Mace’s Dad is just as nuts

I had to hold this until after I’d completed my latest football project research block. This comes in stages and I apologise in advance for this being such a long post, and it should be read in full before any reaction as matters did change as the past week went on.

December 12
It started on Monday morning when I checked my email and got a fistful of notifications from Twitter on my personal account of tweet responses from “Jack Ontario”. I had a look and it quickly became obvious that this was Kerra Lindsey’s husband, Rudolph/Rudy. And like all marriages when the couples become so much like each other – this is no exception.

Through the Twitter tweets I saw that he was also on Facebook under the same fake name, so I checked that out as well collecting a screenshot of the comment he made there that he linked on Twitter. Here it is.


1. I’m not that hard to find if you know where to look. A web search will do wonders for this. What a lazy twerp.
2. You are NOT the parents of a vaccine injured child. You are the parents of an Autistic child. That is the fact here, and because Kerra is NOT a professional neither she nor you can say otherwise with any authority.
3. Heavy metal poisoning can come from anywhere, and one place that it can NOT come from is vaccines.
4. What you saw means nothing without proven verification, which you do not have in spite of the money you spent – what a waste that was! A simple test of the gut would have confirmed the metal poisoning and even the metal that did it, you great goof!
5. Yes your son WAS born that way, like it or not. It is invisible until behaviours can be properly determined. There was a regression if your son’s functioning levels went down, but he had to be on the Spectrum to begin with otherwise that would never have happened.
6. How did he become Autistic? Through either you or your wife – or both of you combined. There will be Autistic behaviour in your family. Guaranteed.
7. You are struggling because you refuse to accept the truth. That leads to errors in looking after your son, and for a child on the Autistic spectrum that is a massive mistake. You are hurting your son, not helping him. And you don’t have the guts or the intelligence to admit it. Other families who are making the same complaints are just as bad.
8. Yes you are going on the list on the next update, and it’s not a persecution list. It’s a warning list.
9. The fact that you don’t care if vaccines help or not says plenty about your care level across the board – and that also reflects on your ability to understand what needs to be fully understood; Autism.
10. If you are so certain that I’ve done a massive injustice – sue me. Go on, I dare you. I’ll wreck you in a court of law with the real truth.
11. What will happen when things come full circle is that you will be forced to admit that you’ve got everything wrong, and you might lose access to your son in the process (your wife might as well) for neglect. Autism requires understanding and acceptance. You aren’t doing either.

I also took the screenshots from Twitter from my notifications page, and then I blocked him there on all five of my accounts. Here they are.


a. I am Autistic and I have two court decisions in my favour confirming it as well. I already indicated why you are struggling.
b. I’m not lying. You are because you have no idea what you are really dealing with, and you don’t care as you indicated.
c. You ARE angry, otherwise you wouldn’t have reacted the way that you did. Pandora’s Box isn’t open at all. You think it’s open but you are so delusional you can’t tell.
d. That’s right, run to the Vaxxed crew where you know you’ll be heard by dangerous liars who want to undermine Autism integrity as well as vaccine integrity.
e. What linkage? There isn’t any. 120 reports prove this to be true – no link between vaccines and Autism.
f. I am shutting you and the others down eventually, with the real truth. Just you wait, Mr Lindsey, just you wait (TY My Fair Lady!)
g. The truth is already known – and yet you choose to ignore it thinking with your heart and gut instead of your head.
h. Bots and trolls are not the same thing, dummy!
i. You don’t want to be helped and that’s actually part of the problem. The key to getting help is firstly to understand what you are dealing with. And you don’t. Those that do get the help, but there isn’t enough of it because of idiots like you.
j. And you are the one suffering from cognitive dissonance – AKA the river in Egypt!
k. If you mean the anti vaxxers they will be cut off because they are lying as much as you are, and threatening the lives of children in the process.
l. Well? What are you waiting for as I said in comment 10 above!
m. And look at you hiding behind a fake name. Hypocrite much?
n. You will be added.
o. Families that lie about vaccines and Autism are not innocent. They are guilty of human rights abuses, both those on the Autistic spectrum and the children who can’t be vaccinated for proven medical reasons who need all the other kids immunised through vaccination as that is their only protection from preventable disease that can kill and has.
p. You are the one who chose poorly – extremely poorly.

