Look at this cry baby!

I have invited some people on Twitter to view this entry – you were all tweeted by @AngelasGardenA. This entry is about that person.

Offside won’t take the hint. She put four comments in to the last entry – as if they were going to get approved!

I won’t quote any of them, but first off she wants me to update the AV Name Check list so she can find more friends! Careful! I actually picked up one from YOUR existing friends list which will be added when I get a few more! Thank you for the encouragement!

She also claimed that I was trying to hide my identity with “TLPG” and failing. I never made any such claim! I did say it was PARTIAL anonymity! Partial does not equal whole you dummy! And as for the lame excuse over the use of the term “baboon” – nope, sorry, I don’t believe you. And neither will anyone else. You are a proven racist.

I have three other aliases on Twitter? That is a lie – typical! Funny though – she can’t count. I said I blocked her from my political account and then blocked her from my other FOUR accounts! Total = FIVE! (All of them in my name by the way, except for the website one which is in the name of the website – so no aliases) As far as the number of followers go, it’s 7 for the website account, 38 for the wrestling account, 14 for the political account, 15 for the football account and 17 for my personal account. There will be some changes as well (I noticed a couple of issues that will bring a couple of those numbers down once they are fixed).

Something else very important – she doesn’t use her real name on either Facebook or Twitter. There are no Eisenhauers in Albany. At all. They are all in Perth as far as Western Australia goes and NONE of them are called “Angela”. Her real name is Angela Offer. Eisenhauer is her maiden name. Poor guy that’s married to her! I feel sorry for him!

I also saw on Twitter that she was trying to dig into some more poor people (the very same people I invited to read this entry). I hope they blocked her. This woman is a maniac! And a whiner. Hey how did that song go again that I saw a few year ago? Oh yes!

You know you are a whiner!
You go and put your hands over eyes
Oh no!
(Apologies to Supertramp!)

Angela Coral Offer/Eisenhauer is NOT a pathologist. Let’s make that clear (that’s for @beck_sullivan). She might have worked in a diagnostics lab but that does not make her a pathologist. Her work history is on an earlier entry. I have changed the tags of said entries to reflect her correct name.


4 thoughts on “Look at this cry baby!

    1. whoiswhointheantivaxzoo

      Apparently, she becomes far more interesting when you write to her previous employers about the claims that she has made online about the organisation only to find that her claims, and indeed her resume, are false.

      An anti vaxer lying, who would have thought it … šŸ™‚




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