Proper Enlightenment

For goodness sake! More moronics from anit-vaxxers (and again to TAVS I would like the uncensored version of this);


Bluey’s first post is not quite correct. Face value means the whole insert, not just the ingredients. So it’s not about that. It’s about understanding the whole thing.

Lavo’s first post is a flat out lie. Here’s why – where is the proof that there are even more ingredients in vaccines than what is stated? There isn’t any. They made it up. Remembering that it doesn’t matter what the inserts say about the ingredients. Fact – the ingredients don’t matter. Vaccines are a compound. A single item with it’s own chemical identity and proven NOT to be poison. Anti vaxxers are so delusional!

Bluey of course claims to be enlightened. Sorry, fool (thank you Mr T!) but you are living in the dark. The day you decided not to vaccinate your daughter is the day you failed her as a parent by not protecting her from preventable diseases that kill. That failure represents the true vicious assault on this planet’s future – the next generation. Vaccines are safe, unaffected by money and not experimental. Bluey has seen nothing because Bluey has the blinkers on. Removal of said blinkers comes when your daughter is taken off you for your child neglect.

Lavo’s support is misplaced, and that’s being kind!



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