While I was on his Facebook timeline I also took some other screenshots, and here they are.


Again, where are the proven injuries caused wholly and solely by the vaccine? Nowhere. There are examples of system error, and that’s not the fault of the vaccine. You stand up for a lie and you haven’t got the courage to admit it. The simple questions have answers, but you won’t listen to the truth. If times are changing, it has to include understanding of Autism. If it doesn’t include that then the change needs to be resisted for the sake of everyone on the Spectrum and their families.


You are bullying everyone including your own son because you refuse to accept that he is Autistic with needs – instead insisting that he is vaccine damaged. That can not be considered acceptable.


I already addressed the OP (I guess he has his Twitter account linked to Facebook) but this is about the comments.

1a. If I’m a coward what does that make you for not putting your real name out there, Rudolph? My real name is there.
1b. No one will answer your questions, because they are based in a fallacy. Accept that Autism is genetic, and then you just might get the answers you’re after.
1c. What your wife is doing is what’s disgusting – placing children under threat from preventable disease. That can NOT go unchallenged, and likewise the misrepresentations about the origins of Autism. The condition existed before the first vaccine (smallpox) in 1797. Explain that!
1d. Wow – he’s dumping his website to concentrate on me. Should I be flattered or insulted? Hmmm….
2. Vague answers to at best vague questions, so who’s fault is that? Yours.
3. Funny that he couldn’t find me on Facebook – I have four accounts and he couldn’t find even one? Three as Phil and one as Philip.
4. I hope he isn’t suggesting I’m Reasonable Hank. That would be hilarious if so!
5. Special Ops? They have a rep for intolerance so no wonder it’s tough! No excuse. You are not mentally strong when you are not playing with a full deck as you so obviously aren’t.
6a. The dietary change says a lot about the real cause of the heavy metal poisoning. What was the diet before that? Any fish amongst it? That’s where the poisoning likely came from – the previous diet. The same lazy research as indicated as the research over locating me.
6b. Strong outbursts come from sensory overloads from other sources. You’d better find those as well or you’ll end up bailing out the proverbial sinking boat with a sieve.

That was what I collected on Monday morning. I reported the Facebook comments with my name on them for harassment.

December 13 Part 1
Two of the comments I reported to Facebook were deleted. The first was the one where he called me a “piece of shit” and the second was the comment which I answered with comments 1a to 1d above. He also had a whine about it and that was also reported on Monday night. Tuesday morning – nope, not deleted. Typically inconsistent, Facebook!


I have already addressed the struggling. You are not a real man. A real man would admit to his mistake that I have already proven, but of course he won’t do that. You ride – you get blocked as you already have on Twitter, and then hopefully removed.

There have been other follow up comments as well.


Where are the threats? Nowhere, and I’m not hiding behind a fake name like you as I have already said! He asks for the hate to flow when he’s already displaying it like the trained bully he is!


This appears to be a confession that he has multiple accounts on Facebook, which would be okay (after all I have four as mentioned) except that he doesn’t use a real name certainly on this one! I welcome the blog because it will provide further proof that he is a nutcase like his wife. I’m sure Hank will as well. Between us alone we could tear him a new one easily enough. I will not sit by and allow ANYONE to bully their Autistic children with ignorance of the true nature of their condition – which is what they are doing by proxy calling it vaccine damage.


This isn’t about a personal belief. This is about scientific fact. The anti vax belief is what is shrouded in half-truths (at best!) and uncertainties! I’m guessing this idiot’s direct approach was to be a bully against the bullies – which I wouldn’t mind except that now he has the target wrong. For that reason he and his wife deserve to be slapped down for bullying. I’m pushing back against the both of you because you are completely out of line.


It IS about the vaccine debate! And you are on the wrong side, and that’s why your wife is struggling as I said! What’s deplorable is blaming vaccines for Autism because that is demonstrably WRONG! The intellect to have a discussion starts with the truth. One can’t discuss anything with a persistent liar. I am cruel – to people who undermine a child’s protection from disease, and who undermine the real understanding and acceptance of Autism – because they bloody well deserve it for such a blatant human rights abuse!


