The Anti Vax Nation

Don’t be fooled by this. It’s not a general uprising. This is a panic merchant calling for freedom from vaccines without saying it!


A new civilisation huh? Such a civilisation will collapse without proper medicine – of which vaccines are a crucial part. There’s nothing wrong with the political system as it is….well in Australia anyway (I could do an hour on the US but that’s for another blog). Community people power won’t work without proper experienced leadership with the knowledge of all that is needed. Underground? You can’t hide from the truth! Not to mention (as TAVS apparently pointed out I’m told) that to keep something secret you don’t say anything!

Except on Facebook!

A dictatorship is what you anti vaxxers deserve – because you can’t think for yourselves without putting you and your children in danger. That’s what leaders are for, and if you won’t listen to the leaders who know then you’ll be put in your place for the greater good of the human race.

If you don’t like it – TOUGH!



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