Devil Steele the latest nut

One thing people should never do – cross me. Especially when I’m doing the right thing, and end up on the receiving end of blatant abuse. Case in point, the inappropriately named Angelica Rose Steele. Angel my foot. Rose my rear end!

For instance, get a load of this rubbish from the Mamma Mia blog!

Everybody has the right to refuse any medication they see fit, Mia. Pro-vax or otherwise. It is part of the intrinsic patient/doctor relationship and hypocrattic oath. Refusal of vaccines is not new, it has been happening since the dawn of vaccinations, Mia. When 1 in 200 kids were killed from the smallpox vaccine itself (when smallpox was already 90% eradicated due to improved sanitation).. If it was your own child who was a victim, u would think differently. If something has the capacity to kill children and adults, it is not as harmless as eating a chocolate bar. People can read the ingredients of the vaccines, research the diseases, research the potential adverse effects of the vaccine and do their own cost-benefit analysis. It’s not your choice to make. To expect that u can dictate on such matters is called fascism. You have tried to make this is into a pro-vax vs. anti-vax debate, when it isn’t at all, it’s a fundamental right to have choice over one’s own healthcare and what they decide to put into their own or their children’s systems. Governance over our bodies is our number 1 human right. Australian policies might have tried to erode this, but it still doesn’t change the fact it is a number 1 human right. Now, u are going overboard on this, and it is making you look silly. Everybody knows you can live in a 12-million dollar house thanks to glaxosmithkline’s hefty cheques and pharmaceutical advertisement sponsorship. I think it’s about time u come clean with your reader base.

1. No one has the right to place themselves and more importantly those around them under threat! Refusal of vaccines has never been in such numbers as we have now so that point is not relevant.

2. Smallpox was not eradicated by better sanitation. That is a lie. The vaccine did that, and the deaths were the result of poor use – which back in those days was more common than it is now.

3. I know several people who would fit the bill of “seeing” it, and have not changed their view about vaccination at all. No vaccine BY ITSELF is capable of killing. It only kills if it is used wrong. A chocolate bar for example can kill someone who has an allergy to cocoa!

4. The ingredient argument is common amongst anti vaxxers who don’t understand compounds – or indeed chemical bonding as one bright spark pointed out as another term to use that is just as useful.

5. There is one aspect of human life that requires a dictatorship – caring and looking after children. They have a fundamental right to be protected from preventable disease, and if you don’t vaccinate them then you are denying them that right.

6. Mia Freedman operates on her own. She doesn’t get paid to stat the facts. Neither do I. I doubt Mia’s home is worth $12 million.

And this is just a background. I can’t tell much more about Steele except that she studied in Queensland at QUT, and that she lives at present in the UK in London. And yet from that distance she think she can dictate to me and make wild and desperate accusations when I called the Desiree Dance Academy out for their hosting an event this past weekend. I gave them a 1 star review thus;

Elly from this Academy said;
“Here at Desiree Dance Academy we believe in everyone’s right for free speech and would have no problem hosting a pro-vaccination event if asked, we’re not bias
I feel very sad that you are judging me and my dance school when you have never been to my dance school or met me in person.”

I’m going to be blunt. I don’t believe you. By allowing an anti vaccine presentation, you placed your students in danger because you put yourself in a position to have an influx of unvaccinated young children in your Academy leading to an outbreak of a preventable disease that can kill. Should it happen, that will be on you for allowing the event to begin with. This is why you blotted your copybook with this allowance and you deserve the criticism you have received. You need to apologise for this act that has encouraged a bad health choice in Clarkson and the surrounding suburbs. <<

And here’s this witch with this pack of lies and abuse which I did report to Facebook.

how sad and apalling that u have to troll and abuse every day people, because your troll-masters write u a pay-cheque to do so. Never had a real job a day in your life, u narcissistic little weirdo. I think it is time to get u arrested for bullying and harrassment, u creep.

As usual – FB failed to see an issue in their normal attack of inconsistency. She followed it with other abuse, which at first I responded to individually before merging them up. Here’s what she said;

Phil Gluyas ha. Not a false report when we can record every bit of online hararassment u make. To troll and make a bad review of a dance studio u don’t even know and most certainly have never been to, is absolutely defamation, and bullying and harassment, u and fellow no-life vultures are known for doing this, but mark my words, your day is coming.

Phil Gluyas I would do better than call the police. and it’s about time u realise that u and your cohorts trolling behavior, harrassment and defamation of people u don’t even know will not be tolerated.


Phil Gluyas total weirdo. u are just a weirdo sitting behind a computer screen typing out to the tune of your sexual frustration, not the big almighty troll warrior u think u are. step off the computer and get yourself some therapy, mate.

This is the merged reply I gave;

And you would be in trouble for making a false report in all respects. I have done nothing wrong. So go ahead and call the police – oh wait you can’t because you live in the UK and I’m in Australia. There is no defamation. I have told the truth, and I believe you are abusing the FB Comm Standards with your abusive attack. Strongly recommend you delete your comment Unless you approve of the encouragement of actions that amount to placing children’s lives under threat. Do you? Your laughter indicates you have have issues as does that last rant that is so far off base it’s nuts. Who needs therapy? Not me.

Paul Jones charged in with this;

Typically antivaxers are the narcissists, thinking they know more than infectious disease experts. Also looks very much like you are threatening Phil in some way. Duly noted and screenshotted.

And all Steele could say was;

as u have all been duly noted and screenshotted. I think it’s rather obvious who is in the wrong here. your troll-masters need to put in some rules and boundaries. if u are not prepared to draw the line at harrassing and bullying people and companies alike, such as this: reviewing a dance company with a bad review, despite never been a customer there, u can expect to pay the consequences.

Paul wanted to know what the consequences were, and warned her to exercise caution in her reply.

For myself I’ll add to what I said above with the following. Valid opinion does not equal defamation, especially when that opinion is backed up. I know what defamation is – I sued three people successfully for defaming me. My criticism of the Academy (and note that I was not the only one to do this and yet this witch targets me) was valid and correct. Trolling is not illegal, and it is not abuse to tell the truth. I – like every other pro vaccine proponent on Facebook – am yet to see one red cent from anyone over our efforts. As people who know me are aware, I have a work history so obviously she never looked my name up. The people who need to be arrested are idiots like this witch, for bullying and harassing innocent parents into believing that vaccines aren’t safe and shouldn’t be used. That is incitement into child neglect.

Welcome to the AV Name Check, Steele. And I have blocked her on FB now.



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