Ginger Taylor You Idiot!

I noticed this morning a graph that was produced by the Center for Disease Control showing the rise in the rate of autism diagnosis, ranging from 1 in 500 in the 1980’s to 1 in 68 according to the current data – dated from 2004.

Taylor is claiming that the flatline from 2002 was caused by the removal of thiomersal. That is rubbish. The flatline was caused by the text revision of the DSM-IV in 2000. It was the same with the previous spikes. The first was in 1992 when it went up to 1 in 150 – the same year the ICD-10 included Asperger Syndrome in the criteria. There was a flatline to 1994 but then is progressively increased as a result of the DSM-IV. Taylor tries to blame the rise on the introduction of the Vaccine Court and the related protection for pharmaceutical companies (and the administering doctors and others!).

She fails to understand just how much we have learned about Autism since the 1980’s. Asperger’s work was first spoken of in 1981. The DSM-III has a small effect on the numbers (I think that was when there was an effort to separate Autism from Schizophrenia when in both the DSM-I and the DSM-II it was very messy), hence the rise from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 500. Psychology was shaking off a lethargy.

It should also be pointed out that had thiomersal been that impactful, the prevalence rate would have dropped – and by quite a distance as well. But it didn’t. She also claimed that the rate of severity decreased, and that comes down to early intervention.

Here’s her full nonsense;

Another point – she tries to put aluminium over in the same way as thiomersal. That’s so garbage laden it doesn’t warrant a comment, except to say that if it was true the prevalence rate would be 1 in 2 or even 1 to 1! Not to mention this constant insistence that thiomersal contains mercury – as in pure Hg! It’s ethyl mercury for goodness sakes!

And don’t forget – this woman has a list of supposed studies linking Autism to vaccines (I think it was 124 when I last looked). She doesn’t vet them properly. She just looks at the abstract and if she sees something that fits without reading the full report, she’ll add it. She’s a careless idiot who has no business commenting on the origins of Autism. She is an Autistic Enemy already and this just proves it right.



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