Liz Hempel’s stupidity

My previously noted blast of Vazquez and those who supported me through this blog’s Facebook page attracted the attention of Liz Hempel, a typically ignorant Queenslander from Townsville who was revealed to be an anti vaxxer when she apparently made some sort of anti vax comment to Sam Redfern. Sam alerted the admins of the AAAV Facebook to this and Hempel was banned.

But Sam forgot the golden rule of fighting anti vaxxers. Throw them to me! Because I have the admin access to this blog and no restrictions like that of the Facebook Community Standards. And no fear of these nutcases. Sam isn’t afraid either but he isn’t as emotionally invested in this as I am.

I want to address the following comments that come from her timeline.


I asked Sam about this, and he pointed to his comment on her page denying that the remark was about her. It was about someone else who challenged his commitment to Anonymous and the use of the term “good citizen”. Hempel replied demanding to know why she was banned if that was the case. Sam told me that he knew she was a friend of Vazquez’s and that was enough for him to ban her. Fair enough as well. I think I showed very well in the previous entry how nutty he is.

Hempel though didn’t let it go, linking a screenshot of Sam’s About Page.


You need to care about reputation. It’s important in many parts of one’s life. I know – I’ve had my rep tarnished and I’ve fought back and won. Three times. It’s why I have the AV Name Check. These people need to be named and shamed ( and on the next update Hempel’s name is being added). It might be a social construct, but it’s a way more important one because it has a big say in employment and something I hold very dear – political power. Sam made that point about defamation and he also added the prison option for anti vaxxers per the core reason I name and shame. Speaking for myself, anti vaxxers are bullies because they try to scare with lies – which is distinct from scaring with the truth.

Hempel’s next timeline entry wasn’t aimed at Sam, but it was stupid.


Perfect example of anti vax rhetoric. It’s not a lie. It works and has been proven to work as well. As an aside, Fwankie came along with one of his memes – and it was one of the ones I had already corrected.


Now next was a generalised crack at the AAAV Facebook page after she was banned from it.


If one wants to protect themselves and their children from preventable disease, vaccines are essential. Declining it is neglect – the No Jab No Pay No Play laws are there for a reason. And child neglect is a crime. Coming to pages like AAAV is great because your name is now out there as dangerous. And one word of warning, Hempel. Get your flu shot. If you don’t it will get you and kill you. It nearly killed me in July 2014. I thought like a lot of people that my fitness level would protect me. It did the opposite. I only survived because I got myself into hospital at the right time and thank goodness. Nine days sedated from thirteen in ICU and 25 all up in hospital. NEVER EVER underestimate preventable disease.

Next up, Hempel responded to Sam’s rejoinder towards the reputation commentary mentioned above.


The civil court serves the will of the law, not the will of society. If it did serve the will of society, I wouldn’t have won my defamation cases as freedom of speech would have prevailed. And it’s funny that she claims society has double standards, and yet engages in that very tactic herself! What a hypocrite! I am yet to see a person who isn’t ashamed to be named as a child neglector – two legal threats so far. Her decisions have been guided by a total lack of knowledge as Sam pointed out in reply. Love is misguided because she thinks she is protecting her children when in fact she is putting them in harm’s way – and I again go back to what almost happened to me with the flu as an example. I know that Sam is not influenced by lobbyists, corporate interest or tabloid media. I’m not either. I can’t speak for Sam, but I go on logic and education. I remember my high school science, unlike most anti vaxxers. Hempel clearly has nothing – most anti vaxxers don’t. That’s why debating people like her is a waste of time. Not impossible – I disagree with Sam there – but just not worth the trouble. They are idiots, and in a debate they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

She then added this in the comments of the above status.


The best way to defend the body is with vaccines. She should be afraid, and the lion comment attracted a jibe from Sam Redfern and Hempel struck back thus.


