More nonsense from Eccles

Caught this on you know who’s timeline through one of my other FB accounts (I have four – all in my name). Get a load of this pack of lies;

Unfortunately, I know for a fact that this is a real thing. I brought up the form myself (before it was removed) and read through it. Its purpose was to recruit “Mommy bloggers” with the ability to influence other moms with children under 2. It asked for traffic information on your blog, Twitter handles, followers etc.

I wish I could say this is a conspiracy theory, but it’s not. “Someone” is paying people to get out on social media and promote the vaccination program, specifically for kids under 2.

Think about this for a moment…

If the vaccines work, why are they recruiting everyday people to use their blogs to promote them?

Spoiler alert: It’s because vaccines don’t work.

erika 20

This was about a claim by the Canary Party that the CDC were looking for applications from mothers who wanted to be paid to blog in favour of vaccines. Ginger Taylor’s effort to get anti vaxxers to apply caused the CDC to withdraw the offer obviously, rather than their assumption that the CDC were caught out.

And if Eccles thinks the reason why the CDC want bloggers to support vaccines is about “vaccines don’t work” I’m calling her out on that lie right now. The real reason was the CDC knows that there are too many liars out there and the pro vaxxers are being scared into silence by the bullies in the anti vax movement in the US. So put some money out there to turn the tide. It doesn’t prove that the CDC  make a habit of this. I know for a fact that I don’t get paid to blog like this. Not one cent. Eccles is drawing a long desperate bow that reflects on her paranoia. In other words, a typical anti vaxxer who doesn’t know what’s really going because they listen to liars like Wakefield et al out of convenience and laziness rather than critical thinking and good old fashioned common sense.



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