Once and for all – Prove it!

I have had this.

With my increasing efforts on Twitter to support California’s SB18 laws – the same old chestnut showed up again. Thousands have been injured (this includes claims to seizures) or died as a direct result of vaccines, they say.


That will be my response on social media from now on, and I’ll be linking this blog entry as well. This way, people will see what I have to say about this in full and not in 140 character limited snippets on Twitter, or a TL;DR comment on Facebook.

Mother’s instinct is NOT proof, and neither is the father’s for the record. It is heresay and/or supposition. It requires proven back up, which can only come from a medical practitioner. This back up requires full disclosure to the doctor of all medical records without exception. That way all angles can be looked at and investigated in order to explain the incident complained of. Very simple to follow and the results add to the knowledge base of human beings.

But these so called caring parents won’t do this? Why? Do they really believe they know better than experienced medical people? What are the qualifications of these parents? Google University? Sorry – not acceptable. As the old saying goes, nothing is inexplicable only unexplained. But when you have emotional parents wanting simple answers, the brain stops working and the heart and the gut start doing jobs they weren’t designed to do! So it has to go to a neutral party who is not emotionally invested. Now I have been told recently that at least a dozen parents have been given this opportunity – free of charge – to get this done. Not one of them have taken it up. That is disgusting and frankly in my opinion that places the children of these parents in danger. What if there’s a condition involved that everyone has missed? There are too many “what if’s” to sweep this under the carpet. Yes, that includes “what if this parent is actually right” because we won’t know if they are until it’s properly investigated.

It’s obvious that the parents don’t trust the system. They have lost faith in it, preferring those quacks who say the things they want to read or hear. Correct and accurate information is losing ground against the cow manure that is being spouted by the likes of Wakefield, Tenpenny, Humphries, Blaylock, Geier, Wilyman etc etc. And I haven’t even mentioned the natural medicine morons. They don’t want science to do it’s job. They want this mess they are creating so they can get their way. What do they want? It varies – apologies, compensation (where it’s not readily available), transparency, slowing down vaccination rates thinking that will solve the problem not realising that it creates others in the process, breaking up multi dose vaccines (like the MMR and the DTaP) for the same reasons, and creating other problems in the process as well.

Ultimately though, they want what we all want – children safe from harm. That’s one thing we all have in common. But we can’t go down the path of permanent cotton wool! There are more and more parents who want 100 percent safety or they won’t do it. That’s affected all aspects of life – keeping kids indoors more playing computer games because that’s seen as safer than being outside under threat of skin cancer, tetanus and so on. And we wonder why obesity rates in children are on the rise. Life is a risk for crying out loud! Comparatively speaking, vaccines are one of the safest things around! They aren’t 100 percent – nothing is – but that’s not because of the vaccine itself. By themselves – they pose no threat at all. Where the threat lies – as is the case with everything else – is how they are used. Used correctly they work, and this is statistically verifiable.

Human beings are also tough – or we are supposed to be. I’m not advocating the outright thuggery of gridiron or MMA (thank you, Meryl Streep!), but there are good strong thinking people’s games out there that children should be playing. Top of the tree in my view – and yes I am biased – is Australian football. It’s a thinking person’s game, certainly compared to the overly simplistic soccer or the other thug football code of rugby (thugby as I call it). And more and more it’s bringing the girls in as well which is fantastic. But overall any outdoor activity is needed for children. If they get hurt – and that can happen in any sport – it happens. Shit happens. It’s inevitable. That’s when you weigh up the pros and the cons and in the case of vaccines the cons are minuscule. The pros are massive.

So stop being stupid, anti vaxxers. You aren’t participating in the human race. You are holding it back. Instead of hiding behind your stories, bring them out in full for scrutiny by science. You have no excuse anymore. The CDC in the US asked for the full stories back in October. How many of you did that? None I’ll bet. That doesn’t make you a part of the solution – it makes you a part of the problem, and it makes you dangerous. A successful claim in the Vaccine Court in the US is not enough because it fails the true test of proof. That court pays out on probability only, and it’s a joke.

Vaccination is a part of childhood health. It’s needed. Do it. If you refuse for no good medically proven reason, you deserve to lose your child to government services as is on the way in California. Eventually, if you lot continue in this vein, the World Health Organisation may cross the international enough line and start pressing action as well. All this pushes mandatory vaccinations. Unless the anti vaxxers change their tune and do the right thing, that is not a question of if but a question of when. No one wants it really, not even me. But if it becomes a case of there is no choice – that’s on the head of the anti vaxxers.

So no more excuses. No more stories. Get out to the proper authorities and PROVE YOUR STORY TO BE TRUE!

Or SHUT THE [beep!] UP!


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