What rubbish! She should take out a ticket in Tattslotto with that sort of luck – which ran out on me as I previously mentioned. Sam invoked the car seat belt analogy in response to that and Hempel couldn’t resist.


Seat belts do carry an inherent risk – and again I can talk through experience. Seat belt burn. It might not seem like much, but it stings. The note about faulty seat belts also applies to vaccines and are equally actionable. Vaccines are also adjusted for the individual – have you forgotten what happened in the fluvax incident in WA? It was an adult dose given to a child. There are DIFFERENT doses! It’s not one size fits all in that regard!

She pulled the typical anti vax stunt wanting a double blind placebo controlled study revealed to prove vaccine safety. On Sam’s page Melanie Jewell – a scientist – pointed out that the TGA does these tests and they are commercially confidential and therefore not available. She even pointed out that she helped with one. She added rightly that Hempel probably wouldn’t be a scientist. I’ve known that the TGA does all the tests for awhile now – they have to by law. If Hempel has proof that the test hasn’t been done, she should report it. Of course she won’t – because she has nothing.

I noted that Hempel shared the AAAV blog entry on Vazquez and it got comments from Fwankie. Both of them offered “unconditional love” – they can have their so called love. They don’t even know the meaning of it. And I don’t go for the tin foil hats idea because I don’t need it. You should go see a doctor about that thorn in your toe over vaccines, and a psychiatrist over your lap dog mentality towards Australia’s only anti vax terrorist – Vazquez.

Once I completed this entry in text file and took the screen shots, I suggested to Sam that he delete his page’s posts. He agreed.


8 thoughts on “Liz Hempel’s stupidity

  1. Mike Busby

    I happen to live in Townsville and am not an ignorant Queenslander. You do yourself no favours by lumping this stupid bitch in with the majority of Townsvillians who aren’t ignorant, actually support vaccinations as a reliable and safe public health and are fully informed about such matters. We have a huge military and ex military population, of which I am one of them, who know how important vaccinations are to maintain an effective defence force. She is very much a tiny minority in my city. That there is not one media organisation that goes to her for a ‘balanced’ comment when vaccinations are foremost in the news and this speaks volumes about how informed we actually are. You may want to edit your first line of text. Lumping anyone as typically ignorant because we happen to live in a certain location just goes to prove the prejudice of the author and lends no credence to your comments. I could say the same things about people who live in Melbourne or Sydney but then neither of us would be correct.


    1. TLPG Post author

      Mike, you are in fact in the minority in my experience. You might not like that and fair enough. My reference to “typically ignorant Queenslander” goes well beyond anti vaxxers. It goes to general ignorance – racism and contempt for those who aren’t in that social construct called normal. Many in Queensland still live in the time of Joh. Fact – I hate that state. It has hurt me, and it has a reputation for hurting the disabled and the different. Perfect example #1, the idiots in the electorate of Kennedy who insist on re-electing Bob Katter. Perfect example #2, the idiots in the state who gave Pauline Hansen enough votes to get a full quota point in the Senate. Now you may take offence to that and if you are in that category that goes against all that, good for you. But please understand that you are not in the majority in my experience. Your experience may be different, and for the record I wasn’t limiting that label to Townsville – especially the armed forces, many of whom probably weren’t born in Queensland. I was talking about the entire state.


      1. Lareina Cahill

        Pauline Hansen received 9% of the vote in Queensland. That’s not a majority. The Kennedy Electorate has less than 100, 000 voters (not all of whom voted for Katter) in a state with a population of nearly 4.7 million. That is not a majority. Our vaccination rates are on a par with the rest of the country, at around 93%. Higher would be nice, in Queensland, as in other states.

        Judging a whole state as ‘typically ignorant’ based on the preferences of the minority, and because of your personal experience, speaks of bias, not critical thinking. You are more than welcome to your bias, but it’s ironic that you accuse Queenslander’s of ‘racism’, when you make a judgement that the ‘majority’ of Queenslanders possess specific characteristics different to the residents of other states.


