Liars gotta lie as usual

This one’s desperate! So absolutely convinced that the majority believe vaccines are dangerous IT spouts this;


That Christian argument makes no sense. No religion that I know of actually prohibits vaccines specifically. I know that a couple make some sort of weird interpretation, but there is nothing specific. So being a Christian is not a pre-requisite for being anti vaccine. And no, they don’t depend on you to do either of those things! They depend on you to d the right thing and vaccinate!

As for that crack about us pro vaxxers not vaccinating – I said two entries back what happened to me in July 2014. Guess what? I got the flu vaccine last winter because of it! And I’m getting it again this winter and every winter for the rest of my life! Want to call me a liar? You’d be wrong! I don’t have kids of my own, but I do know that my next door neighbour vaccinated her six month old! Any issues? Nope! I know my sister vaccinated her two kids (who are now teenagers) and they are both fine!

Yeah of course this little germ will call me a liar. Well screw you. You are lying scum who deserves no quarter, and in fact with that sort of bullying you deserve charges of incitement to child neglect. I’d nail your sorry arse to the wall if I knew who you were and if you are Australian!

TAVS, please? Help me out here!



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