Erika Eckelbarger at it again

I do like it when anti vaxxers make their profile pages public, because you can see them without logging in to Facebook. But this witch, who I have previously had a crack at, took the cake with this monstrously ill informed explanation for her vaccine stance. I had to merge screenshots to get this here.

1. Where is the medical proof that it was a reaction to the vaccine and only the vaccine? Was it fully investigated? I’ll bet it wasn’t, so this is emotion charged speculation.

2. Eccles (that’s the name I’ll give this witch now – Google The Goon Show for context) isn’t standing for the truth. She is an activist for lies and who elected her to lead? We have transparency, we have justice, and when it comes to children’s health THERE IS NO CHOICE!

3. It is absolutely true that MISTER Andrew Wakefield falsified the information in the report that was published in the Lancet. They knew it as withdrew the article as rubbish because that’s what it was – rubbish. Wakefield was struck off from practising medicine in the United Kingdom as a result. This is FACT! Horton was explaining what he thought at the time, and he was subsequently convinced otherwise. The CDC had NOTHING to do with the BRITISH study!

4. William Thompson has stated that Brian Hooker’s publications of his words were libelous. He was taken right out of context and is NOT a whistleblower. Bill Posey is a liar and one member of Congress who needs to leave, like Dan Burton did.

5. We are human beings, and you, Eccles, are a threat to us all with your lies. There is only one form of Autism. The genetic form at the root. It is not caused by the MMR vaccine or any other vaccine. I have corrected the profile pic of Eccles right here.




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