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More Davis moronics

While Sean Davis removed the thread I referenced in my previous entry about this idiot, he didn’t remove his other rubbish from the West Australian article (yes the same one that I got the Christine Murfet material from) and amongst it there was a lot of garbage that needs to be addressed;


In the first comment in reply to Mike Dundee, Davis claims that injecting aluminium is totally different to consuming it. How would he know? Is he an expert in the field? No he’s not! The experts say that aluminium is excreted like every other heavy metal that’s not needed. Simples, Sergei! (Reference the Australian Compare the Market commercials)

The second comment is aimed at Melanie Jewell after she put it to him that vaccines are a compound with no other identity (that’s also my argument and Melanie is a lot more qualified than I am to say it). Davis showed his stupidity by asking what the compound was made from. To borrow from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT IT’S MADE FROM!! What is salt made from? What is water made from? Bloody idiot!

The third comment speaks for itself – why debate an idiot? He or she will just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. And I present exhibit B in that regard;


In the first comment – aimed at this blog’s Facebook page, he brings out the old chestnut that we’re all pharma shills. I’ve been waiting years for my cheque, Big Pharma, so where is it? Reality check, Davis; we are not pharma shills. If anyone is a shill it’s you for your Chinese medicine practices. The more doubt you place over mainstream medicine, the more business you THINK you’ll get!

The second comment is despicable. We care for kids. It was pointed out in the previous entry that GSK did the wrong thing. And they corrected it. That’s caring for kids, unborn and otherwise. Davis is the one who has the questionable commitment to children’s safety in medicine!


Saba Button brings back what was mentioned in the previous entry about this idiot re Fluvax. I see no reason to repeat it. Lachlan Neylan was the victim of a stupid idiot who administered the adult flu vaccine by mistake. That was not the vaccine’s fault – a bad workman blames their tools as they say. Ben Hammond’s condition has never been confirmed as a vaccine injury, and given that he worked in the mines before he was incapacitated there is a good chance that this work contributed to the issue.

What repeated outbreak of mumps in Western Australia? Fully immunised? Sorry – I’m calling BS on that. Not to mention bringing up the GSK error AGAIN! Pharma public relations know who to ignore – and people like Davis fit that category. Davis mentions logic, and I can safely say that when logic is applied he will be a fish out of water.

I’m not done with this fool. There was a lot of rubbish on his timeline that will be called out. Sean Davis is a cast iron quack of monumental proportions and offers nothing to the debate on public health.


Another Davis proves to be an idiot

Davis is a surname I know well – Diane Davis, an Autistic enemy from Chesapeake in the US. This one’s name is Sean – an Australian living in the Sydney suburb of Canterbury, and from the top shelf of deluded. Refuses to listen to reason and eventually poor Melanie Jewell decided enough (and showed some wonderful old Aussie humour making a mockery of her young age by comparison certainly to me!) and disengaged. I don’t blame her given what I’ve read! Not to mention the fact that he is a registered practitioner in Chinese medicine! I doubt the Chinese would be very happy at his anti vaccine stance.

It would take too long to go through everything screenshot by screenshot, but the bottom line is that Davis is adamant that Glazo Smith Kline’s massive fine for promoting Paxil – an anti depressant – for use in pregnant women and children, despite it being made clear that this should not be done by any competent doctor or psychiatrist (mainly the latter of course). Now what GSK did was wrong – even Melanie said that. But Davis insisted that it was a symptom of a wider “fraud” without a single shred of proof!!

I mean for instance;


Christine McKewen was onto this like a shot, rightly pointing out that Fluvax was NOT banned! It was restricted to those over the age of five. Melanie also jumped on this adding that the Western Australian batch was a bad batch. And;


Melanie pointed out that GSK was not in the habit of that, but would Davis listen?


Oh that is conspiracy BS at it’s finest. Particularly the remark about Murdoch for crying out loud! Consistently dodge practices? You idiot – if that was true, the FDA in the US and the TGA in Australia (at least) WOULD HAVE SHUT THEM DOWN! FACT! Here’s the reality – as Melanie pointed out. Paxil is okay when used correctly. Just like vaccines need to be used correctly also (case in point: Fluvax). Melanie also pointed out that Davis was seeking to have the items banned entirely – which when you consider not only Davis’ current practic, but also the fact that Davis is a supporter of marijuana being the solution to every other medical problem and wanting it totally legalised……Need I say more? This idiot must already be smoking it and frying his brain!

