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No Jab No Pay Yes Way Idiots!

Okay this has gone on for long enough!!

While I was in Portarlington it was brought to my attention that the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network had created a meme calling eight people “Fear Contagions” over vaccines.

* Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessey
* Queensland Health Minister Cameron Dick
* Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison
* Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten
* Greens Parliamentary Leader Richard Di Natale
* WA Young Australian of the Year nominee Catherine Hughes
* Michael Kidd (unable to ascertain who this is)
* Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch

Reasonable Hank called this out on Twitter – it’s out of line and completely unacceptable conduct, especially Catherine! I know why a couple of them are there. Cameron Dick’s government ran an enquiry at state level over vaccines and there were plenty of anti vaxxers trying to get involved. The final report put them in their place, and like the extremist BS artists they are they totally ignored the message. Richard Di Natale has never been forgiven for his rightful call out of the AVsN in the Senate, and on top of that he took Meryl Dorey and Greg Beattie to task over being former head honchos of the “Australian Vaccination Network” (AVsN’s old name that has now been banned for them) and saying so at the committee hearing on the No Jab No Pay legislation.

When I wrote to the state minister’s over this whole vaccine issue, Jill’s response was the best of them so I’m not surprised she’s there. I think Catherine voiced her support of vaccines and to have her as a nominee for Young Australian of the Year come January 26 next year is a slap in the face (and deserved) to the anti vaxxers. Murdoch’s papers as far as I know haven’t covered the anti vaxxers concerns – in fact they have never given them positive print that I can remember. It’s either none, or negative – usually none.

The fear contagions are the anti vaxxers. They rely on it. This makes them bullies. I tried recently to check through the New South Wales Crimestoppers website if incitement to child neglect was a criminal offence. The idiot who replied told me that giving an opinion was fine no matter what. Rubbish. That fool is part of the problem and protecting these dangerous idiots!

I am in no doubt. This is incitement to child neglect. Bullying to scare parents away from vaccines with rubbish “medical” information that has no credibility and taking advantage of the dearth of misleading information coming out of the United States. Paul Offit called some of it “the bane of his existence” and he was right (and consequently rubbished out of context by Ginger Taylor). It’s misleading and money for jam for the anti vaxxers who profit from this.

I’ve had it. What I call the Vaccine War is now entering another phase – criminal. This has gone on for long enough and those who are inciting this neglect have to be charged same under the relevant legislation governing child neglect and abuse. I don’t think there’s any other way any more. Education doesn’t work for these idiots. The No Jab No Pay No Play laws that will be effective from January 1, 2016, show that the politicians are starting to get the idea. I’ve just about given up on the scientists. They just want this to blow over. It won’t. I’ve almost given up on my political angle as well – especially if my latest tactic doesn’t get through (I’ll know by mid week I think).

So all of you so called caring parents who oppose vaccines, be warned. I consider you to be criminals. If you don’t want the police on your doorstep, stop with your bullying of other parents. Stop spreading false information. Get off social media and shut up. You are a threat to the lives of the next generation and the fact that you don’t care about preventable diseases makes you the scum of the earth that only belong in one place;



Dasi-modo Anyone?

What is it about northern New South Wales and it’s crazies? Bangalow has Meryl Dorey. Now I’m told that there’s someone on her lunatic level just 53 kilometres north in Eungella, just outside of Murwillumbah – Sumukhi Dasi. This one makes Quasi-modo seem (dare I use the word) normal – hence the title of this entry.

This entry was delayed by Facebook refusing to let me see the content before demanding I log in (get lost!). So I had to get direct links and screenshots for this entry from my friends on there. This effort was headed up by the current owner of the All about Anti Vaxxers page – which was founded by me but passed on when I left Facebook back in January. The current admins are people I won’t name, and one of them recently had to sit out a three day block for stupid reasons – all because Dasi didn’t like being warned about the consequences of her nonsense directly (New South Wales police being informed of her conduct) and one of her comments being screenshotted on the AAAV page – which was brought back censored by the way.

Anyway, I’ll keep this short because there was way too much info to go through so I’ll just stick to the highlights – or rather the lowlights.

I want to firstly highlight her response to the query about her eating salt. That’s a line that I originated (well I’d like to think I did!) to prove that these idiots don’t understand the concept of compounds in the vaccine argument. Dasi IDed herself as not a consumer of table salt but rather “Himalayan rock salt” (and she wasn’t the only one). The admin of AAAV at the time pointed out that salt was salt (quite right) but it goes further than that. Dasi claimed that there were 84 different minerals in that rock salt.


There are only ten that I could find, and guess what? At least 95 percent of it is Sodium Chloride. Of course. But here’s the kicker. Most of the rest of it contains polyhalite, a hydrated sulphate of potassium, calcium and magnesium. No issues there, but it is vulnerable to iron oxide inclusions (indicated by the salt being pink instead of white). That in my book makes this rock salt more dangerous than table salt. The other minerals of the ten I couldn’t find the names of. Bottom line – that rock salt makes no difference to the core argument about compounds.

