Erika Eckelbarger: English Scholar – Science Bum

While celebrating a big victory when Tribeca films removed an Andrew Wakefield picture from their Festival line up in New York next month, the anti vaxxers were in full voice on the petition that helped convince Robert De Niro to cancel the film.

There’s one anti vaxxer I want to focus on – Erika Eckelbarger. A classic case of the Dunning Kruger Effect thinking that having huge qualifications in the English language entitles her to understand science purely through the written word. Especially when she reads the material with her heart instead of her head thinking that she has a couple of vaccine damaged kids and won’t prove it!

A bit of background first. Eckelbarger lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana – the home town of Frank Burns from M*A*S*H (make of that what you will!). She’s a Documentation Specialist at Lincoln Financial Group and has a B.A (Bachelor of Arts) in English Literature/Interpersonal Relations from Ball State University in Muncie (also in Indiana). There was nothing to confirm her claim of any science experience of any sort. Surprise, surprise.

One of my friends called her out after I alerted a bunch on Facebook and she said;

You have demonstrated throughout this that yes you have a good understanding of English – but you don’t understand chemistry and any related science. Being able to read and comprehend the words does NOT confer you with scientific expertise. Ever done anything in a lab? Thought not. You are doing it wrong and as a result your children are in danger from preventable disease. That is a much bigger risk than any risk in vaccines you claim. Your failure to properly balance all the risk factors properly makes a mockery of your claims to be a “scholar” beyond just the English language. Face facts – as this film has been cancelled – vaccines are as safe as any other medical procedure, and to refuse to use the procedure to protect your children is child abuse.

Here is what Eckelbarger said in reply – and she also blocked my friend to prevent a response;

Actually you know nothing about me. I was actually hand picked in high school to participate in a fully funded summer science program (at the time, I was looking to become a neurosurgeon). I instead chose English because I enjoyed the discussions surrounding the major. I enjoyed the people within my degree field at my college… which I attended fully funded, as a result of a very selective scholarship.

The thing about you scientists is that you think you are the only ones who can read and interpret. You think your time is a lab gives you the key to everything in the entire world. I disagree. There are MANY things science cannot answer and even more where it has been completely and utterly wrong. The one thing that hasnt? The creator. I don’t believe that my creator failed to give us the innate tools that we need to survive in this world. I’ve never said there isn’t a place for modern medicine, so watch what accusations you throw around behind your big bad keyboard. My children do have a naturopath and before that, two Peds. So, there is a place for medicine… it just isn’t always THE ONLY PLACE. Keep your child abuse comments to yourself. I can assure you, that is a place you DO NOT want to go with me.

The film was pulled because of pharma scum like yourself, whining because you are scared that when the masses start to learn about the scam you all have been running, it will all blow up in your faces. This may be a tiny set back, but no worries… the truth will all come out in due time. It always does.

This is a stupid reply, and the core of it is the claim that there are many things that science can not answer. In science, the answer is ALWAYS there. You just have to find it. The stupid woman is trying to apply language rules to science, which is a massive fail of monumental proportions! A naturopath is not a doctor and we all know that. The film was pulled because Robert De Niro realised that Wakefield was a liar and a con artist.

I went in and told her to unblock my friend because she had copied that above post not logged in (as explained in our group on Facebook) and gave it to her thus;

I grabbed this not logged in because this witch blocked me because I told the truth and she couldn’t take it. The only scam is anti vaccine and those who actually understand science and do all the studies and understand their meaning (as I do) know that anti vaxxers are wrong and dangerous. As far as the child abuse comment goes – I will go there because it’s true.

The truth does set a person free – unless they don’t want to hear the truth. And anti vaxxers don’t want to hear the truth.

My post to Eckelbarger went like this in part;

Or are you scared to debate an actual scientist? (If you block me after responding I will know that I am right).

And lo and behold, she blocked me! And said this (which I saw not logged in)

Not afraid of anything. This conversation isn’t going anywhere and I don’t want to waste my time on it any longer. You guys can continue to post what you want and try to discredit me. However <snip> made a very serious accusation and I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT. End of discussion.

Another friend came in at this point with this call out;

You’ll tolerate it because the accusation was spot on. The conversation is going in a direction you don’t like and that’s just too bad for you, because you ended up discrediting yourself by running. No doubt you’ll block me now after replying to prevent me from seeing what you say, because as Phil said you are scared. Don’t say you aren’t because you would be a barefaced liar.

Absolutely right! And all Eckelbarger could say was this – and applied another block as well;

Ahhh, spoken like a true pro-vaxxer… always trying to tell someone else what they will and will not do. <eyeroll>

I love that you guys are still commenting on this feed and that it took, like idk 5 of you to do it… validates the truth behind what I say even more.

This woman is a nutcase! Fruitcake standard! Talk about fingers in the ears – or rather blinkers on the eyes. There are none so blind as those who will not see as they say. Five? There were only three at that point, and along came number four;

You are a dangerous idiot. Your children are not vaccine damaged. They are sick from something else that you refuse to reveal. You are a liar, a fraud and a shill for pill popping doctors who want patients to need pills to treat the diseases that vaccines prevent. Everyone can see that you are being owned here and you can’t hide that no matter how many people you block. It’s here for everyone else to see. Your name has been smashed, and it’s your own fault for being a mother who can’t look after her own children because she doesn’t understand what actually caused their issues. If you don’t like that – tough!

And all Eckelbarger would do is laugh – like a mad scientist. She doesn’t care about her kids. That is as plain as day. Anyone who defaults to vaccine damage is lazy and hasn’t done their homework properly, preferring Google University over those who actually know. Google U is useless and teaches nothing but conspiracy BS that emotional cripples like this woman eat up with their heart instead of their head. It makes a mockery of her scholar claims. Being able to read doesn’t give a person the automatic ability to understand NaCl, CO, FeS and so on (and I would have added others except I can’t do subscript in Notepad where I wrote this), and more importantly how they work.

This is a classic case of the Dunning Kruger Effect. She thinks she knows it all, but she doesn’t. Anyone who believes in conspiracy theories knows very little because their logic functions are low and she is proof that the term “common sense” is an oxymoron.



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