I did like Melanie’s analogy of banning cars because of people not knowing how to drive the things! But again Davis persisted in putting GSK’s stupid mistake over as a symptom of a bigger problem. Without proof as I said! Davis even tried to justify it by claiming that if an individual had committed this mistake he or she would have been committed for manslaughter for birth defects, heart failure and suicide. Actually – putting my legal hat on, no they wouldn’t have. Why? Because advertising (which is what GSK was fined for – false ads that is) can be ignored. There is a choice in it. If there was no choice then there would be a possible case, but only then if a death actually occurred and it could be proven 100 percent that it was caused by the medication and the person who administered it would be charged.

Melanie pointed out that it was a single mistake that GSK learned their lesson over. But Davis wouldn’t let it go;


Look at this paranoid junk! Someone call this idiot a WAAAmbulance!

It went on like that, but like I said it would take too long to go through all of it. Needless to say, Melanie pulled the pin when it became obvious Davis wasn’t prepared to learn from his own mistakes. And she referenced Noeline Brown from the Naked Vicar Show when telling Davis to “Piss orf”! Old Aussie humour at it’s finest!

But even after that Davis wouldn’t let go. He is still demanding a debate over the issues, thinking he knows it all. He doesn’t and Steve Pemberton’s reference to the Dunning Kruger Effect was right on the money. Christine McKewen pointed out the lack of logic in his thinking – but of course it had no effect. And it was proven beyond a doubt when he name checked the careless Cochrane Collaboration (I have previously had a crack at this after Tristan Wells used it as evidence) as well as quack site Chaotic Pharmacology.

Davis, you had better back off. I know you want GSK and all the other manufacturers shut down because you believe in the healing properties of your own Chinese medicine (COI anyone?) and marijuana. In the case of the latter it’s still too early and research and development still needs to be done. It is still a dangerous drug, particularly when smoked. It makes Davis a hypocrite because as it stands he is promoting a product in almost the same way as GSK was promoting Paxil and got fined for it. I hope Davis has a lot of money when he is fined for gross stupidity.

We wish!

And as a side note – before Davis even got started, he blocked the AAAV Facebook page. It didn’t work, dummy! So not only is he stupid he’s a coward as well, as Melanie pointed out in her closing tirade at him that was richly deserved. Not only that, the thread that I got this material from has been deleted. From there maybe, but not here!

His local community will be informed of this dangerous and deluded man – if they aren’t aware of him already of course! And I’ll bet they are to be honest.

This Murfett’s no kid’s game

If Christine Murfet thinks blocking the AAAV page and anyone else objecting to her anti vax views is going to protect her from a massive call out, she’s kidding herself.

Murfet is a recent addition to the AV Name Check as a result of her conduct on the West Australian’s Facebook page story on the anti vax fools crashing on an information seminar run by Telethon Kids calling the doctors running the seminar “liars”. A despicable act designed to undermine vaccine integrity and harm children.

Murfet lives in Launceston down in Tasmania. She appears to be a business administrator with zero experience in any medical field.

Her timeline includes a typical anti vaxxer belief – flouride in our water is posion. It includes a note from Dean Burk, a biochemist who died in 1988 who also supported the use laetrile in cancer treatment – modified Amygdalin, a known poison that is directly related to cyanide! AKA Bitter almonds! In other words, a quack who was against flouride in water. He had no idea. Murfet also signed a petition calling for the withdrawal of Gardasil.

She mocked the AV name Check when the admins of the page advised that Ballarat resident Tracey Hargreaves was going on the list – claiming the list was small and worthless. At around the same time she blocked AAAV as mentioned. She attracted Hebberman’s attention to the previous entries. But one of her worst comments was this;


It’s not a sport. It’s a genuine effort to shut down anti vaxxer BS. It’s a community service that someone has to do to correct incorrect information and panic stricken and paranoid rot. To call it a sport is to undermine the serious nature of the conduct of people like Murfet.

And as if to prove the point;


No one’s rights were threatened by the seminar. These gate crashers were threatening children’s rights to live free of preventable disease. The last sentence is a lie. No vaccine is “known to cause damage”. The situation mentioned wasn’t even proven to be vaccine damage – and it doesn’t matter if a person has their own children vaccinated or not. They are an anti vaxxer.

Murfet also claimed that pneumonia was listed as a possible side effect of the MMR vaccine. Christine McKewen shot back that there was a 0.00000000001 percent possibility only for Murfet to want that cited. Christine pointed out that she didn’t need to and Murfet stupidly claimed victory when she never cited the claim she made to begin with! And just to make sure at that point she blocked Christy Mac!

Christine Murfet is a coward and a typical anti vaxxer. There was a company called Murfett that made children’s board games. Happy children was the aim of such a company. This Murfet wants children to be sick from preventable disease as her opposition to vaccines proves point blank.