Tia Severino – Real Gone Girl

Now here we have a really deluded moron – who figured my profile was fake on Facebook (see the TY Anti Vaxxers entry). As you saw I told her to Google my name. She also had a crack at Melanie Jewell – who IS a scientist and IS a real person!

A search reveals that Severino may be the founder and CEO of Aid for Autism, based in Lilburn, Georgia. It’s a north eastern suburb of Atlanta. There isn’t an official website, but Zoom Info gave the following company description;

We are committed to providing you with affordable and quality medications at a fraction of the regular cost. We can help you beat the high cost of prescription drugs. All our medications are legal, FDA approved products for the US, ensuring their quality and safety. We carry the same brand name and generic medications found in your local pharmacy, but at amazingly low prices. We provide you with personal service and our professional expertise to find the best mediation for you, at the lowest cost to you. Consult our complete medication price list and see how much you can save. Order now and start saving on your prescription medications.

Pill popping to treat Autism. You idiot! That’s not the way to do it because there is no pill to treat Autism!! I also note from LinkedIn (where I got the above info) that she used to work for the Hyperbaric Therapy Centre, which is also an unproven treatment line. What’s the bet she was sacked for trying to use it to treat Autism?

What really annoyed me – and made me laugh at the same time – was the rubbish she put on this blog’s Facebook page. Take a look for yourself!

tia severino

1. Melanie – as she observed on her page – has nothing to do with the AAAV page on Facebook. I founded that page. True scientists actually would normally totally ignore you and just wait for you to go away. I’ve always said that’s no longer a workable tactic, and Melanie is one scientist who agrees with me. There is no such thing as a friendly debate with an anti vaxxer. You can’t get through to an uneducated fool. That’s why both of us have taken to calling idiots like this child neglectors/abusers.

2. Yes I am chasing people like you for such charges. Because it is true and correct. Now I admit that you in particular, Severino, will be harder for me to deal with simply because you aren’t in Australia. But it’s not impossible. Refusing to vaccinate for any non medical reason is child neglect, because it leaves the child wide open for catching preventable diseases that can and have killed. That’s basic.

3. You are not informed, educated or intelligent. You are believing liars and falling for their simple tricks. Only a poorly educated and unintelligent person would be tricked like that.

4. Yes there is such a thing as bad publicity, otherwise Tribeca would never have cancelled the picture! They knew the damage it would cause! The only people squealing for it’s release are anti vax cult artists, and civil rights activists after a cheap headline over freedom of speech. Not only that, if bad publicity didn’t exist we wouldn’t have defamation law!

5. Vactruth.com is an unreliable quack website.

6. That money from the government is put in to ensure that vaccines are free or are at low cost. They are costly to create and make no profit. Pharmaceutical companies after a profit wouldn’t even make them if they weren’t subsidised. It’s also why philanthropists like Bill Gates put money in to exporting vaccines to countries who can’t make their own due to the expense.

So there you have it. Another anti vaxxer properly called out. And if I can confirm that the LinkedIn profile is the correct one (I am speculating – yes – because I have nothing else at present) she’s going down as an Autistic enemy on my website and on the Autism Wikia as well. Will she comment on this? I doubt it.

UPDATE: April 4
Well the gutless wonder blocked me so I couldn’t reply to her rubbish on Change.org. But I can do it here;

severino again

I got that screenshot not logged in.

First of all, I didn’t create that profile. I couldn’t have, because it requires contact information that I don’t have. For that reason alone, the profile will stay no matter what she tries to do. I have taken a screenshot of it and it will haunt her for as long as she lies about vaccines.

