Lie Warriors out of control

If there was any doubt about it, despite her partial back down Pauline Hanson has done damage. She gave the self proclaimed “Truth Warriors” dutch courage, and when (in a rare act of common sense) Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called on the rest of the Australian states and territories to follow the lead of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland on the No Play component of the No Jab penalty scheme, they went off on social media. Reasonable Hank has an entry all about that here;

But that’s not what this entry is about at the core. It’s about the reaction to a share I did on the AAAV Facebook page, linking to a garbage article from the AVsN’s alternate page No Compulsory Vaccinations where the claim was made that doctors who were seen as bullies trying to force vaccines on people not willing to follow correct procedure signing Statutory Declarations to this effect. No doctor would do that (sign such a stat dec I mean) and I made the point that coercion is perfectly fine in certain circumstances – and I used the analogy of stopping a person from wanting to steal as an example, and added that as far as I was concerned those who refused to vaccinate their kids were criminals. And they are. I stand by that and the fact that they should be prosecuted. Doctors know that vaccines are safe when used correctly and are not obeying the Hippocratic Oath if they refuse to vaccinate anyone when warranted. NOT vaccinating when it’s needed and possible is doing harm, contrary to these idiots who truly believe the opposite is true – and won’t prove it with anything substantive (I refer readers back to a previous entry about proving their claims for the full details of that).

The share came from Keith Kelley, who will be added to the AV Name Check on the next update. He commented and was duly banned from the page by my fellow admin JD. She was online when Shawn Dhu – who is already on the AV Name Check – commented and burned it instantly. Next instant she gets a notification that the link was shared, and Dhu said “Calling all truth warriors” – causing JD to add a comment to the original entry that any warrior comments would be burned on sight. That – with the exception of one person – worked as 99 percent of the comments appeared on Dhu’s share instead and amazingly JD and later LB and FT were able to comment on the share under the AAAV page name. I was later able to comment myself although I had to use my political account as the share didn’t show on my personal account as I have Dhu blocked there (as a reminder I have four FB accounts all in my name and two of them administer AAAV alongside three co-admins). Here’s how the whole thing went as of uploading this blog entry;

FT has seen Vaxxed. I haven’t, and I wouldn’t want to judging by this reliable review;

Dhu at best has been conned into thinking it’s true. That says plenty about him. Wakefield, Hooker and Tommey are all guilty of con-artistry. As far as Kelley’s comment goes – it was directed at FT but I’ll answer it anyway – they are putting it over as true. It doesn’t mean that it is true! Con artistry like I said! Who gains the most? Those three get attention, much of it negative so it’s not a gain actually (unless you believe in the fallacy that any publicity is good publicity). Who loses the most? Children who are affected by disease, and children and adults who are Autistic – including me – the latter because it undermines the real identity of Autism and lies about it’s origins. There are NO reliable court cases on the subject – the Vaccine Court doesn’t count because of it’s poor evidence threshold. The Germ Theory of disease has NEVER been disproven. The fear mongerers are the anti vaxxers who don’t understand and don’t want to understand.

First off, the medical fraudsters are these idiots. Aside from that, I’ll obviously concentrate on the material after FT’s last comment, firstly by again speaking for him and saying to Luke Bennett that those figures show just how dangerous not vaccinating is! It is NOT the vaccine causing it! I’m willing to bet there will be a drop in 2016 due to No Jab No Pay. Notice that the highest numbers coincide with the AVsN’s height of publicity from 2009 to 2012. The cases in the vaccinated population are caused by the lack of herd immunity so there is no reason to hide it and it hasn’t been. The focus is on the unvaccinated because they are the danger. You, Bennett, fail at real research because you don’t understand the subject matter like all anti vaxxers.

