No you don’t, AC Offside!

Okay, this is for a fake pathologist who is a bare faced liar. Case in point; Angela Coral Offer.

According to her Facebook account she has claimed to have worked for Western Diagnostics, All Chemical and Water, State Health Albany and CSBP Limited. The most telling one here is the last one – CSBP is a Kwinana based chemical supplier for commercial use, including fertiliser! How appropriate is that? All Chemical and Water is a water purification business based in Offer’s current home town of Albany in Western Australia. The other two try to confirm her pathology status, and fail because if she was a true pathologist there would be a Perth hospital there and she would be on LinkedIn (she’s not). And there were two other jobs completely outside anything science related – both library jobs; one at the State Library of Western Australia and the other at the TAFE college in Albany (the latter studying at the same time presumably). This being looked into further.

But in the meantime, five times on this blog’s Facebook back she uttered the following load of bollocks under her maiden name;

Coral liar again

DTAP does NOT spread whooping cough! That is scaremongering at it’s worst and I think a perfect example of incitement to child neglect! It bloody PROTECTS! Unless of course not enough kids are getting that jab in which case herd immunity is not achieved – and then yes there is a chance vaccinated children could get it anyway. Why? Because of the pathetic parents of the kids who WEREN’T vaccinated!! As for that crack about “a nasty cough for eight weeks” – YOU WITCH! Whooping cough KILLS!! Ask Dana McCaffrey – oh yeah you can’t because whooping cough killed her! That is pathetic, and selfish of Offer if we are talking about selfishness!!

Then there was this garbage laden rant covering four comments.

Coral liar

As nature intended?? What would you know about circumcision, woman? If you don’t do it the risk of infection is comparitively high. It’s why it’s recommended and rightly so, so don’t put it down like that! And if a newborn baby needs some work, thickening the blood is ESSENTIAL!!

The second comment…..hey Witchy-Poo! For millions of years more babies dies than survived!! Why? NO MEDICINE!! Calling that “weird” is disgusting, and that’s being bloody kind!

Refusing Vitamin K is risking death if even a small operation is needed, so yes it is anti vax because it is a medical procedure using an injection. And that ridiculous and irrelevant crack about disease just goes to show how little this witch actually understands.

I already blocked her from my account after having a go at her on the Rob Law Facebook page, and suggesting to him that she be kicked off the page. Rob Law is an independent candidate for Longman – Mal Brough’s old seat. He did delete some of her comments but he didn’t ban her unfortunately.

Offer is already named on the AV Name Check after she showed up on the Vaxxed petition going after a free version of Ginger Taylor’s garbage Scribd list (and complaining about the traffic at the time).


6 thoughts on “No you don’t, AC Offside!

  1. Angela Coral Offer

    Thankyou so, so much, luv you guys! xxx
    wowie I am famous, thanks!
    Thankyou so, so much, I am famous! now who the eck are you?
    wow thankyou!

    Love it, thanks! Hilarious stuff. Any publicity good publicity, yep 90,000 a year in 2012, and it hasn’t dropped, 98.5% vaccination rate in kids, now, and in 2012 1 in 25 kids aged 6-12 had whooping cough ALL VACCINE FAILURES. As or vaccinating babies from 20 weeks gestation in Brazil from May 2015, look what happened from 20 weeks later, 100% of them all has to be assumed vaccine damage, well surely? First batch to have Tdap, not recommended in pregnancy, given to women exactly 20 weeks before the first poor babies? Ah, no 4 had zika, and as we all know correlation DOESNT mean causation………… As CDC want us to believe it? It WASNT the vaccine, gosh, so sure of this they DONT MENTION IT, as for the four with zika, ah yes, zika caused all 5,000 so far. Interesting? As for USA< having 25,000 cases of microcephaly all linked to Tdap shots in pregnancy, ummm? 25,000 cases a year, higher than Brazil, and not a zika mossie anywhere? What are CDC going to blame?

    And I suggest you don't try and write blogs from Mumbai or whatever. Come and look at the wonderful CSBP plant in Albany, Western Australia, that bit was hilarious!


    1. TLPG Post author

      I merged your posts because they belong together.

      You are infamous, and once this publicity gets around the Great Southern region I don’t think you’ll enjoy it. I know where Albany is – I’m Australian. To prove it, you have four football clubs there – Royals, Railways, Albany and North Albany. Mumbai my arse! I have no interest in a commercial water purification plant, and you do not want to meet me. I may be in Perth in September depending on finances, but you can stay right away from me. You are nuts and a threat to your community with those lies you are telling about the DTap vaccine and the zika virus on top of that.

      Keep it up. You are being either laughed at while the white coats are prepared, or you are being abused as you deserve to be.

      Edit – Again. I’m Australian. Not from India. And get off Google. You aren’t smart enough to understand the content.
      Further Edit – Offside is now banned from this blog for abusing me on Twitter. Her conduct is bordering on delusional and dangerous.


    2. Barbara Vernon

      The head office of CSBP isn’t in Albany, you lying whore! It’s in Kwinana! Look at the CSBP website!


  2. angela coral offer

    Barbara, lying whore? hahah, hows the weather in Mumbai? They don’t make fertilizer at head office, that is done in the factory, and if you cant find that in Albany, you aint in Australia, you lot are hilarious! haha oh and me. I am real.


    1. TLPG Post author

      Edited to reflect the truth removing slander and correcting name to make it truly real. And you are the fertiliser because you are full of it.

      Edited comment to add – No comments will be approved until you use your correct name, Offer. And no – no FB, little Miss Irrational.


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