I’m standing up to your wife for her bullying. Talk to her about that. You’re a bully as well and you are protecting a bully. You lack the honour and integrity because you and your wife aren’t smart enough to realise your folly and you are too lazy to do the research. I don’t get paid to do this. I do it because it is a human rights issue as I mentioned. The hate for Autism has to stop, and calling it caused by vaccines just adds to that hate as it is WRONG!

On Twitter he lost no time seeing that Reasonable Hank had blocked him. However at this point no comment about me blocking him there, and I doubt he even knew at that stage as this demonstrates.


1. Oh dear, I’m an author now? He obviously hasn’t visited my website otherwise he would know that there is a lot more to me than just writing blogs! Abusing the English language? Hello, pot, meet kettle!
2. Ousted from my own country?? ROTFLMAO! Talk about desperate to get a direct response! See what I mean about not knowing I blocked him on Twitter? As stated I AM Autistic, and he is the one who intimidates people including his own son because he refuses to treat him as Autistic preferring vaccine damaged instead. Pathetic.

I should also note that while waiting to have time to upload this entry, Reasonable Hank wasn’t quiet. I won’t put up his tweets but he did note that this guy is another “not harmless nutter” like the other vile anti vaxxers.

And it was on this day that I noticed that he had sent a message request on Facebook (per the very first screenshot above with the first paragraph redacted) to the wrong account! I do my Autism activism on my personal account, and he messaged my wrestling account! Duly blocked without reply.

December 13 Part 2
During the day the other admins at AAAV on Facebook got involved with FT (I’m not giving out any names here) criticising Macesmom on her page for not protecting children. Needless to say, Lindsey charged in and posted the following notes on the AAAV page.


Nope. The biggest dictatorship in the world hasn’t been shut down for a long time. I’m talking about the self proclaimed leader of the free world – the USA. And yet sometimes as said in the linked entry on this blog (The Anti Vax Nation) it’s needed.


It intimidated Hempel right off Facebook, Lindsey! She ran for it when previously she thought she could fight me! Get the hint.


You already did. This entry proves it.


People who are nuts and dangerous deserve to be shut down or blocked. Edited? I for one wouldn’t do that, except to censor foul language or personal information like email addresses.


1. You are the one targeting children – trying to prevent the only method to protect them from preventable disease. It was pointed out to Reasonable Hank on his Twitter account that in order for you to serve as a Green Beret, you would have HAD to have been vaccinated! So you have no excuse! And yet you want to spread lies about vaccines and put children in danger.

2. This was bait, and I wasn’t falling for it. He wanted me to react sooner. It didn’t happen of course.

3. Again I’ve already addressed the struggling claim. You couldn’t converse rationally on your best day, and you do NOT want to be on the AV Name Check list (which is NOT a hit list either by the way – I already said it’s a warning list). Who has been vaccinated is EVERYONE’S business (I said that before on my November podcast) because of herd immunity. If a child isn’t vaccinated that’s a danger to a child who can’t be vaccinated for perfectly good reasons (ie undergoing treatment for paediatric cancer or otherwise immuno-compromised). I for one am on welfare because I’ve been bullied out of the work place thanks to the hate being spouted for Autism and the lack of support. I’m working on that, and idiots like this are holding it back! Hey what did I say about the reasons for struggling? Think about that!

DB took these screenshots and then deleted the comments and banned Lindsey from the page, protecting him from at least one more report to Facebook.

I was also sent two screenshots from Lindsey’s Ontario page.


I’m fat now? Oh dear someone needs glasses I think! Either that or it wasn’t me he’s talking about, but somehow I doubt it. And it was strange that he asks if I’m involved with this blog calling it “weak”. If it’s so weak how come you’re up in arms over it? Why not ignore it? I know why. Because you’re a bully and a liar as well. By the way – I’m not a wrestler. I have done other things within the structure including an on show authority role as well as referee, commentator and manager. That’s my involvement. And according yo my calculations, you are a fool.


More of the same rhetoric threatening all of the admins of the AAAV Facebook page. You care, because you want people to stop right alongside your wife as you think vaccines are dangerous. You calling yourself a man is an insult to true men. You are a coward and a bully – typical of the American military. You won’t post your real info, Lindsey! You are a scared little boy. Or you’re also crazy. One or the other. A real man you are not. No one will want to meet you for that reason.