Dasi also spammed the usual anti vax rhetoric, from the likes of The Vaccine Reaction, Current Health Scenario (a blog on Blogger), Vaccine Impact, Global Research dot ca, Info Wars, Metabolic Healing, Coto2 (a blog on Word Press), Action Only Me, Vac Truth and Child Health Safety (another Word Press blog) as well as quoting Boyd Haley, Donald Miller, Robert Murdoch, Paul King, Arthur Reingold (out of context), Archie Kalokerinos and Donna Greco.

She also tried to use the ICD-9 as a point, only to go quiet when Melanie Jewell challenged her to provide examples of actual usage of that part Dasi quoted.

It’s obvious that she is a graduate of Google University and doesn’t understand what she is actually saying. Take this for instance;
<blockquote><span class=”UFICommentBody”>Not even 10% of every human being on this planet has ever been fully vaccinated at the one time for any disease on the vaccination schedule, not ever and we have a huge bustling population on earth. We survive quite well without your diseased vaccinations that do not work but to spread more and more deadly strains of the diseases they purport to protect us from. There is so much proof of both the ineffectiveness and of the pernicious dangers of vaccinating children. There were no colds or flus, no measles or polio in Sth America until a bunch of dirty filthy disease ridden superiority complexioned “western” scientists landed there and spread their uncivilized behaviors and habits.</span></blockquote>
That percentage is rot. I’m not saying it’s high – after all there are plenty of third world pockets, particularly in Africa, who don’t get access to vaccines. But we did NOT survive quite well without vaccinations! That’s TOTAL bunk! At best we had heaps of kids laid up desperately ill and only surviving due to improvements in treatments (which is what brought the mortality rates down as we know). The claim that there were no colds or flu, measles or polio in South America before the western world arrived is a flat out lie.

And then we had this;
<blockquote><span class=”UFICommentBody _1n4g”>measles made 99.99999999% of us less ill than a common cold when we all got measles (deliberately under doctors orders) together back in the late 50’s early 1960’s (before the vaccine for measles was ever introduced). We had spotty parties and kids enjoyed the week off school. Our immunity is for life. Our immune systems were strengthened, I never caught even a cold let alone a flu in all my schooldays in Melbourne. You are a liar because I lived at this time and witnessed firsthand that the very word measly comes from the FACT that by the late 1950’s measles was a measly infection that hardly even made you ill. You cannot just lie upon lie upon lie, I was there and lived it, you were nowhere then and nowhere now in your religious fear mongering for us to bow down to your gods (bahahaha) of pharmakopeia.</span></blockquote>
Spotty parties are the ultimate in child abuse! If they haven’t been banned by health departments Australia wide they should be! Dasi lied when she said she never caught a cold in childhood. That’s impossible. The measles does make you ill! I know because I got it when I was a kid! It’s DEADLY you idiot! Ask Roald Dahl about his daughter! Ask those parents of the children who have died in recent times from the measles!

And finally she hit the completely paranoid stupid button with this;
<blockquote><span class=”UFICommentBody _1n4g”>Listen you no name nobody hiding behind a cliché name. You are not a person you are a bunch of well paid big pharma shills. You are noone with no name and no address but Nazi Fascist Dreamland. Show us your face you sly sneaking troller of other peoples personal pages. Your little impersonal game of scienceless ad hominem attacks is a scam. You are a scam. Show us your pay checks for this disgusting attempt to lobotomize democracy!
I shall address you as THE BIG PHARMA FRONT PAGE because that is the correct translation for your impersonalist rote learned big pharma brainwashed answering service.</span></blockquote>
You are the scammer, Dasi. You are the liar and the charlatan preying on parents who are making the most important decision they will make in their young children’s lives. This in my book makes you a criminal – inciting others into acts of child neglect. I am looking in to whether or not that’s an actual crime, and if it’s not then it should be. Dasi has the gall to call vaccinations part of a Nazi Fascist regime. It’s not. In fact the Nazi’s would oppose vaccines because it protects the weak and vulnerable. That’s your Fascism argument out the window, Dasi! No one on the pro vaccine side on social media gets paid for it. We’d love to get paid! It’s the easiest job in the world if it did! But the reality is it’s people like Dasi who are the paid shills. They are shilling for the natural therapy side of the world. The fools who want us to go back to the “eat this root” style of medical treatment that belongs with snake oil salesmen (and women). The pharmaceutical companies love you, Dasi, because it’s idiots like you that will make them lots more money from their vast array of pills – where the money is in their business as AAAV has pointed out many times in the past. It is you who is lobotomising the democracy of the children to live free of preventable disease.

So, Sumukhi Dasi-Modo, consider yourself cast iron OWNED.