More Davis moronics

While Sean Davis removed the thread I referenced in my previous entry about this idiot, he didn’t remove his other rubbish from the West Australian article (yes the same one that I got the Christine Murfet material from) and amongst it there was a lot of garbage that needs to be addressed;


In the first comment in reply to Mike Dundee, Davis claims that injecting aluminium is totally different to consuming it. How would he know? Is he an expert in the field? No he’s not! The experts say that aluminium is excreted like every other heavy metal that’s not needed. Simples, Sergei! (Reference the Australian Compare the Market commercials)

The second comment is aimed at Melanie Jewell after she put it to him that vaccines are a compound with no other identity (that’s also my argument and Melanie is a lot more qualified than I am to say it). Davis showed his stupidity by asking what the compound was made from. To borrow from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT IT’S MADE FROM!! What is salt made from? What is water made from? Bloody idiot!

The third comment speaks for itself – why debate an idiot? He or she will just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. And I present exhibit B in that regard;


In the first comment – aimed at this blog’s Facebook page, he brings out the old chestnut that we’re all pharma shills. I’ve been waiting years for my cheque, Big Pharma, so where is it? Reality check, Davis; we are not pharma shills. If anyone is a shill it’s you for your Chinese medicine practices. The more doubt you place over mainstream medicine, the more business you THINK you’ll get!

The second comment is despicable. We care for kids. It was pointed out in the previous entry that GSK did the wrong thing. And they corrected it. That’s caring for kids, unborn and otherwise. Davis is the one who has the questionable commitment to children’s safety in medicine!


Saba Button brings back what was mentioned in the previous entry about this idiot re Fluvax. I see no reason to repeat it. Lachlan Neylan was the victim of a stupid idiot who administered the adult flu vaccine by mistake. That was not the vaccine’s fault – a bad workman blames their tools as they say. Ben Hammond’s condition has never been confirmed as a vaccine injury, and given that he worked in the mines before he was incapacitated there is a good chance that this work contributed to the issue.

What repeated outbreak of mumps in Western Australia? Fully immunised? Sorry – I’m calling BS on that. Not to mention bringing up the GSK error AGAIN! Pharma public relations know who to ignore – and people like Davis fit that category. Davis mentions logic, and I can safely say that when logic is applied he will be a fish out of water.

I’m not done with this fool. There was a lot of rubbish on his timeline that will be called out. Sean Davis is a cast iron quack of monumental proportions and offers nothing to the debate on public health.



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