That’s why she shouldn’t be taking this entry as an “honour”. There is such a thing as a web search, and this entry goes to Severino’s reputation. Truth is a defence in this regard and I am telling it. She can scream “lies” all she wants. California has already made vaccines mandatory for children and I believe they aren’t the only ones. Australia has gone down the same line and I support both SB277 and No Jab No Pay. There are no actionable threats from me that she can do anything about. The reality is she is inciting child neglect. It’s not a conscientious objection, because she has no conscience. She has now confirmed that she is the parent of an Autistic (which by the way if the boy is low functioning is a medical reason not to vaccinate) so that makes her a bad Autistic parent. The support of pill popping is ample proof of the that. So is not supporting herd immunity which is the only way to protect her son from disease when vaccination is medically not an option. She’s the one who should brush up on criminal law when it comes to incitement of others. But a note – when I made the comments I did the commentary was intentionally vague. I never stated that I would call the authorities on her there in Georgia. There are other ways to win the fight, and online publicity is the best one I have. With the confirmation of the LinkedIn profile – my website is getting an update and when I can so will the Autism Wikia.


14 thoughts on “Tia Severino – Real Gone Girl

  1. Tia Severino

    Hello, Phil Gluyas. You wanted me to comment here, so here you go.
    I contacted Zoominfo.com regarding the false information on their site, and the gentleman with customer service there informed me that the entry was created by a web-bot and that somehow the information must have been crossed with incorrect references. They assured me that the listing will be removed. It doesn’t matter, because it is quite easy to prove that I have NEVER run a low cost pharmacy. If I am against vaccines, why would I sell pharma drugs? It was a mistake, easy too explain away for a bot.
    You, on he other hand, have a brain. Perhaps a severely damaged brain, since you claim to be Autistic. I find it difficult to believe you do have Autism, or Aspergers, But maybe you do. Or maybe you just have a severe personality disorder. You claim on your self-created Autism Wikia that you were bullied and harassed growing up and in the workplace. I also find that difficult to believe because usually people who are bullied advocate against bullying, not become bullies themselves. But what do I know?
    Since you have been cyberstalking me and going on all places you think I can be found, let me ask you this, did you NOT see on my LinkedIn profile, the actual true description of my business? Because it is there, along with my education. I went to Pepperdine University, on an academic scholarship. Pepperdine University is a VERY PRESTIGIOUS school in Malibu California. They have an excellent law school there, you really should look it up. My GPA was 3.88 so I fail to see where your accusations of me being “uneducated” or “unintelligent” hold any water. Also, which lies exactly am I believing? The lies that my doctor told me about vaccines being safe? Or do you mean the testimony and first hand experience with seeing hundreds of vaccine-injured children through the clinic where I STILL WORK? I was not “sacked” as you claim, the company exists still, and we treat many children with autism!
    By the way, your claims of child neglect are thin. My son is actually one of the lucky ones, he is verbal and potty trained, and excelling in his schoolwork. BTW I homeschool, so NOT A CHANCE IN HELL that I can be coerced, or forced to vaccinate him. He is doing so well because I STOPPED VACCINATING after the first four vaccines (It was unfortunately too late then, as he does have autism) and I embarked on a journey to recover him from the toxic exposure. Using, I am sure what you would call, “unproven treatments” like hyperbaric therapy, diet, supplements, ABA, OT, ST, PT, MRT, – you name it, I have tried it. No, not Pharmaceutical Drugs – supplements like vitamins and probiotics. One look at the daily efforts I am undertaking to help my kid, NO WAY anyone can accuse me of neglecting him! He eats all organic food for crying out loud! I have nurses and doctors asking ME what I am doing! All right.
    But YOU – what you are doing is insane. Do you really think you can hurt my reputation?
    What a farce. The only people listening to you are people who do not matter to me. And if they are listening to you, they don’t matter. They are just as deluded as you are. You are nothing but an ugly angry troll yelling into an echo chamber. You hear your own voice spewing lies and think that is validation. And since I am quite confident that you will not allow this comment to stay on your blog, I have a screenshot


    1. TLPG Post author

      Well I guess I was wrong about one thing. You did have at least a bit of courage to post here – but of course like all anti vaxxers the lies flowed freely, and I also note there was no apology for your accusation that I created that Zoom Info article. But let’s go through the lies;

      1. The Zoom Info entry is still there as I type this – at least six hours after you posted. So they either ignored your claim, or you lied about contacting them and made that up. I lean towards the former. Why? Because you are a hypocrite (easy explanation for the clash you claim), and you can’t prove anything in the face of that.

