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Message to Jerry Brown

I’m directing this to the Governor of California, Jerry Brown.

The needed law, SB277, has been voted through by the majority of both houses in Sacramento. Within this law, children will be unable to attend school unless they are up to date with their vaccine schedule. Only one exception is allowed – proven medical reasons for not being up to date. Religious exemptions and conscience exemptions have been removed. In the case of the former there are no scriptures within any religion that somehow prohibit the use of vaccines. In fact I would suggest that most see vaccines as the miracle delivered by God through angels on Earth. Now I’m an atheist so I don’t buy that of course, but that’s beside the point. No religion opposes vaccines. They support them.

As far as conscience exemptions go, I would suggest that it’s here that the majority of issues lie with the lack of herd immunity that allowed the outbreak of measles to happen at Disneyland earlier this year. No one with a genuine conscience would refuse to vaccinate their child. It’s inhumane and against the rights of the child to live free of preventable disease. That’s a right that they have and it should be protected. Parents who refuse to apply that protection – and that is their job to do so – are in fact guilty of child neglect and/or child abuse.

Most of these foolish parents are believing a lot of nonsense that has been distributed through social media by conspiracy theorists who are taking socialistic thinking to an extreme that it should be going – accusing vaccine manufacturers of buying support of politicians, when the reality is that they make no profit from vaccines due to the expense of creating them. They aren’t simple little chemicals. They are complicated compounds that have to be done right. No cutting corners. I know that governments of all sorts subsidise this when they can, and philanthropists like Bill Gates cover this where governments can’t (like in Africa). It’s at cost.

Then there’s the rubbish being spouted by people who call themselves experts questioning the efficacy of vaccines and relying on the VAERS database at face value in order to spread their lies, as well as the results of cases through the NVICP. The database is littered with unproven information that should have been checked and verified a long time ago. Many parents enter material on that database based on their own “intuition” and nothing else. The NVICP has a major flaw in that it only takes proof of 50 percent “and a feather” for compensation to be awarded. This presents a false picture, and it also prevents those who actually perform the vaccination from being punished for getting it wrong – which is more likely to happen that an issue from the vaccine itself. It’s like the old saying; A bad workman blames their tools.

Yes, I am Australian and don’t vote in California. But this is a worldwide issue. It affects everyone, not just Californians. SB277 is a major precedent on the world stage when it comes to vaccines and the law. In Australia we have a federal policy being worked on called No Jab No Play. This is about the removal of rebates from families whose children are not up to date with their vaccines, making them pay full price for access to Child Day Care centres. This is at an earlier stage of the children’s life than school, but the premise is the same. Vaccinate your children. I have made my own member of Australian Parliament, who also happens to be the Health spokesperson on the opposition benches in our capital Canberra, aware of SB277.

I am also not a parent, but I am an uncle. I am also Autistic and this is the main reason personally why I want this law to go through. Vaccines do not cause Autism. That is a lie and it misrepresents Autism in it’s true form – a genetic condition based in traits of behaviour. Under the DSM-IV (yes it is the DSM-V now but I don’t think this has changed much) you were deemed to be on the Autistic Spectrum (ie Asperger’s Syndrome and other related conditions) if you have five of six of a set of behaviours. But here’s the genetic connection. Every single human being has at least of those behaviours. No exceptions. Only one behaviour is not Autistic. Only four is not Autistic either. But they are all there somewhere. What people are squealing about is regression down the Spectrum, not causation. And regression has many different sources. Vaccines may be one, but only if – again – it is not handled correctly. And as I said, it’s only one of literally hundreds of options – based in sensory overload through the basic five senses, and the sixth; instinct. Bottom line, vaccines do not cause Autism.

The world is watching, Governor. You have an important decision to make, and on behalf of the world I implore you to take a leading hand in the worldwide fight against preventable disease, and sign into law SB277.