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Tristan Wells shows why he’s the #3 Aussie AV loony

The third biggest dummy in the anti vaccine movement within Australia has been opening his stupid yap at the promotion of the flu vaccine by the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Have a look;

wells A

This is scaremongering. And indeed, Dr Margie who runs the page pointed out that while the vaccines aren’t 100 percent preventative, they provide 70 percent protection. I would add to that the fact that the flu mutates. It’s a virus that tries to resist prevention by changing every year. And the only reason flu hospitalisations haven’t decreased is because idiots just refuse to vaccinate. If vaccination numbers were where they should be, we wouldn’t have that problem.

Of course Wells, being the idiot that he is, spouted the following in reply to the 70 percent statement;

wells B

No valid evidence? That is typical Wells – can’t see the nose despite the face! Try this;

Be Smart About Flu

There is plenty of valid evidence, and Wells won’t provide any countering evidence. He refuses to understand just how much damage the combination of ignorance of the flu (which in part I was guilty of until July 2014) and just flat out avoiding vaccinations. The latter has been more prominent in more recent times. That tiny little pin prick provides access to the body for a vaccine that provides as much protection as it can.

As far as Post Polio Syndrome goes, Wells is talking like it’s polio fighting back making the vaccine or even the recovery useless. You idiot!! PPS is NOT polio! It is the body’s delayed reaction to the long term physical effects of fighting the virus. When the body is attacked in any way and a part of the body has not recovered as it should have, there will be issues. For example, I am now vulnerable to disease because of my fight with the flu in 2014 – due to a renal and lung shut down. My lungs in particular haven’t been the same. It happens. My kidneys are working but the haemodialysis had an effect as well. Do I still have the flu? NO! I can still umpire football in spite of both.

So much for Well’s logic!

It was good to see Dr Margie strike back, although I would have preferred more aggression because that is what’s needed with Mr Stubborn here. She pointed to her blog which contains more information on top of what I gave with my link – but of course Wells wouldn’t have it;

wells C

I looked up the Cochrane Collaboration and Wells lied. Read this;

That is not a high quality study. It’s pure speculation with nothing definitive – and therefore of very low quality.

Yes, Wells there’s a difference. The difference is that RCH’s position makes perfect sense whereas YOURS is impossible.


This one needs a fresh education

When Queensland Health announced a measles outbreak in Cairns in Queensland on April 18 (this past Monday) the anti vaxxers were out and it included a new idiot who I added to the AV Name Check on the most recent update.

Laurette Ruys lives in Lakelands – a recognised suburb of Mandurah, south of Perth, and was educated in nearby Pinjarra before attending the Australian Business College for just two years. It would appear that she is nothing more than a secretary (since 2007 in her current job) and a photographer – no sign of any qualifications whatsoever in any medical field. No surprise there.

There’s too much to cover here so I’ll just concentrate on the following. First off we have this in response to an article explaining what the inserts on vaccines actually mean from Harpocrates Speaks;

ruys A

The part quoted from Harpocrates is quite correct, and yet this witch glosses over it with a link to a 1271 page document that is marked “confidential” from Glaxo Smith Kline! And not only that, a search of the document for the word “deaths” revealed that in the majority of text mentions (if not all of them) – the word “suggestive” was used, meaning that there was NO CONFIRMATION of a link between SIDS and that particular vaccine that was being investigated!! Bang goes that last bit from Ruys!

That’s why it wasn’t addressed, as this next batch of junk demonstrates plainly;

ruys B

First, the attack was warranted – as simpletons like this one need to be educated. And they take that as a personal attack. Of course. I already explained why that link was ignored. as far as the rest of that was concerned, I went in and had a crack at her myself with this – and didn’t get a reply;

“There is no other side to the vaccine story, unless one is talking about the right side and the wrong side. And the wrong side says don’t vaccinate. The science is heavily in favour of vaccinations and that is a fact. We are thinking for ourselves, Laurette. We know the truth. For some reason the real truth has gone over your head. Why that is – we can only speculate.”

And outside of Facebook’s inconsistent Community Standards, I can add to that here and say that Ruys is an idiot. She’s been sucked in by the snake oil salesmen putting down vaccines and so badly she won’t listen to reason and fact.