        1. TLPG Post author

          Lareina, prove it. I just gave the most obvious examples. There are right wing racists in the Coalition parties as well as One Nation. Queensland has a history of racism and other bigotry thanks to Joh in particular. What other state government would ban a song called “Solid Rock”? EVERY time I have visited Queensland I have been treated with contempt because of my Autism, both before and after my 1997 diagnosis, ranging from 1988 to 2004 (my last visit to date). And if it wasn’t for my needs with my football history research, I would never go back ever. Stop making excuses, and stop limiting the matter to vaccines – which I never did. Your state has major issues with tolerance and that is a fact.


          1. Lareina Cahill

            What is it you want me to prove? I just gave you the figures based on the examples you provided. All of those numbers are a matter of public record. Might I remind you that the burden of proof lies on you for the claims you have made? Who has treated you with contempt? The majority of the state?

            I’m in my 40’s and I barely remember Joh. (I do remember the song ‘Solid Rock’ though – we used to hear it on television and radio in rural Qld) He was last in office 29 years ago. I know 1 friend’s father who was a fan of his. That’s it. The sum total. Most people I know speak of him with contempt (as most of the people I know speak of Bob Katter). Are you really trying to use a long retired (and deceased) politician as ‘proof’ that ‘the majority’ of a state is ignorant?

            Oh, and by the way, I didn’t limit the matter to vaccines. It was the third number I gave you. Perhaps you missed the first two?


          2. TLPG Post author

            “Who has treated you with contempt? The majority of the state?”

            Yes. You’ve only comes across 1 Joh supporter. In my lifetime I have come across a couple of dozen in real life, and in an old Yahoo Club back in the early 2000’s I came across more than 100 in the space of a month. And they gloated about how they were in the majority in the areas that they lived in which included larger population centres. The only one not represented happened to be Townsville, but I knew at the time that the total population of the other cities that were mentioned counted for more – and that group included the Gold Coast and Toowoomba, as well as a number of Brisbane suburbs.

            Aside from reflecting on Hansen and Katter, the only other thing you specifically addressed was vaccines. Nothing else. It was all general and no proof amongst it. What do I want you to prove? That the majority are not racists or bigots of any sort, and with specifics.


          3. Lareina Cahill

            You want me to prove a negative? I’ll say it again. You are making the claim that Queenslanders are typically ignorant. I have responded to each point you have made in the comments section to support your statement. There was no reflection. Those are the numbers. 9 percent of voters chose Pauline Hansen. There are less than 100 000 people in Katter’s electorate.

            The onus of evidence here is on you. Your evidence? You’ve met a couple of dozen Joh supporters. Over 10 years ago you joined a Yahoo club which had more than 100 Joh supporters. In a state of 4.7 million. That’s not evidence, it’s anecdote. They ‘claimed to be a majority’. And you were surprised by the fact that people with similar political beliefs associate with each other? You do know that people tend to overestimate the popularity of their own beliefs because they associate with those who are like-minded?

            You don’t agree with decisions the Queensland government made 30 years ago. You don’t like One Nation. You don’t like the right wing racists in other parties. I don’t like them either, and I’m not alone, as a Queenslander, in that. Where is your evidence that the typical Queenslander supports all of those things? Do you agree with all the decisions your state government makes? Do I really need to point out that One Nation senators and right-wing, racist politicians are currently incumbent in States other than Queensland?

            You made the claim. Prove it. Personal experience and the behaviour of dead politicians out of office for 30 years doesn’t constitute proof.


          4. TLPG Post author

            I proved it. If you want to ignore my experience and the history of your state, that’s not just on you – it makes you part of the problem sweeping it under the carpet. You have proven yourself to be an ignorant Queenslander like the rest of the idiots – not racist or bigoted, but just plain ignorant. Consider yourself banned from this blog as of now, and also blocked on Facebook.



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