The spread of No Pay causes meltdowns

When ALP leader Bill Shorten sent a letter to Australian Prime Minister asking for his support in a public education campaign, I was sceptical – and I posted on Bill’s Facebook page that I appreciated the effort, but it wasn’t going to work as the anti vaxxers were no longer listening.

In a surprising act of common sense – given his attitude towards other matters that I won’t detail on this blog – Malcolm Turnbull has now announced that he has written to the governments of South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory calling for them to join Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland in banning access to child care centres and pre schools for children who aren’t up to date with vaccines. No Jab No Play is well known in Victoria, and in fact I didn’t know until today that New South Wales and Queensland had similar laws. Making this restriction nationwide is a positive move.

Of course, anti vaxxers are melting down and I’m going to busy updating the AV Name Check again after finally getting around to updating it today – it hadn’t been touched since just before Christmas. There are a large number of idiots on the Fans of the AVsN Facebook page going off! Here are the worst of them;

* Politicians claim that there can be no vaccine industry corruption because vaccines reduce the profits of big Pharma by improving health. This argument has a flip side, presenting an incentive for big Pharma to make vaccines that either do not work or create as much or more Health problems as they solve.
* Psychopath much? I’m lost for words, how he openly discriminates and gets away with it amazes me. How do our unimmunised kids pose a risk to everyone if the rest are vaccinated? Is he not admitting that it’s bullshit ineffective?
* Mr Turnbull,I may agree with many policies but not this one . I had,measles,chicken pox,mumps when young all over and done with by 5 and never had a problem. My Daughter had MMR vaccine she is Aspergers due to the mercury in the vaccine or the mixture of the three.Parents should beable to choose.
* And who is going to financially support the families who will no longer be able to work in paid employment due to their children being excluded from care?
* Dictatorship [on two separate occasions]
* Becoming like Hitlers Germany, full dictatorship on its way to your Aussie homes very soon .
* The uptake of vaccines must’ve dropped that dramatically that our government has to coerce parents to use an “unavoidably unsafe” product – not for the Health & Wellbeing of the child but for profit for Big Pharma.
* Vaccinated kids can be carriers of diseases and a threat to non vacc kids.
* He is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. They control him. The more vaccinated people who have brain fog the more control they have. More disease more obedience
* Parents affected must challenge Turnbull’s ruling in the courts as a ‘class action’ ! How can a government take away a parent’s rights to care for their child as best they may, without interference from the government. Forced vaccinations? Forced sterilizations? Forced….god knows what. Gas chambers??
* The longer you keep them out of the system the better they will be

Two other rubbish claims permeated the whole thread. One – how can an unvaccinated child affect vaccinated children? Herd immunity is compromised, that’s how!! Two – the claim that Lucy Turnbull owns shares in Glaxo Smith Kline creating a conflict of interest. I go back to what I said at the beginning – this was caused by the ALP letter! Nothing to do with any pecuniary interests, which don’t exist anyway!!

Reality check; All the above comments are BS. Total BS. You lot are in the wrong and you are paying the price for it. If you want access to these places, vaccinate your kids! It doesn’t cost anything! And no anti vax parent can possibly be qualified to educate their own children – because teaching conspiracy BS will have them on the outer of society in nothing flat. I’ve said it before over and over again;

Vaccines are safe when used correctly. Vaccines are not unavoidably unsafe. Vaccines do not cause Autism. There are no proven vaccine injured children.

Now shut up all of you and do your community duty and vaccinate! Or it’s going to get worse and it’s no one’s fault but your own for being the child neglectors you are!

Edit (April 9 & 10) – Red Pill’s posts have been deleted. The states are applying the No Jab No Play laws, not Canberra. So Section 51 of the Constitution doesn’t apply, and neither does Section 109 as Canberra does not have a specific No Jab No Play law in it’s books so there is no inconsistency. No Jab No Pay is a separate law and works in concert. Remember that no lawyer was prepared to assist the AVsN in taking the latter to the High Court because they knew there was no chance of it getting accepted. Lucy Turnbull’s activities are irrelevant.



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