As if to prove this, Ruys claimed that there were 1000 studies (peer reviewed she said) to back her up and yet she deleted the comment that contained the link – and wouldn’t reproduce the link. I can only say that this makes her a coward and unwilling to admit that she is wrong. For instance, she is adamant that catching the measles while you are a child is the only true way to get lifelong immunity. She relied on a study from the 1930’s to back that up!! If that’s an example of her having a mind of her own she needs it re-programmed to 2016! She’s a conspiracy BS artist who believes nothing from the mainstream media calling it “spoon fed”.

And the WA Health Minister reckoned there wasn’t a problem over there! I knew he was full of it!

Edit: Ruys lied again in the comments and is banned as a result. She never linked the comment she claims wasn’t deleted. It was. And I never mentioned Hippocrates. I was talking about Harpocrates Speaks.

Ginger Taylor You Idiot!

I noticed this morning a graph that was produced by the Center for Disease Control showing the rise in the rate of autism diagnosis, ranging from 1 in 500 in the 1980’s to 1 in 68 according to the current data – dated from 2004.

Taylor is claiming that the flatline from 2002 was caused by the removal of thiomersal. That is rubbish. The flatline was caused by the text revision of the DSM-IV in 2000. It was the same with the previous spikes. The first was in 1992 when it went up to 1 in 150 – the same year the ICD-10 included Asperger Syndrome in the criteria. There was a flatline to 1994 but then is progressively increased as a result of the DSM-IV. Taylor tries to blame the rise on the introduction of the Vaccine Court and the related protection for pharmaceutical companies (and the administering doctors and others!).

She fails to understand just how much we have learned about Autism since the 1980’s. Asperger’s work was first spoken of in 1981. The DSM-III has a small effect on the numbers (I think that was when there was an effort to separate Autism from Schizophrenia when in both the DSM-I and the DSM-II it was very messy), hence the rise from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 500. Psychology was shaking off a lethargy.

It should also be pointed out that had thiomersal been that impactful, the prevalence rate would have dropped – and by quite a distance as well. But it didn’t. She also claimed that the rate of severity decreased, and that comes down to early intervention.

Here’s her full nonsense;

Another point – she tries to put aluminium over in the same way as thiomersal. That’s so garbage laden it doesn’t warrant a comment, except to say that if it was true the prevalence rate would be 1 in 2 or even 1 to 1! Not to mention this constant insistence that thiomersal contains mercury – as in pure Hg! It’s ethyl mercury for goodness sakes!

And don’t forget – this woman has a list of supposed studies linking Autism to vaccines (I think it was 124 when I last looked). She doesn’t vet them properly. She just looks at the abstract and if she sees something that fits without reading the full report, she’ll add it. She’s a careless idiot who has no business commenting on the origins of Autism. She is an Autistic Enemy already and this just proves it right.

More nonsense from Eccles

Caught this on you know who’s timeline through one of my other FB accounts (I have four – all in my name). Get a load of this pack of lies;

Unfortunately, I know for a fact that this is a real thing. I brought up the form myself (before it was removed) and read through it. Its purpose was to recruit “Mommy bloggers” with the ability to influence other moms with children under 2. It asked for traffic information on your blog, Twitter handles, followers etc.

I wish I could say this is a conspiracy theory, but it’s not. “Someone” is paying people to get out on social media and promote the vaccination program, specifically for kids under 2.

Think about this for a moment…

If the vaccines work, why are they recruiting everyday people to use their blogs to promote them?

Spoiler alert: It’s because vaccines don’t work.

erika 20

This was about a claim by the Canary Party that the CDC were looking for applications from mothers who wanted to be paid to blog in favour of vaccines. Ginger Taylor’s effort to get anti vaxxers to apply caused the CDC to withdraw the offer obviously, rather than their assumption that the CDC were caught out.

And if Eccles thinks the reason why the CDC want bloggers to support vaccines is about “vaccines don’t work” I’m calling her out on that lie right now. The real reason was the CDC knows that there are too many liars out there and the pro vaxxers are being scared into silence by the bullies in the anti vax movement in the US. So put some money out there to turn the tide. It doesn’t prove that the CDC  make a habit of this. I know for a fact that I don’t get paid to blog like this. Not one cent. Eccles is drawing a long desperate bow that reflects on her paranoia. In other words, a typical anti vaxxer who doesn’t know what’s really going because they listen to liars like Wakefield et al out of convenience and laziness rather than critical thinking and good old fashioned common sense.

