A truckload of corrections

Here’s some nonsense from three different idiots;


To Pinky first; You can NOT find an physical address with an IP address alone. All that gives you is a general location and even that isn’t always accurate, especially with Telstra. I personally don’t approve of the publication of an exact address and no one associated with the pro vaccine movement would approve of it either. Anyone who does is an idiot.

To Teal; There are NO paid trolls associated with SAVN. None. All pro vaccine movement supporters do everything we do for free – for the good of our own lives and those of the next generation. It is something we support with pride and have no need of money for it. It is far more likely that it’s you lot who are getting paid! Fake profiles? If they are accounts, then report them. If they are pages, too bad. If you are so afraid of being outed – shut up.

To Greenie: You are not protecting your children. You are putting them in danger. Vaccines aren’t poison, so no; parents of the pro vaccine movement are not injecting their family with poisons. Fluoride in water presents no problem any more than the same substance in toothpaste. There is nothing substantive against GMO’s. You are the fool who doesn’t really give a rats because you aren’t smart enough to realise what is actually going on!

I’m still waiting for some uncensored screenshots in my email inbox!



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