David Thrussell is crazy

Speaking for myself, I never thought I would come across someone who’s up the same tree as John Best Junior. But there’s one not that far away from me in Castlemaine, and his name is David Thrussell.

Thrussell is the failed artistic director of the Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival (CLIFF), who suffered a massive dose of bad publicity in the last week for daring to promote that filthy piece of lying celluloid, Vaxxed, at the festival. I thought he was just being a dummy and an extremist free speech activist when I first heard about the proposed screening on the ABC News last Wednesday night (September 21). But as time passed since I went onto CLIFF’s Facebook page and let fly with the truth about the film and batting off idiots who were clearly anti vaxxers (some of whom are now on the AV Name Cheack as a direct result), it became obvious that I was in fact dealing with a much bigger maniac than I initially thought.

I started getting suspicious when Thrussell announced the cancellation of the screening, and then Reasonable Hank revealed that he lied and had in fact brought the screening forward creating a separate email to try and hide his involvement. It was a very poor effort, and quite the act of cowardice. That said to me that this guy was in fact likely an anti vaxxer as well and was determined to show the film as he believed it was true. I was already fending off the anti vaxxers on Facebook whining at me with the same rhetoric, in spite of plenty of proof to the contrary – after all I wasn’t the only one calling these anti vaxxers out.

Thrussell’s main argument was that all the critics had never seen the film – no exceptions. Now while that is true in the case of me, I don’t need to see it. There are two excellent reviews that make it unnecessary;


Vaxxed review – my personal take on that fraudumentary

But when Reasonable Hank posted this entry, I knew I was dealing with a Best like character;


Best also believes that Sandy Hook never happened. He is convinced that the Rothschild family owns all the reserve banks of the world, and believes in the existence of the Illuminati. And he’s anti Semitic as he considers Hitler to be a hero. The only difference – and it’s a minor one – is that he believes that Autism is nothing more the mercury poisoning, and concentrates on mercury instead of thiomersal in vaccines (such as dental amalgams).

Thrussell does have an extra string that Best doesn’t have as Hank noted – musical interest in a band called Snog, that performs songs about these nonsense theories. There is an article about Snog on Wikipedia but it is tagged as needing additional verification. It has been around for a long time, formed in 1988 – and it would be appropriate if a break up was the result of this negative publicity.

Thrussell appears to believe in negative publicity. Any publicity is good. Not this time. There will be a reckoning for this man – and use that word “man” loosely.



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