I won’t be intimidated

I wasn’t surprised today when I got some tweets back on Twitter as a result of linking Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy to the AV Name Check on Tuesday morning. I was delighted when I was notified that she liked the tweet – so take a look at what was said, and it includes some further responses from me;

Click on the date to see the details. Not to the abuse level of what the Minister copped as she said in the video, but lying liars got to lie! This is the ignorance that is dangerous. There was one other tweet that made an accusation that needed to be addressed as you’ll see (and again click on the date to see the details);

Needless to say, these people were given the block treatment – and Charisse is being added to the AV Name Check on the next update, especially as it would appear that she has a child who is Autistic, and guess what? She blames vaccines. That’s the right way to get my back up and BIG time!! It’s a flagrant lie.

Let’s make this absolutely clear. The AV Name Check is compiled based on my opinion that each and every person either doesn’t vaccinate their own children for any reason other than a proven medical issue (that is direct child neglect/abuse in my opinion – vaccines work and are as safe as any other medical procedure), or they try to scare other parents with false stories, unproven anecdotes and pseudo science into taking the same decision (that is incitement into child neglect/abuse in my opinion). This is a reply to the anti vaxxers Pro Vax Troll List that was published on the TAVS website in mid 2015 – and I’m on it. I consider that to be an honour, because it shows I was already hurting them before All About Anti Vaxxers was even founded let alone the AV Name Check being created.

There is of course one difference – the tags showing that I have addresses. I said on my tweet that it was nasty. I admit that. But when those of us are faced with the sort of abuse that the Minister copped – and in some cases (including me) worse than that – when debate and education doesn’t work, what do you do? Ignore it? No, I don’t buy that because that’s letting the bastards win. It has taken awhile because when I first started really fighting the governments both in Canberra and at state level weren’t taking it as seriously as they should have. That changed federally with No Jab No Pay, finally showing recognition that education is no longer working. No one is listening. So it is needed to get nasty, and it’s all for a very important group of people. The children. The next generation. Our future. Of all the responses I got from the state Ministers, Jill’s was the best. It wasn’t perfect, but as I said that was awhile ago.

Let’s make this clear – I am not breaching any laws. I’m not publishing the addresses. That would be stupid. The Minister played it safe not giving real names of those who messaged her. I’m not so shy in that regard, but I know where the line is on privacy. Also, if anyone takes real offence to being called out and think they’ve been defamed, there is legal redress. I’ve already copped two legal threats over the Name Check, both of them empty. I also got a threat due to the previous entry which can be seen in the comments. That one I believe is empty as well (it’s very recent so there’s no way of actually telling yet, but that’s my instinct). Anyway, that’s another area where I know where the line is – what with three lawsuits for defamation as the plaintiff, and three decisions in my favour for a 100 percent strike rate.

In a perfect world I want these anti vaxxers punished. Failing that I can do what I can. The science is clear on vaccines, they work and they are as safe as any other medical procedure. The anti vax sourcing is terrible. It’s either a totally unreliable source (too many to name), or a misinterpretation of articles from inconsistent sources like PubMed and Science Daily (especially the former). Another source that needs to be put in it’s place is America’s Court of Federal Claims, AKA The Vaccine Court. I recently saw an article on a website called the Australian National Review claiming that the court had shown vaccines to be dangerous. No it hasn’t because it is not a court under the common law as such. It is what we in Australia would call a tribunal of review – a bit like Victoria’s Civil and Administration Tribunal (VCAT) or the federal Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Not exactly, because unlike our Tribunals the Vaccine Court only requires 50.01 percent of proof of the claim for it to be accepted. That is rubbish. Paying out on probability instead of cast iron proven. It’s the core reason why I think the Vaccine Court should be shut down, along with the fact that it protects quacks who make errors in administering vaccines – the main cause of any issues that people THINK are all about the vaccine.

Then there are the parents who claim personal experience, especially the mothers who claim “mother’s instinct”. Sometimes these are spot on, but every time they are it has medical back up after the fact. I can talk about that, because my own mother suspected I was Autistic in 1967 – when I was 2 years old. But I wasn’t diagnosed until 1997. Why? Because the diagnostic criteria wasn’t there in 1967. But when that instinct has NO medical back up, then it’s not proven. It’s speculation. And when these mums are challenged on it, they get all upset over it thinking they know everything because it’s their kid. Emotionally understandable, but medically actually a THREAT to their child and they don’t even realise it. There’s a perfect example of this residing in the western Victorian town of Horsham. You don’t try to change the bad hand you are dealt in life looking for a good hand. You have to play that bad hand, and adjust to it.

All these morons anger me – especially the ones who claim vaccines cause Autism when it doesn’t. And when I’m angry I fight back against those who have provoked me. I keep my head doing it though, and I justify every bit of it. If that comes of as intimidating then fine. But I’m not intimidated myself. That’s for the precious little morons who can’t handle what’s put in front of them, and when that’s the truth – THEY have the problem. I will gleefully call out the lies and if you are named – too bad.

Disclaimer – I receive NO money for these comments from anyone, let alone the pharmaceutical companies. I live on the Australian Disability Support Pension. Saying otherwise is a lie and insinuates welfare fraud. Crossing that line IS defamation so be warned about that.

Side Note – Got a comment from an entry back at the start of April linking a junk blog entry trying to link SIDS to the increased vaccine schedule, using a linear progression analysis. In other words, a statistical comparison that is easy to get wrong without the full figures. When you don’t have the full figures, you can make stats prove anything you want them to. Ergo – the comment hit the rubbish bin.


4 thoughts on “I won’t be intimidated

  1. Shane Ohlsen

    Just what these poor excuses for parents deserve! Take their children off them and put them in jail for child endangerment! And if they don’t have children, put them in jail anyway for being accessories!


  2. Dan Buzzard

    Thank you for standing your ground against these cretins.

    The anti-vaccination movement is growing increasingly desperate. Threats, abuse and intimidation have always been a favorite tactic, however I have noticed they are getting worse as time goes on. So it’s become increasingly important for those of us who can stand against them to continue doing so.

    Keep up the good work.
    ~Dan Buzzard


  3. Twinkles

    Philip is a legend. These anti vaxxers deserve everything they get! I have two children and they are fully up to date with their immunisation schedules. No issues, as is the case with everyone else.




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