This one needs a fresh education

When Queensland Health announced a measles outbreak in Cairns in Queensland on April 18 (this past Monday) the anti vaxxers were out and it included a new idiot who I added to the AV Name Check on the most recent update.

Laurette Ruys lives in Lakelands – a recognised suburb of Mandurah, south of Perth, and was educated in nearby Pinjarra before attending the Australian Business College for just two years. It would appear that she is nothing more than a secretary (since 2007 in her current job) and a photographer – no sign of any qualifications whatsoever in any medical field. No surprise there.

There’s too much to cover here so I’ll just concentrate on the following. First off we have this in response to an article explaining what the inserts on vaccines actually mean from Harpocrates Speaks;

ruys A

The part quoted from Harpocrates is quite correct, and yet this witch glosses over it with a link to a 1271 page document that is marked “confidential” from Glaxo Smith Kline! And not only that, a search of the document for the word “deaths” revealed that in the majority of text mentions (if not all of them) – the word “suggestive” was used, meaning that there was NO CONFIRMATION of a link between SIDS and that particular vaccine that was being investigated!! Bang goes that last bit from Ruys!

That’s why it wasn’t addressed, as this next batch of junk demonstrates plainly;

ruys B

First, the attack was warranted – as simpletons like this one need to be educated. And they take that as a personal attack. Of course. I already explained why that link was ignored. as far as the rest of that was concerned, I went in and had a crack at her myself with this – and didn’t get a reply;

“There is no other side to the vaccine story, unless one is talking about the right side and the wrong side. And the wrong side says don’t vaccinate. The science is heavily in favour of vaccinations and that is a fact. We are thinking for ourselves, Laurette. We know the truth. For some reason the real truth has gone over your head. Why that is – we can only speculate.”

And outside of Facebook’s inconsistent Community Standards, I can add to that here and say that Ruys is an idiot. She’s been sucked in by the snake oil salesmen putting down vaccines and so badly she won’t listen to reason and fact.

As if to prove this, Ruys claimed that there were 1000 studies (peer reviewed she said) to back her up and yet she deleted the comment that contained the link – and wouldn’t reproduce the link. I can only say that this makes her a coward and unwilling to admit that she is wrong. For instance, she is adamant that catching the measles while you are a child is the only true way to get lifelong immunity. She relied on a study from the 1930’s to back that up!! If that’s an example of her having a mind of her own she needs it re-programmed to 2016! She’s a conspiracy BS artist who believes nothing from the mainstream media calling it “spoon fed”.

And the WA Health Minister reckoned there wasn’t a problem over there! I knew he was full of it!

Edit: Ruys lied again in the comments and is banned as a result. She never linked the comment she claims wasn’t deleted. It was. And I never mentioned Hippocrates. I was talking about Harpocrates Speaks.



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