Take disease seriously!

My friends that run the AAAV page on Facebook have sent me another doozy, from Things Anti Vaxers Say. I just checked their website and there’s nothing new there since July, with the Anti Vax Troll List pinned at the top (a list that I have said before online that I am proud to be on). Would love to see more work done there, but I digress…..

Just take a look at this!


Just another flu?? Excuse me, pinko, but the flu nearly killed me in July 2014! Influenza A AKA (as I recently discovered) Swine Flu. The coughing with that gave me Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome! If I’d had Whooping Cough with that, I wouldn’t be here typing right now!! And I’m a relatively fit 50 year old man, not a vulnerable kid!!

Stress about it. Get the child to a hospital and get them treated – and then vaccinated!

And how dare this freak show off about taking chicken pox to Disneyland! The only reason there wasn’t a fuss made at the time was because immunisation rates were a lot higher than they are now and herd immunity was in place (it was 1988). 2015 was a different story with the measles outbreak. Immunisation rates were down and herd immunity had been compromised! If herd immunity hadn’t been at optimum level in 1988 you bet there would have been a media circus!

One problem here, and I know why it happened. TAVS censored this moron’s name, as they need to on Facebook. If they have the uncensored version, I would like to use it here.



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