This Murfett’s no kid’s game

If Christine Murfet thinks blocking the AAAV page and anyone else objecting to her anti vax views is going to protect her from a massive call out, she’s kidding herself.

Murfet is a recent addition to the AV Name Check as a result of her conduct on the West Australian’s Facebook page story on the anti vax fools crashing on an information seminar run by Telethon Kids calling the doctors running the seminar “liars”. A despicable act designed to undermine vaccine integrity and harm children.

Murfet lives in Launceston down in Tasmania. She appears to be a business administrator with zero experience in any medical field.

Her timeline includes a typical anti vaxxer belief – flouride in our water is posion. It includes a note from Dean Burk, a biochemist who died in 1988 who also supported the use laetrile in cancer treatment – modified Amygdalin, a known poison that is directly related to cyanide! AKA Bitter almonds! In other words, a quack who was against flouride in water. He had no idea. Murfet also signed a petition calling for the withdrawal of Gardasil.

She mocked the AV name Check when the admins of the page advised that Ballarat resident Tracey Hargreaves was going on the list – claiming the list was small and worthless. At around the same time she blocked AAAV as mentioned. She attracted Hebberman’s attention to the previous entries. But one of her worst comments was this;


It’s not a sport. It’s a genuine effort to shut down anti vaxxer BS. It’s a community service that someone has to do to correct incorrect information and panic stricken and paranoid rot. To call it a sport is to undermine the serious nature of the conduct of people like Murfet.

And as if to prove the point;


No one’s rights were threatened by the seminar. These gate crashers were threatening children’s rights to live free of preventable disease. The last sentence is a lie. No vaccine is “known to cause damage”. The situation mentioned wasn’t even proven to be vaccine damage – and it doesn’t matter if a person has their own children vaccinated or not. They are an anti vaxxer.

Murfet also claimed that pneumonia was listed as a possible side effect of the MMR vaccine. Christine McKewen shot back that there was a 0.00000000001 percent possibility only for Murfet to want that cited. Christine pointed out that she didn’t need to and Murfet stupidly claimed victory when she never cited the claim she made to begin with! And just to make sure at that point she blocked Christy Mac!

Christine Murfet is a coward and a typical anti vaxxer. There was a company called Murfett that made children’s board games. Happy children was the aim of such a company. This Murfet wants children to be sick from preventable disease as her opposition to vaccines proves point blank.


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