Rixta Francis – Cast Iron Idiot

There is NO WAY I’m ignoring this one!

Maitland’s own Rixta Francis has outdone herself with this one. She has sent a complaint to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) doing a reverse calling on them to investigate the genuine doctors and nurses who do the right thing! Get a load of this;

I read that you want information about doctors and nurses who go against available scientific evidence. I herewith want to file a complaint against each and every doctor and nurse who inject vaccines, starting with those who vaccinate children. I could try to make a list of thousands of names, but you have a much better registry of those.

That won’t work even if they took this seriously. You need names!

All these people tell parents (and adult patients) that vaccines are safe and effective.

As they should – because they are when used correctly.

1. There is not the tiniest bit of proof that vaccines are effective. The whole theory of efficacy is based in the development of antibodies, but it has been known for decades that antibodies do not equal immunity.

Good grief! There is PLENTY of proof that vaccines are effective! Big drops is prevalence directly related to vaccine introduction, just for starters! And the immune system is more than just antibodies for crying out loud!!

2. There is an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence that vaccines are ineffective in preventing any kind of illness.

An overwhelming amount of PSEUDO science you mean, and NONE of it is in any way accurate!

3. Safety studies for vaccines are absolutely minimal and studies for the polypharmacy routinely applied to children is not done at all. Therefore there is not the tiniest bit of proof that vaccines are safe.

That is a total lie! Without safety studies vaccines would never be approved for use by the Therapeutic Goods Aministration (TGA)!

4. There is an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence that vaccines are unsafe.

Total BS.

Therefore every doctor and nurse who says that vaccines are safe and effective goes directly against the established scientific evidence. And by your own words you intend to investigate these people.

Obviously I already proved this to be totally wrong.

On top of that none of these doctors or nurses ever get informed consent from the parents or adult patients. They get consent, but they do not properly inform people.

Yes they do. Francis wants lies told. That is not informed consent, never has been and never will be!

They do not hand out vaccine inserts, as provided by the manufacturers.

Of course not, because it’s a legal document and not a medical document. Nothing whatsoever to do with proper information.

Nor do they provide the people with proper scientific information.

Yes they do.

Informed consent is the basis of the medical system and it’s required by law. As none of these doctors and nurses obey the law and the basic rules of your own profession. I want them all investigated and punished.

They do obey the law and the rules of the APHRA. Francis is the one who wants them to break the law and the rules.

I don’t live in a fantasy world and I know you won’t do any of this. But you can’t have your cake and eat it. You cannot protect all those who ignore the law and your own rules and at the same time persecute those few who do stick to both the law and medical rules.

YOU are the one who wants the law ignored, Francis!

If you want to believe vaccines are safe and effective, then that’s your right. But you do not have any right whatsoever to persecute and harass those nurse who do not share your beliefs and who rather stick with available scientific evidence.

They don’t do that and that is why they are going to be punished. And rightly so!

Inciting hate and harassment for religious reasons is a crime in most Australian states.

*ROTFLMAO* Is this serious? Religious reasons? That doesn’t even apply for goodness sake! There is no hate being incited here at all! NONE!

If you don’t want to lower yourself to the level of criminal you better immediately withdraw your public invitation for the harassment of good nurses.

You, Rizta Francis, have lowered yourself to criminal level by calling on a regulatory authority to break the law. You, Rixta Francis, are lying about vaccines and science and you want children to fall ill. In my opinion, that makes you an inciter fo a crime and you should be arrested for it. This is absolutely crazy and I for one won’t tolerate it. That is why I have written this article – to put you in your place where you deserve to be as this picture shows (public domain image used for review and criticism).




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