Tia Severino – Real Gone Girl

Now here we have a really deluded moron – who figured my profile was fake on Facebook (see the TY Anti Vaxxers entry). As you saw I told her to Google my name. She also had a crack at Melanie Jewell – who IS a scientist and IS a real person!

A search reveals that Severino may be the founder and CEO of Aid for Autism, based in Lilburn, Georgia. It’s a north eastern suburb of Atlanta. There isn’t an official website, but Zoom Info gave the following company description;

We are committed to providing you with affordable and quality medications at a fraction of the regular cost. We can help you beat the high cost of prescription drugs. All our medications are legal, FDA approved products for the US, ensuring their quality and safety. We carry the same brand name and generic medications found in your local pharmacy, but at amazingly low prices. We provide you with personal service and our professional expertise to find the best mediation for you, at the lowest cost to you. Consult our complete medication price list and see how much you can save. Order now and start saving on your prescription medications.

Pill popping to treat Autism. You idiot! That’s not the way to do it because there is no pill to treat Autism!! I also note from LinkedIn (where I got the above info) that she used to work for the Hyperbaric Therapy Centre, which is also an unproven treatment line. What’s the bet she was sacked for trying to use it to treat Autism?

What really annoyed me – and made me laugh at the same time – was the rubbish she put on this blog’s Facebook page. Take a look for yourself!

tia severino

1. Melanie – as she observed on her page – has nothing to do with the AAAV page on Facebook. I founded that page. True scientists actually would normally totally ignore you and just wait for you to go away. I’ve always said that’s no longer a workable tactic, and Melanie is one scientist who agrees with me. There is no such thing as a friendly debate with an anti vaxxer. You can’t get through to an uneducated fool. That’s why both of us have taken to calling idiots like this child neglectors/abusers.

2. Yes I am chasing people like you for such charges. Because it is true and correct. Now I admit that you in particular, Severino, will be harder for me to deal with simply because you aren’t in Australia. But it’s not impossible. Refusing to vaccinate for any non medical reason is child neglect, because it leaves the child wide open for catching preventable diseases that can and have killed. That’s basic.

3. You are not informed, educated or intelligent. You are believing liars and falling for their simple tricks. Only a poorly educated and unintelligent person would be tricked like that.

4. Yes there is such a thing as bad publicity, otherwise Tribeca would never have cancelled the picture! They knew the damage it would cause! The only people squealing for it’s release are anti vax cult artists, and civil rights activists after a cheap headline over freedom of speech. Not only that, if bad publicity didn’t exist we wouldn’t have defamation law!

5. is an unreliable quack website.

6. That money from the government is put in to ensure that vaccines are free or are at low cost. They are costly to create and make no profit. Pharmaceutical companies after a profit wouldn’t even make them if they weren’t subsidised. It’s also why philanthropists like Bill Gates put money in to exporting vaccines to countries who can’t make their own due to the expense.

So there you have it. Another anti vaxxer properly called out. And if I can confirm that the LinkedIn profile is the correct one (I am speculating – yes – because I have nothing else at present) she’s going down as an Autistic enemy on my website and on the Autism Wikia as well. Will she comment on this? I doubt it.

UPDATE: April 4
Well the gutless wonder blocked me so I couldn’t reply to her rubbish on But I can do it here;

severino again

I got that screenshot not logged in.

First of all, I didn’t create that profile. I couldn’t have, because it requires contact information that I don’t have. For that reason alone, the profile will stay no matter what she tries to do. I have taken a screenshot of it and it will haunt her for as long as she lies about vaccines.

