of disease. That right is supported by SB277.

There is no vaccine fraud. That is libel, and would be actionable if it wasn’t for the fact that the CDC is a government department and is classically open for rubbish per the First Amendment – unless visible damage is done.
(This person appears to have left Twitter and then returned afresh)

Two of the most unreliable sources in the business mentioned – Age of Autism and Natural News. SB277 does nothing to affect medical freedom as medical exemptions remain. Religion is no excuse, and as for parental rights – the top right they have is to protect their children from disease. Denial of that right means parental rights should be revoked automatically.

This is a despicable and disgusting comparison that bears no relevance to the matter at hand.
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You idiot. Medical requirement for the good of public health is not a felony assault. In fact making a report like that can be smashed as a frivolous complaint and acted upon. I’d like to see that!

What a stupid link! I’ll tell you why the human race survived! Parents were giving birth a lot more often because mortality rates were out of control amongst babies. Why? DISEASE THAT IS NOW PREVENTABLE!! Immune systems were NOT fine way back when. They were terrible. Note that the causes of death given in this stupid article were for deaths later in life – what, no one died as babies? Give me a break!!

That’s the latest snippet and the morons who tweeted this nonsense will be notified.