No Jab No Pay Yes Way Idiots!

Okay this has gone on for long enough!!

While I was in Portarlington it was brought to my attention that the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network had created a meme calling eight people “Fear Contagions” over vaccines.

* Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessey
* Queensland Health Minister Cameron Dick
* Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison
* Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten
* Greens Parliamentary Leader Richard Di Natale
* WA Young Australian of the Year nominee Catherine Hughes
* Michael Kidd (unable to ascertain who this is)
* Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch

Reasonable Hank called this out on Twitter – it’s out of line and completely unacceptable conduct, especially Catherine! I know why a couple of them are there. Cameron Dick’s government ran an enquiry at state level over vaccines and there were plenty of anti vaxxers trying to get involved. The final report put them in their place, and like the extremist BS artists they are they totally ignored the message. Richard Di Natale has never been forgiven for his rightful call out of the AVsN in the Senate, and on top of that he took Meryl Dorey and Greg Beattie to task over being former head honchos of the “Australian Vaccination Network” (AVsN’s old name that has now been banned for them) and saying so at the committee hearing on the No Jab No Pay legislation.

When I wrote to the state minister’s over this whole vaccine issue, Jill’s response was the best of them so I’m not surprised she’s there. I think Catherine voiced her support of vaccines and to have her as a nominee for Young Australian of the Year come January 26 next year is a slap in the face (and deserved) to the anti vaxxers. Murdoch’s papers as far as I know haven’t covered the anti vaxxers concerns – in fact they have never given them positive print that I can remember. It’s either none, or negative – usually none.

The fear contagions are the anti vaxxers. They rely on it. This makes them bullies. I tried recently to check through the New South Wales Crimestoppers website if incitement to child neglect was a criminal offence. The idiot who replied told me that giving an opinion was fine no matter what. Rubbish. That fool is part of the problem and protecting these dangerous idiots!

I am in no doubt. This is incitement to child neglect. Bullying to scare parents away from vaccines with rubbish “medical” information that has no credibility and taking advantage of the dearth of misleading information coming out of the United States. Paul Offit called some of it “the bane of his existence” and he was right (and consequently rubbished out of context by Ginger Taylor). It’s misleading and money for jam for the anti vaxxers who profit from this.

I’ve had it. What I call the Vaccine War is now entering another phase – criminal. This has gone on for long enough and those who are inciting this neglect have to be charged same under the relevant legislation governing child neglect and abuse. I don’t think there’s any other way any more. Education doesn’t work for these idiots. The No Jab No Pay No Play laws that will be effective from January 1, 2016, show that the politicians are starting to get the idea. I’ve just about given up on the scientists. They just want this to blow over. It won’t. I’ve almost given up on my political angle as well – especially if my latest tactic doesn’t get through (I’ll know by mid week I think).

So all of you so called caring parents who oppose vaccines, be warned. I consider you to be criminals. If you don’t want the police on your doorstep, stop with your bullying of other parents. Stop spreading false information. Get off social media and shut up. You are a threat to the lives of the next generation and the fact that you don’t care about preventable diseases makes you the scum of the earth that only belong in one place;




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