Amanda McDougall incites child neglect

NOTE: This entry represents opinion based in a firm belief in what is true and correct.

I’m doing a direct call out here, of this resident of Kelmscott in Perth’s southern suburbs. This one is an absolutely rabid anti vaxxer, and any anti vaxxer who behaves like a bully is an inciter of child neglect – because said bullying eminates from the lie that vaccines are not safe and trying to stop them from being used to protect children from preventable disease. It is absolutely the case that this is absolutely disgraceful conduct.

Here you go – from the Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival;

The only thing you have done by pulling the film is show the trolls and those who want to stop freedom of speech that if you bully someone enough you will get what you want! Sad you fell to the trolls. You should put it back on.

No they shouldn’t and to say they should is the very incitement I’m talking about.

The freedom of speech of the film festival organisers is what I’m talking about. Do you seriously need it explained to you? They wanted to show the film. Trolls, pro vaxx morons and anyone else without a brain all came down on them as well as them saying they will pull funding is all taking away their freedom to show this movie. Dr’s abusing them the list goes on! They wanted to show the film yet they were put under unfathomable pressure to the point that they had no choice. Sounds like freedom of speech being taken away to me!
Typical pro vaxxer

Typical anti vaxxer and inciter of child neglect – lying about freedom of speech. For a start, there is no such thing in law in Australia. The only country that has it in law is the United States. Second – where’s the restriction? The film is still available online, so what’s the problem? Reality check; this was about spreading a proven lie through a large audience in a cinema.

Oh I understand “censorship” we don’t like this movie so we will abuse, threaten, financially coerce and cause all out war until we get our way! Yessss censorship!

There were no threats, no war mongering, and there certainly were no bribes as she just insinuated there! This is what I’m talking about – stating something as fact when it’s not! And she’s being abusive so there’s no defence there!

Pffft anti health campaign! As if. The fact that this movie has nothing to do with anti vaccines and is all about the corruption in places that is supposed to hand your childs health in their hands seems to be escaping the small minds of pro vaxxers! Well done for keeping your heads in the sand pro vaxxers! Shame shame shame!

It has EVERYTHING to do with anti vaccines. That’s part of the sell there by McDougall. Not to mention NO corruption and right there is the first direct incitement. Who has their head in the sand? YOU!

Say what you will but it didn’t change the fact that they were censored! They don’t need to show you abuse as all you have to do is go onto the pro vax pages and see all the posts calling for people to call, email and comment their disgust at them putting this movie on! Then read the abusive comments on those posts from the pro vaxxers! Then see the many articles on this by media degrading them and Dr’s putting their 2 cents in saying all kinds of things about them and the abusive comments by ignorant pro vaxxers on those articles and posts saying they are going to send abuse to them until they withdraw the film!
Nooooo no sign of abuse! No sign of financial pressure at all!
Pffft typical pro vaxxer not seeing what’s right in front of them as it doesn’t suit their agenda!
No no censorship at all!

None, because you get get the film online as I said already. You are trying to censor us! Why? Because you don’t want your incitement exposed! And that failed. As far as the abuse goes, you are just as guilty of that.

Well at least you got part of your comment right. Censorship has occurred. As to the rest of your comment I think the fact that this movie is about the destruction of evidence, lies and falsifying data that directly concerns your child’s life a very important public health and safety issue! But hey I get that pro vaxxers would rather have their heads in the sand in this issue and that’s a damn shame that you would put such little importance on your child’s health.

Here’s more blatant incitement! Aside from the FACT that no evidence was destroyed, nor was there any falsification of data. That’s the heavy editing of Brian Hooker. The rest of it claims that the said claims are a threat to a child’s health!! Way to incite child neglect!!

Bahaha dear oh dear! Clearly your reading skills need improving! You have all the evidence at your fingertips sweetheart lol but at least pro vaxxers are consistent with one thing, they like to be spoonfed and don’t want to look at anything except the tripe they are used to lol.
Even pro vaxxers are admitting it is censorship but pro vaxxers are denying what other pro vaxxers are saying! Bahaha priceless!

