Somebody call a WAHHHHMbulance!

Well it looks like some anti vaxxers are getting the message and realising that they have to vaccinate their kids. But the whining? It goes on and on and on;


Indigo’s whine is classical. Detox? For what? There’s nothing to detoxify! This fool needs to be sat down and have it explained to her that what she is fretting about doesn’t exist. It’s wrong. Vaccines are safe like any other medical procedure and they do way more good than harm. That is a verifiable fact.

Now here’s Browny winging in telling Indigo not to work! What sort of advice is that?? No one is being beaten back. The truth never does unless you let it! If you won’t allow the truth into your life then you have big problems. And that scaremongering comment about caring for a disabled child is pathetic!! That’s the sort of incitement that has to stop! Hey Browny, your child’s life is worth more than money and yet you’ll threaten it in a heartbeat by not vaccinating! You are a hypocrite!

Indigo complained again that they couldn’t follow the “don’t work” advice, which was a good thing. But then that claim came up with detox again. I hate to think what this poor excuse for a parent is giving their kids.

Then Paleface roars in with more scaremongering! Yes, children are counting on parents to keep them safe – and that means vaccinating! You deserve to be homeless, idiot! And how does being homeless protect your kids huh? Your child did not die from vaccines. No child has. Full stop. Complaining about the number of vaccines waiting to be approved smacks of a desire not to prevent disease! That’s pathetic!

That last sentence is a blatant lie! Paleface needs to be directly challenged for reliable proof – and of course they’ll fall over quick smart with that one.



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