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After doing the last entry last night I opened up my email and there was more nonsense from others – including that witch Kerra Lindsey on another of her accounts that I lost no time blocking (I’d already blocked two others) where she claimed again that I was Melanie Jewell. She persists in proving that she isn’t interested in the truth with that deluded lie presenting nothing to prove it. She also claimed that when I stated that the AV Name Check was legal that I admitted to stalking women! That is bull. If what she said was true, the Name Check would NOT be legal! I am stalking no one – regardless of gender. The list is a warning list; FACT!

Travis Leiviska was also behaving like a fool, firstly responding to Burchett’s remark that I blocked her on Twitter while adding her to the Name Check;

* aww are we making Phil feel special again?

Why does that look like the remark of a school yard bully? Probably because it is and Travis needs to grow up. He also admitted in reply to Rusty Shackleford’s idiotic admission that he went to a chicken pox party as a child;

* I had M M AND R as a kid. And chicken pox. So deadly!

All four have killed in the past, idiot! You were lucky – just like I was in July 2014 with Swine Flu! Travis then tweeted the same thing twice – the first directly to me and the second in reply to Dana Elizabeth who mentioned Ginger Taylor’s list;

* I highly doubt he can read that much. Got a copy w/pictures?

I can read and comprehend as I said to Dana in reply to her link;

* I already know about that batch of rubbish studies from that dummy Ginger Taylor

Shackleford responded to Travis’ admission of having all the diseases thus;

* I’ve never had a vaccine – had CP and measles as a kid
* never sick, no autoimmune issues, no allergies.

Another lucky one, and then some! Probably benefited from herd immunity protection. But never sick? I call BS on that. That’s impossible unless you live on your own and have no contact with other people IRL.

After I gave my response to Dana, I noted more material starting with ETweetz claiming;

* Time to do study of health #unvax v #vaxxed w/ THIS

I responded to that;

* Why? Waste of time and money when the truth is already known. #vaccineswork

Meanwhile, Dana also came up with a bunch of memes that read;

* When you’re trying to explain the corrupt system to some people (with a person talking to a wall)
* We can poison you with vaccines but we can’t silence those who expose us
* When you’re conversing with a mental slave but don’t wanna be rude (with Eddie Murphy making a face)

And there was a clown face with nothing written, and I responded effectively to all four comments thus;

* Get back to me when you actually understand the issue

No one has proven the system itself is corrupt yet. There are pockets of issues, but that is not a system fault as such. The CDC could silence the liars, but they choose not to – which I’ve always said is a mistake, but that is turning as California is already acting on it’s own as is Australia and Victoria in particular. The mental slaves are the anti vaxxers; slaves to snake oil salesmen who tell them what they want to hear and not the truth.

I fully expected to get a mess more nonsense today, and in email it was from a fresh contributor called MommaBear. This was over several tweets in reply to my statement accusing another of wanting the right to make decisions that harm their children;

* vaccines are the ones that HARM! Get off your high horse and open up your mind a little bit. talk to the many parents of vaccine injured children who at one point thought like you did and blindly vaccinated their children! And now they’re ignored by you and the other crazy senators that think it’s their job to make decisions for the parents! you make this crap mandatory but when children get injured or die you turn the other way??

That sort of crack is the reason why I uploaded a previous entry on this blog. But this witch protected her tweets! That didn’t stop me though – my reply was;

* Your mind is closed.

And I linked the entry.

Dana Elizabeth was back links including a link to a site quoting Stephen Hawking. The site – Health Sciences Institute – looked suspicious and I did some probing and found that they are NOT a reliable source. Hawking is pretty good, so my guess is he has been misquoted or he has been quoted out of context. The site never gave a direct source for the comments, just the site they can be found on (The Guardian and MSN). This was on the back of a You Tube playlist with a whole bunch of vaccine conspiracy videos! I simply called her out on her sourcing thus;

* Get some better and more reliable sources please, and don’t misrepresent Dr Hawking like that!

At the same time I tagged Burchett, Kelly, Dorey and Collins with the immediate previous entry.

And nothing since! They’ve all run for it like the cowards they are. Well you can’t run from this, inciters of child neglect!



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