Chris Collins – Sick with a phobia

I am in no doubt about it now – there is a serious malady afflicting a lot of people in social media. I’m introducing a new word and I’m hoping it sticks.


A phobia (a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it) of vaccines or vaccination. And this applies not just to personal aversion – that is not wanting anything to do with it personally like getting the flu shot yourself – but a general aversion being pressed onto others to spread it. And unfortunately it is proving somewhat contagious!

This can’t be ignored any longer. No one wants to fight this malady. They let it overwhelm them. And this entry isn’t about Patient Zero. I don’t think there is a Patient Zero. But this idiot, Chris Collins, is definitely afflicted. He resides presently in Thailand but travels a lot presumably throughout South East Asia.

On Friday on Twitter on my political account I reflected the following;

* And no proof is provided by @CollChris – not just with this but no link to FDA’s claim that vaccines cause Autism. It DOESN’T! #vaccineswork

That was after I re-tweeted my own tweet from a week earlier, calling on him to prove that the entire “bank” (for want of a better word) that the Vaccine Court relies on for payouts comes from a $2 tax on each vaccine. That was in reply to my remark that the Court of Federal Claims (same thing) pays out using money provided by the pharmaceutical companies – which is true and correct.

Collins decided to totally ignore it and state;

* Go fishing, Flip. If your #BigPharma handlers ask, we’ll say you’ve been around. We’ll vouch.

What a coward! Totally afraid of being proved wrong! And that wasn’t the only one!

* Ingested not same as injected, body can rid high % of toxins if inhaled drank ate. Stay clear of all mercury, Pacific tuna. NO #vaccineswork

There is nothing wrong with eating any fish! Tuna, salmon etc etc! And he has no idea that ingesting and injecting have the SAME result in the end when it comes to vitamins, minerals and other body benefits! And I noted as well that I wasn’t the only one he was fumbling for truth with!

* You misunderstand. Patient pays for the ‘service’ (the Vx) as well as the damage. #BigPharma has indemnity, can’t sue ’em for faulty product
* National Vaccine Injury Comp Program or VICP was started in 1986. Each paid-for Vx has surcharge (.75c) funding it. #BigPharma doesn’t lose.

These were both in reply to Heidi Wilson, who incorrectly stated that there was no Vaccine Court (I corrected her on Twitter about that) but otherwise told him rightly that the number of people being harmed by not being vaccinated was “huge”. Note also that he changed the tax from $2 to 75 cents, which means that he lied about the tax even existing I reckon!

Then there was this fabrication;

* Then talk to me.. I read reports. You said profit’s not a motive. #BigPharma makes $1b per vax added to child sched. 271 new Vx are in devel

They make NOTHING on vaccines. All pharmaceutical profits come from other products like pills. The numbers he is quoting there is revenue from the government subsidies being put in the make vaccines affordable. It proves he DOESN’T read reports – at best he skims them or doesn’t understand what he is reading. That was in reply to Nicole telling him she wasn’t debating him anymore and IDed him as an anti vaxxer with autistic kids. I don’t know if he has kids on the Spectrum or not.

Now next down we have a tweet that shows he has no idea how money matters even work in government!

* ACA is a tax. Supreme Court was right. The objective there was wealth transfer – they take ours.

The ACA is the Affordable Care Act, which if it worked the same way as Medicare in Australia, is NOT applied to products! It’s levied through the IRS! Hence the ID of “tax” even though I don’t agree. And the low amount would explain why it never worked, and we can blame the Republicans for that. I don’t know where the Supreme Court came into it, but the pharmaceutical companies made NOTHING from Obamacara AKA the ACA. NOT ONE JOT!!

Now get a load of this drivel!

* Sad sickening post. Vaccine Injury Court proves Vx harm. #BigPharma gets legal cover while sidelining family victims. NO #vaccineswork #SB18

It proves no such thing! The Vaccine Court has a low threshold on proof, a threshold that would never EVER stand up in a proper court of law! The legal cover is not absolute and vaccines DO work! That was in reply to Kevin Pho calling on money to be spent on Autism support and not conspiracy theories. Absolutely right!

That’s enough to prove that this guy is totally irrationally terrified of vaccines and tries to lie about them whichever way he can. I’d feel sorry for him, except that his rhetoric is a direct threat to children in his family, and an indirect threat to children in his community – especially in a tropical partially impoverished country like Thailand.

I have tweeted him linking this entry. If you have anything to say, Collins, say it here. If you just tweet more BS you’ll prove me right.


6 thoughts on “Chris Collins – Sick with a phobia

  1. Jelena Evans

    Thank you, this blog is entertaining indeed. I cant help but wonder though whether you are being just a fool or paid to do this. It is hard to believe someone with clear consciousness could post this garbage without any other intent than truth. I’m pretty sure this comment will go into nowhere but will post this nevertheless. Juse several studies that show that vaccines are “unavoidable unsafe” and link vaccines to neurological damage and autism-like symptoms. And before you argue that autism is not the same as autism symptoms, you should remember that autism IS in fact being diagnosed on the basis of symptoms alone.

    Now go back to your blog and call us all fools! 🙂


    1. TLPG Post author

      You are the fool. I removed the links because you obviously can’t comprehend what you are reading and linking. Vaccines are NOT unavoidably unsafe. That is a flagrant lie. And Autism is NOT neurological damage!! It is human difference that is genetic in origin. That is the truth and nothing you say can change that. You are a threat to children’s lives with your rhetoric and obviously you don’t care. You have proven nothing. No one can, because no one has the guts to do the right thing and accept the actual correct answers.

      And you just made the list! The AV Name Check List (on the next update).


    2. Abbey

      Jelena you are a stupid bitch! Autism like symptoms are not a demo of neuro damage to expand on what TLPG said! You don’t have clear consciousness so don’t try and claim you have because you are a liar!


  2. Missy Dawn

    Hello douche! Guess what? You’re on my list. Number one on the douche canoe list!
    This blog is so stupid and you are SO not intimidating at all. In fact, you’ll probably keel over from a heart condition soon enough from the looks of it. Your extremist take on an issue that is and should always be about informed consent is probably caused by a vaccine injury you had. They are known to do that, you know. I’m totally going to screen shot this comment and put it all over the antivax FB groups I belong to because you are pathetic and obviously psychotic.


    1. TLPG Post author

      Your lame attempt to intimidate me has failed, “douche”. You lot are so predictable, and I changed your name to match your email as that is more likely your real name. My heart is in excellent nick thank you, and informed consent concludes that you should vaccinate. I am not vaccine injured as there has been no such thing proven by the vaccine itself. System error has happened, which is not the same thing. Anti vaxxers are the psychos and it would appear that you are one of them.


    2. Abbey

      Hey psycho bitch! You’re the psycho, bitch! You’re the extremist, bitch! Informed consent says vaccines are OK, and you are injured in the head by something else – probably too much alcohol! Or you’re on ice!




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