The Clarence Valley Creep

The AV Name Check will be getting another update as a result of the nonsense that appeared on Facebook on a thread started by The Age in Melbourne. They posted a heavy critique (and rightfully so) of the garbage fictional “documentary” Vaxxed. For those who missed it – this waste of video space was the result of the rubbish being spouted by Andrew wakefield and Brian Hooker. Wakefield as we know was struck off the medical practice list in the United Kingdom as a result of his stupid study that the Lancet were fooled by (an action that they have since retracted) over the MMR vaccine. Hooker’s involvement pushed this into his debunked claim that former CDC worker William Thompson had admitted to intentionally leaving out “important information” about vaccines and Autism. Thompson has since denied the claim and I hope he is continuing to pursue Hooker for libel/slander as I thought I read him say.

Anyway – to the thrust of this entry and I want to focus on one anti vaccine moron in particular; Marnie Newton.

From what I can tell from her profile before she blocked me, she lives in Grafton in northern New South Wales. Not a surprise as that is right in the middle of our weakest vaccine protection area and not all that far really from Bangalow (the honme town of AVSN founder Meryl Dorey). Grafton is located on the banks of the Clarence River.

On The Age thread, Newton proceeded to spout unproven nonsense as all anti vaxxers do. She linked studies that she clearly hadn’t read or understood and relied upon anecdotal evidence of vaccine injury (that is – Facebook pages and other stories from unreliable websites screaming “that vaccine injured my child!”) when none have been proven.

She wasted no time blocking some people on there, but somehow I lasted longer than most. But finally I was blocked for a non specific reason – funnily enough when I was actually on the verge of blocking her because I was getting tired of her irrational rot. But this is where my political account comes in handy. I have made no secret of the fact that I have four accounts on Facebook – my personal account and my three special interest accounts (which are the essential alternative to pages). All of them are of course in my name.

It was through my political account that I collected these screenshots that follow which show plain as the nose on your face how irrational she is. One of the other admins of the All About Anti Vaxxers (who I won’t name) even told her that if she didn’t want to be criticised, don’t make any comments at all. I only had time to grab the most recent of them when I did, and this is in reverse chronological order.


Wikipedia does have it’s issues in general, but when it comes to medical material and biographical material they have very strict rules regarding sourcing. Both the BBC and the New York Times are highly reliable and for Newton to claim they are not is pathetic.


These childish jibes were directed at one of the other admins of this blog’s Facebook page. It stands as is as worthless, and in a massive dose of hypocrisy; paranoid. This was the response as I said above to the page admin telling her not to post if she didn’t want to be criticised.


This was in reply to fellow moron Todd Wilke claiming a lack of medical journal posts and stating that Stephen Barrett was a failed MD. Steve Pemberton shot back with a Gish Gallop reference, and I defended Barrett by linking the Wikipedia article on him (likely leading to the attack on WP referenced above).


This was another complaint about being criticised.


Now Nature is unreliable? It’s even more reliable than The Lancet for crying out loud! Give me a break!


Courage and intelligence? There are two things that the Clarence Valley Creep definitely lacks!


This is the first comment to come up before Newton blocked me, and it was a reply to me when I told Todd Wilke he understood nothing of immunology, toxicology and other related matters, and I said I knew more than he did but I wasn’t an expert. And when another page admin from this blog’s Facebook page told her she wasn’t either;


We – the admins of the Facebook page (yes, myself included) are people who know the truth about vaccines and about anti vaxxers.


This was her reply when I told off Wilke for claiming that my remark that you can’t prevent diseases naturally was ignorant. It’s true. I know through experience as I tried to deal with Swine Flu naturally and it had no effect and I ended up in hospital and nearly died.


I didn’t twig to this straight away – but she meant “screen shot” when I stated that the only cripplers were doctors who don’t administer the vaccines correctly (case in point – the quack who injured Hannah Poling, and got away with it as well). I demanded that she makes sense and;


Contradict myself? I never did any such thing! She’s making it up as she goes along!


This was in reply to me demanding a link from Wilke when he claimed we rank a certain place in IMR. I told her to butt out as I was asking Wilke and;


She didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to what I said! Indeed, another admin from the Facebook page for this blog reproved her for making an out of context demand and;


As was said in reply by the admin concerned, there has never been anything posted by AAAV under the page that was out of context. It was added that she has issues and that is correct.

After all that, I dedicate this meme to the Clarence Valley Creep – who needs to pull her head in if she doesn’t want to get into trouble for inciting child neglect. Because that is what refusing to vaccinate your child without a proven medical reason is – Child Neglect. There is more but this will do for a start.

anti vax win again



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