Hempel’s source revealed

Adding Liz Hempel’s name to the AV Name Check isn’t enough now. After what I saw on Facebook today, she’s getting something else as well – an HAP award from my website; Horrid Autistic Parent.

That’s right. She’s the mother of an Autistic boy.

And she has the gall to claim to be full of “unconditional love”, when blaming Autism on vaccines is the epitome of HATE speech because it is a lie! Here’s her confession;


Let’s break this down.

1. Six days after any vaccine let alone the MMR is too long for a causation of ANYTHING!
2. It is perfectly possible for a child to suffer from a virus that no other family member catches – especially (and this is key) if the child is ALREADY AUTISTIC!!
3. No tests were performed because they weren’t told he was Autistic. If they knew he was Autistic that would (or should) have garnered a different reaction.

It appears that Hempel has assumed that the vaccine caused the virus, and consequently the virus caused the Autism. Wrong. The virus caused a sensory overload in the already Autistic child. There is no proof of any connection between the virus and the vaccine. Your word, Hempel, is not enough. You will stop rallying now, because you’re hurting your Autistic child with your ignorance and obvious intolerance for the condition. If you continue I think I would have quite a good cause of action for you to lose that child due to neglect. Autism is genetic. I know. I’m Autistic myself. And I know the truth – and you aren’t telling it. You don’t have unconditional love. You are a hater.

Edit: Hempel claims that the reaction her son had could have been as long as 7 to 10 days after the MMR. None of the symptoms listed match the issue she had. Serious adverse reactions (which are NOT listed) do NOT take that long to develop EVER! I stand by my statement on that. Do NOT use Autism Speaks as a source – their scientific advisory board has no clue what they are doing. The genetic factor IS the whole picture at the root. And you do hate all Autistics, because you hate Autism by your own admission. You ARE a hater for putting low functioning autistics over because you aren’t providing balance, and you are smothering hope by promoting the negatives of Autism and not a single positive – and they do exist.


2 thoughts on “Hempel’s source revealed

    1. TLPG Post author

      I wish I could agree, Rachel, but I’ve seen too many of these reactions to legit DX’s of Autism to disregard it. It’s why I hate it and I’m fighting it.




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