Here’s more incitement although this is indirect. It claims that the “official” information is what is spoon fed, and we have access to “all” the evidence insinuated (instead of stating – that’s the indirect factor) that the official information is wrong. It’s not wrong – that’s what McDougall doesn’t get. She is not qualified to understand the technicalities of vaccines and she believes the rubbish because she isn’t smart enough to decipher the rubbish from the proper science.

Lol full of lies????
If it’s so full of lies then why are you against it? If it’s full of lies then those it is about would easily refute the claims and win their case in court! Oh wait they haven’t and its still going thru court! Lol funny that.

This was about the fact that William Thompson was misrepresented. As far as I know it hasn’t gone to court, because misrepresentation isn’t defamation. Besides, because this film is American, it’s much harder to just shut the film down like that. Defamation is the only way to shut it down in court there. America expects you to fight back by making counter statements to debate the issue in public. Thompson knows this is all BS, so what he did was release ALL the documents – and the real context came out. As far as he was concerned on the back of not being able to sue, the matter was closed.

Bahahaha classic! The cdc has committed fraud and they are going to be held accountable for their actions. Anyone who trusts them with the health of their child with this information in your face is not taking the health of their child seriously. Even if you don’t believe it or don’t want to believe it the fact that most of you won’t even see it to make a decision for yourself speaks bounds!

No they haven’t, and that IS defamation. Lucky for McDougall, the CDC is outside of her range and because they are an American government department one can whatever you want about them and they can’t act because of the First Amendment. The second sentence is more incitement to child neglect, and this woman then proves that she is incapable of making an informed decision.

Lol dear oh dear that comment is the biggest laugh I’ve had all day! Your basically saying that nobody needs to look into anything they are told and just believe what they spoon feed you as they have reviewed it and agree that what they are telling you is correct! Bahaha typical head in the head in the grass spoon fed pro vaxxer comment! Hell that’s even nieve for a pro vaxxer! Lol well done you’ve reached a new level of brainddead pro vaxxer! Bahaha

This is more of the same. Nobody needs to look into vaccines because it’s all been taken care of already. Notice that she says nothing about the TGA!

Prove what Ray? Prove that the cdc lied and destroyed evidence and had falsified data? That’s what the courts are for and exactly what is happening lol oh and just fyi the movie is going to be shown in other cinemas around Australia so nothing has been stopped lol even this cinema will show it! And thanks to all the attention by pro vaxxers it will be a sell out! Bahaha

Vaxxed is not being shown anywhere else in Australia – at all, let alone Castlemaine. I searched for any mention of the CDC in court and all I found was a case in Utah which was filed in January. I couldn’t find any coverage outside of unreliable sources, which indicates it’s nothing.

The truth is very clear for those who don’t have their heads up their asses! Seems the vast majority of people on here suffer from it lol but I guess it’s hard to accept the fact you have been poisoning your children willingly and without question!

There it is again – more incitement! It is NOT a fact that there has been the poisoning of children by vaccines! The person who has their head up their rear end is McDougall!

Dear oh dear the ignorance is strong with these ones! I understand your denial as to accept the mountains of evidence that they have been lying to you means you have to accept the fact you put that in your child. That’s hard for any parent to admit. But yes your right about one thing. The truth is very clear and it’s being told whether you want to admit it or not. On your childrens head….

You don’t tell the truth, McDougall! I believe you are an inciter of child neglect! And I believe I have proven it, and this wasn’t even all of the comments! I have just taken more than a dozen screenshots to cover the above and the rest and I have taken advice over it. And I’m talking about how to action this as I don’t live in Western Australia. If she tries to fire back at me for making false accusations I can back this up with expert evidence and legal precedent. And if she thinks the Vaccine Court in the US is admissible she’s kidding herself!


1 thought on “Amanda McDougall incites child neglect

  1. Monica Shinners

    Amanda McDougall, you are a stupid bitch! Vaccinate your children and stop promoting vaccines as unsafe! You are lying through your back teeth, and yes you ARE engaging in child endangerment, let along inciting child neglect! Keep your unprotected children away from my extended family, and stop lying about vaccines!

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