December 14
It struck me that Lindsey might calm down with no reaction from me. Did he? Sort of – he decided to change tack.


1. Melanie indicated in reply on her page that she wasn’t interested because as far as she was concerned he had to admit that vaccines definitely don’t cause Autism first and Kerra had to as well. For myself, this goes to Lindsey’s lack of research. Everything he needs to know is on my website in the Autism section. Backing that up would be my Autism blog here on Word Press and once I’ve finished working on it the Autism Wikia.

2. As far as helping families with Autism goes, this again goes to what Melanie said about vaccines not being responsible. As well as what I’ve already said about the reason for the struggles.

3. No live platform public discussion because that would attract the hardcore nutcases. This is the problem with anti vaxxers. They don’t want a rational discussion – they want instant answers to something that scares them, and therein lies the core problem. They believe the BS about Autism being all world bad and want nothing to do with it. Adjustment – which is the real solution – is not even on their radar. The hardcore nutcases would ensure that stays that way for their own petty and attention seeking interests designed to undermine the system in an anarchy creating manner.

A known enemy barged in demonstrating the very attitude I’m talking about, and Lindsey responded thus;


The hardcore nutcases won’t listen, so what’s the point as I said?

But then he contradicted his intentions with the most blatant case of ignorance so far.


I got an email notification to that effect and I wasted no time blocking him. And he followed up that action thus;


All I’ll say here are two things. First, he saw (as indicated earlier) that this response would be held for the weekend. And yet he is not taking that for an answer. This shows contempt for the fact that I am Autistic (he questioned the DX remember) and as a consequence no respect for my base routine. As I said at the start of this entry I was completing a project research block, and no one interrupts that. It also reflects on how much he really knows about Autism. Second, the negative comments are here for everyone to see and he never deleted the Twitter comments of the same ilk so I call that an empty gesture. Indeed, as indicated next, his links to the negative comments he deleted from Facebook were not taken down.


That’s what attracted the comment Melanie made that I referred to earlier. I see no need to repeat what she said about his accusation because that’s for her to deal with. As far as me helping is concerned, I do as I have indicated. Helping Autistics includes shutting down the anti vaxxers and this vaccines cause Autism BS. That is partly what the AV Name Check is all about as well as the main blog. Who not to listen to and why. The rest of the education is elsewhere as I have mentioned before. This entry carries quite a bit of info as well specifically for Lindsey.

December 15
What happened next? Unless he suddenly developed patience that he had demonstrated none of so far – I predicted that he may well go off again. Well just for once I was wrong. He gave up instead!!


HA! He wrote “Paul” instead of Phil!! As far as he’s concerned, no instant reaction means we’re not interested. The person who isn’t interested is Lindsey. Our experience is all over the internet – mine is on my website. But he’s too lazy to do the research as I have already said and find it and look for himself. It says a lot about HIS commitment. My fellow admins at AAAV know this as well.


You’re not helping as I have already said. You’re a hindrance because you believe vaccines cause Autism. That is proven to be impossible.


I was into my account the instant I saw this. What I said before about the offer also still stands, and I believe the phone number I have for him to be wrong because a reverse look up shows Carthage, North Carolina and not Brownville, New York.


This wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, although I somehow doubt he listened to the podcast or he would have heard my crack at Peter Little, the update on the AV Name Check and the attack on Vaxxed! Not to mention the clear variety of content including the football AND the Trump rant! Naturally I blotted out his email address from the screenshot, but it’s like I said earlier – all he needs to do is look at my website, my Autism Word Press blog and the Autism Wikia.

But of interest – no reaction to Melanie’s rejection of his offer. Unless he included her in the AAAV crew (when she is NOT an admin there) in which case he never went looking for it on her page.

Now all this got me thinking, and I suspect I may have worked him out. HE is the genetic connection. This perserverance is very much an Autistic trait, and he also has the Autistic special interest – fishing. Now working in the military is a cross against him being Autistic, unless he started in the forces as an officer (which is possible depending on the training). He wouldn’t have coped as an NCO. That’s not much I know, but if I’m right – that’s the genetic connection. I’m pretty sure my late father was my connection, and coincidence of the coincidences my father fished as well! Not to the extent Lindsey does I admit because it was more about the solitude of fishing than the sport – although I wonder if Lindsey has ever landed a barracuda? My father did off Merimbula wharf in 1977. I’ll never forget that!