That’s why she shouldn’t be taking this entry as an “honour”. There is such a thing as a web search, and this entry goes to Severino’s reputation. Truth is a defence in this regard and I am telling it. She can scream “lies” all she wants. California has already made vaccines mandatory for children and I believe they aren’t the only ones. Australia has gone down the same line and I support both SB277 and No Jab No Pay. There are no actionable threats from me that she can do anything about. The reality is she is inciting child neglect. It’s not a conscientious objection, because she has no conscience. She has now confirmed that she is the parent of an Autistic (which by the way if the boy is low functioning is a medical reason not to vaccinate) so that makes her a bad Autistic parent. The support of pill popping is ample proof of the that. So is not supporting herd immunity which is the only way to protect her son from disease when vaccination is medically not an option. She’s the one who should brush up on criminal law when it comes to incitement of others. But a note – when I made the comments I did the commentary was intentionally vague. I never stated that I would call the authorities on her there in Georgia. There are other ways to win the fight, and online publicity is the best one I have. With the confirmation of the LinkedIn profile – my website is getting an update and when I can so will the Autism Wikia.

Erika Eckelbarger at it again

I do like it when anti vaxxers make their profile pages public, because you can see them without logging in to Facebook. But this witch, who I have previously had a crack at, took the cake with this monstrously ill informed explanation for her vaccine stance. I had to merge screenshots to get this here.

1. Where is the medical proof that it was a reaction to the vaccine and only the vaccine? Was it fully investigated? I’ll bet it wasn’t, so this is emotion charged speculation.

2. Eccles (that’s the name I’ll give this witch now – Google The Goon Show for context) isn’t standing for the truth. She is an activist for lies and who elected her to lead? We have transparency, we have justice, and when it comes to children’s health THERE IS NO CHOICE!

3. It is absolutely true that MISTER Andrew Wakefield falsified the information in the report that was published in the Lancet. They knew it as withdrew the article as rubbish because that’s what it was – rubbish. Wakefield was struck off from practising medicine in the United Kingdom as a result. This is FACT! Horton was explaining what he thought at the time, and he was subsequently convinced otherwise. The CDC had NOTHING to do with the BRITISH study!

4. William Thompson has stated that Brian Hooker’s publications of his words were libelous. He was taken right out of context and is NOT a whistleblower. Bill Posey is a liar and one member of Congress who needs to leave, like Dan Burton did.

5. We are human beings, and you, Eccles, are a threat to us all with your lies. There is only one form of Autism. The genetic form at the root. It is not caused by the MMR vaccine or any other vaccine. I have corrected the profile pic of Eccles right here.


Thank you, Anti Vaxxers!

Wow. What a reaction!

The anti vaxxers suddenly roared in here in droves – starting on April 1 (no joke here folks) this blog got 517 hits! Including 314 unique visits! And not surprisingly most of them came from anti vax central – America. And on March 31 their time of course. And it got even BETTER on April 2 locally with 2,814 hits and 2,150 unique visits! That blew Stat Counter off the chart, but I have back up on Word Press. I have had visits from Australia (second), followed by Canada, New Zealand and the UK – and another 20 countries on top of that! Today as of my last check this blog scored 774 hits with 594 unique visits.

All because I told the truth on

The most popular page is the AV Name Check page, which I do need to update and I will once I clean up the past weekend on my website. That’s hardly a surprise either, and neither is the fact that the views on the blog entries have not attracted a single comment. Funny how they are willing to comment on (and indeed on Facebook itself as Melanie Jewell found out as she has kicked – I think six people now – off her page) but outside their control zone they don’t want to know. It says a lot.

Most recently, I started a single thread on the last entry on the Tribeca petition (the one to bring Vaxxed back – doomed to fail) celebrating the 30,000th signature. 30,000 idiots in other words. In it I started a thread under my political account and said the following;


Here’s the rubbish that followed with my responses – and I did block everyone as soon as I posted, except for Tia Severino upon the first reply just so she saw that (and she’s getting a separate entry by the way).

00020003 0004000500060007000800090010  0011001200130014 0015           0016

Mae Fields disappeared before I could take any screenshots by the way.

This is what the world is coming to. I was talking to a staffer (who I won’t name) at the office of my local member of Australian Parliament, and she observed that the anti science sentiment across the board (not just in vaccines) was increasing. Climate change is a good example of it. I tend to agree, and it’s a threat – because what is the natural alternative to science?


That’s why I’m fighting this nonsense, because reverting to religion (and it would be a reversion) would set human progress back 50 years at least. It would also be heaven for Islamic State because that would add focus on their extremist views and worsen radicalisation lines. This is not just about vaccines now – it’s becoming a wider issue. That’s scary and it has to stop now.