      2. Autism is not brain damage. Fact. It’s brain difference. And I fight bullies (of which you are one – all anti vaxxers are bullies) by fighting back. It’s called self defence, with all the tools I have at my disposal. As you said, what do you know? Not much obviously.

      3. Yes I did see your profile on Linked In and I searched for more info on AID 4 AUTISM which is how I found the Zoom Info profile. There was a clash, and I chose the more logical hypocritical line (see point one). I consider your claim in the Linked In profile to be a lie to cover for the truth of your hypocrisy.

      4. Anyone who preaches a big education like you did (Malibu? Thumbs down as the schools in Los Angeles as lousy ones) is covering for a lousy sense of logic. Along with the fact that intelligence is only as good as how you use it, and whatever intelligence you have you don’t use it. I know someone from Los Angeles who claims an IQ of 146 – and yet his level of idiocy goes beyond even yours (and that’s saying a lot!).

      5. Your Linked In profile clearly says you left the Hyperbaric place in 2008. So you definitely lied there. You also lied when you said you’ve treated “hundreds” of vaccine injured children. You haven’t seen one yet. And that includes your own son – he was Autistic from birth as was everyone who has it, and that includes me. I’m certainly not vaccine damaged. No one with Autism is. It is genetic in origin, and your precocious behaviour indicates that you may well be Autistic yourself.

      6. If you are having positive results from that treatment, then it’s from relieving sensory overload. You should be looking into that – but you won’t because deep down you’ll know that it will prove that your son wasn’t vaccine damaged and it will wreck your whole belief structure.

      7. Well guess what? I have many important people listening to me the Australian end. Why? Because I support vaccines and I support proper help for people with Autism – adults as well as children. I support the diverse nature of the human race. You don’t – and living in the south of America that’s typical of the region. Those with sense are on my side, and thankfully that is still the majority of the world. Your anti vaccine rhetoric is already harming your reputation and I haven’t even lifted a finger to promote that. So I am in a position to continue the process you yourself already started.

      See? Your comment was approved – unedited as well. And I have buried it with facts. You’ve crossed the wrong guy. I am not a troll. You are the troll like all anti vaxxers, lying about vaccines and scaremongering over Autism. Both are acts of an inciter to child neglect.


    2. texc

      Organic food for a kid? Have you seen a damn nutritionist, woman? Good God Almighty, you have to be one of those all natural freaks from back before civilisation!


  2. Zane Cosgrove

    It really is bullying when you write about people and their private lives and publicly shame them… It would appear you have too much time on your hands and are too bitter with this world.

    Vaccines aren’t proven to stop preventative diseases yet…. it’s well known and researched that waning immunity is fact. So therefore your claim that it is child neglect is neglect for the facts. In fact, herd immunity has never been proven or even tested so remains a theory.

    I fully support those who have medical reasons why they can’t vaccinate and people like you who make demands of others and what they should are the problem this world faces… change starts within. If people don’t believe your vaccines then make them so efficient that it’s obvious they work… until there is evidence, people and smart people at that will ask questions and won’t believe the web of lies.


    1. TLPG Post author

      Vaccines do prevent disease.


      Waning immunity is caused by too many people not vaccinating. That’s fact for you. Herd immunity works and it has been proven because not everyone was vaccinated and yet we got rid of smallpox and polio from Australia and other countries (smallpox I think is now gone for good). Explain that!

      It’s obvious vaccines work. You are believing snake oil sales people who are asking stupid questions that are outside science totally and trying to wreck the scientific base out of baseless speculation. Smart people understand and they don’t ask these questions. Unfortunately you can’t cure stupid – you can only expose it, and that it what I am doing on this blog. Exposing stupid. That isn’t bullying – it’s a public service and a required one to put the brakes on this rising habit of idiots being heard over experts and bad decisions being made that threaten the lives of the next generation.

      Science isn’t about observation. It’s about a lot more than that. Obviously you don’t understand science at all.

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