Perserverance confirmed – one more message this morning on Twitter.


Nothing to say otherwise here except to note that I think he still hasn’t realised that I’ve blocked him on Twitter! I’m only seeing this because I’m looking not logged in.

But I did notice Melanie have a crack at Kerra by pulling a stunt she learned from me – altering an anti vax meme! I won’t reproduce it here – I’ll add it to the memes page here at some later point in time – but the original meme undermined the threat the measles poses showing off that not only will you never get it again (true) but it also prevents cancer!! OI!! I’m the living f’ing proof of THAT lie! I got the measles when I was a kid, and guess what? I’m also a cancer survivor! 2001 – I had a growth removed from the private parts area and it was tested and found to be malignant! So much for that claim!! I had three weeks of radiotherapy and no further problems because I caught it nice and early.

Melanie’s amendment involved telling the world that the cartoon cat in the meme died from encephalitis soon after the picture was taken, and being vaccinated would have prevented this. I will add that Kerra has obviously never heard of Olivia Dahl – Roald Dahl’s daughter – who died the same way. And there have been others as well and those numbers are increasing! I wonder if either of them care about that? Obviously not, as the Macesmom page featured a note that there were 12 reported cases of the measles in Orange county, and yet there were 1.2 million Autistics in the USA alone. And she wants Autism labelled an epidemic! It’s not a disease, you idiot! By that analogy, the USA should be worried about the 5.2 million indigenous Americans living on tribal lands alone! Is that an epidemic as well? Of course it isn’t! This is why I am angry at people like this – WE ARE NOT DISEASED!!! That’s another reason why this sort of behaviour isn’t helping.

And just to drive home the point – 1.2 million Autistics is 0.37 percent of the total population. Guess what? In 1916 there were about 380,000 Autistics. How do I know that? Because Autism has ALWAYS BEEN THERE! It was simply seen as something else, whether it was eccentric (for the high functioning) or mad (for the low functioning). I applied the same calculation to the total population at the time.

All Lindsey did in the last 24 hours was retweet yesterday’s offering and I think he intends to continue to do that until he gets sick of it if I didn’t react. So that’s where that stands right now.

In case it has been forgotten, I’ll repeat it again – no live platform public discussion because that would attract the hardcore nutcases. If Lindsey wants to reply here that’s fine, but I won’t tolerate any pressing towards vaccines causing Autism. They don’t, they never have and they never will and there are over 100 studies to prove it. And he needs to visit my website, my Autism Word Press blog and the Autism Wikia first and in the case of my website focus on the articles section and not the enemies section. They are found on a web search for my name.

One more thing – he claims that I’m not easy to find. Here’s another point of hypocrisy – hiding his contact details in a minefield of diversions! I mentioned Carthage, North Carolina earlier and on the entry about Kerra; add Dexter, New York to that list as well as Whispering Pines, North Carolina – and all the SAME STREET AND NUMBER!! The address doesn’t even exist in Dexter according to Google Maps! What a coward! But guess what? I am getting there, and when I cut through that smokescreen someone is in for a very rude shock! You’re not helping as I have said, Lindsey – you’re a hindrance! And as you have refused to admit that vaccines definitely don’t cause Autism, I leave this entry with the following.



2 thoughts on “Mace’s Dad is just as nuts

  1. Mattfitz123 (@Mattfitz1231)

    Hi, I like your work, keep it up! I have a couple of names for you..Tony Taylor from Torquay,Devon and Charisse Burchett ,Berkshire,England. Now Tony Taylor is in the news for promoting and selling MMS solutions, he even get a mention here…

    Charisse is on twitter advocating MMS and claims Autism is a curable disease, I found her the same name..Charisse Burchett on Newbury school’s website.

    I hope this is of interest to you.



    1. TLPG Post author

      Appreciate the help, Matt, but you didn’t look – Burchett is already on the list including her actual home town in Berkshire. As far as Taylor goes I need evidence of him being specifically anti vaccine. Just peddling that MMS bull isn’t proof of that.




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