Calling out Mace’s Mom

There are some total crazies amongst the anti vaxxers, but I didn’t think there was one as nuts as Angela Offer. I was wrong.

Kerra Lindsey is the real name of Kerra Icansketchu, the owner of a crank website called Real Organic Truth as well as Facts on Vax. She has no qualifications in medicine or science, attending Columbus State University studying accounting and business management. ROT (great acronym!) is based in Brownville, New York, but for some reason a search has Lindsey in Carthage, North Carolina. That needs to be sorted out.

She was present at the CDC protest in Atlanta back in October and abused a number of employees as they arrived. This was covered by Orac on his Respectful Insolence blog quite well. In amongst that coverage was a bogus claim that Lindsey worked with a researcher at Massacussetts Institute of Technology (Orac speculated the only anti vaxxer on campus – Stephanie Seneff) when I doubt she’s been anywhere near MIT!

Under her page on Facebook “Mace’s Mom” she came to my attention initially when Melanie Jewell shared a disgraceful post calling all vaccines filthy, toxic, lied about, failing, contaminated, man made, disgusting, destroyers of the honesty and humanity of medicine, immunosuppressive, administered by a bunch of uneducated delusional trained doctors, allowed to be administered without any liability or accountability, administered without “informed consent”, caused Ischemia, caused more harm than good, caused inflammation, enter your body unphysiologically when injected, violate all laws of the natural immune defenses, harmed someone somewhere, having side effects worse than the disease you are trying to prevent, proven that no batch can be safe unless you include death, life long dysfunctions, disabilities and diseases in the definition of safe and have in them one or more neurotoxin, immunotoxin, carcinogen, excitotoxin, nephrotoxin, or systemic toxin. She also quoted “Truth Train” referencing disgraced Jack Kevorkian as having consent even though he did wrong as though that had any relevance, and the late stupid Andrew Moulden over his claims.

My initial response to the share was “Oh what a lot of rot, Macesmom!!” (not knowing at the time about the acronym!)

But in the last 48 hours Lindsey found the share and decided to go off both on Melanie and on me with the following rubbish;


She also added this stupid comment (which she later deleted);


I responded to all of them appropriately, calling her injection comment wrong; holding out from really going off at her neuro problem crack and simply pointing out that I have Autism, I am different and I have no problems with myself; hash tagging vaccineswork adding that it was all she needed to know; and pointing out at scurvy is not 100 percent cured or prevented by Vitamin C. There are other factors as well. As far as the last crack goes I called her out as wanting children to be sick.

I also pointed out the faults in her list that Melanie initially shared, and I also demanded her real name. So did Melanie threatening her with the banhammer if she didn’t comply. I later added after finding her fake name on the Macesmom website that she was not to answer that way as I knew it was a fake name. Melanie told me that Lindsey added a couple of fake names but deleted them. She knew she posted them because she got emails alerting her. After finally stating “I made the list” she blocked me on that account. Lindsey reacted to Melanie’s threat with this (causing me to rejoin “Banned in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1”);


Melanie is more than qualified! Lindsey also responded to my faults correction with this rubbish;


My response to that was that she failed high school science. I’ll add to that here by pointing out that she used the classic conspiracy BS such as the Simpsonwood meeting, SV40 and the usual vaccine contents nonsense that does not hold up in science.

Melanie was true to her word today. She banned Macesmom from her page.

Needless to say, when I update the AV Name Check this witch will be included. And it appears that she wouldn’t have minded, except that (unless she sees this entry first) she’ll see that it’s her real name that will be on the list and not her fake one.



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