Shaun McDonald’s contempt for disease is the catch cry of an uncaring monster. I had the measles as well when I was a kid, and it stunk! I wouldn’t want any child to go through that and yet you do! It’s not a guarantee of death, but you are more likely to die from measles, mumps or chicken pox than you are from a vaccine! WAY more likely! As for Lyn Fattorini, it has been known for the tetanus vaccine to fail and it does require boosters as well. But it’s more likely that the child you mentioned was protected at least partly from the worst of tetanus by the vaccine for it – much like the flu vaccine can work despite it mutating. (Note that the above screenshot is in fact several combined including a time jump)

Can’t add to this obviously, except to specify that Seneff is a computer expert.

Bennett already provided this graph above and it’s already been addressed. I fail to see how Evie Sunday could possibly call LB’s comment making no sense! It made perfect sense! What – didn’t you want to think about it all, Sunday? Does the truth really scare you that much? (There’s another time jump here)

Trevor Robert is another one that has been fooled by the con artists now believing that everything that has been said in the past about vaccines is false. It’s not. You and Dhu need to go back to it because right now you are threatening children’s lives and that is not BS. It is demonstrable fact and real world fact to boot. You two live in a fake world full of paranoid lies and as FT rightly said it will come crashing down – certainly if I have anything to do with it! I don’t think it will come out of nowhere necessarily, and I wouldn’t mind knowing what FT meant by that. Oh, and I never went to Uni and even if I did for the regular four years after getting an HSC (which I didn’t get either for the record) I would have been out at the end of 1986! You do the maths!

FT was right. The TGA have done the tests and I am indeed working to have them released publicly. I hope to have news on that in fact by the end of this month. Once they are out Trevor Robert will have to eat his words. FT was also right about these idiots being paid – Joseph Mercola heads up the money pit of Big Alterna. There is no vaccine damage (again – see my Prove it entry) and the flu vaccine in particular works! I know! I’ve had it the last two years and I will continue to get it! Jackie Cole then confessed to being a doctor but a check on her timeline shows that she isn’t a doctor of medicine! She’s at best a dermatologist!! (Another time jump in this one)

As you can see here, Dhu didn’t want the truth on his timeline anymore. Spelman, we have shown the science and you lot have rejected it and presented pseudo science. That is just the way it is. There is no slander when I call you an inciter of child neglect, and no slander in whatever anyone else calls you. Krystal had liked the AAAV page and FT informed me that he booted her. As for Coulthard (who like Dhu is already on the AV Name Check) the hostility from me lies in the fact that you lot are lying about the origins of Autism. I take that very personally as I have said numerous times before. This is also about children’s rights, in particular the right to live free of preventable disease. You are denying them that right, and if you persist you deserve to have your rights removed in the most basic way – a jail term for child neglect/abuse.

I did ask for screenshots to be supplied but in fact I was able to collect them myself through my football account (had I used the political account the full names of JD, LB and FT would have shown up, and I am not going to allow them to be subjected to the level of harassment that innocent Peter Tiernan copped and they agree). I will close with this.

Debbie Hibbert, Lyn Fattorini, Luke Bennett, Shaun McDonald, Christina Natasia, Evie Sunday, Jackie Cole, Keith Spelman and Krystal Castle – guess what?


Two more comments to reference that appeared overnight;

No one on the right side of the fence is taking any bribes, and if anyone blackmailed me they’d be getting the cops on their doorstep! No matter what the reason! I am yet to see any proof that the Prime Minister owns any shares, and Lucy has no such restrictions. Prove that she’s in it for the reasons you claim! You don’t have a vaccine injured child. Oh you say you do? Prove it! And we all have brains. You aren’t using them. I am and so are those who support vaccines because unlike you we listen to those who actually understand them!

If anyone is putting children’s lives at risk it’s you lot – and you don’t care. That’s the very epitome of a threat to the community and that is therefore a matter of PUBLIC interest! That’s the core reason for the AV Name Check; Public Interest! And you deserve to lose your rights – that is the rights that you lose when you are thrown into a jail cell for child abuse/neglect! Or inciting it as I already said.

Kay Christiansen will also be added to the list on the next update.


No one is an appropriate specialist?? Excuse me?? You bet they exist! What do you think the qualifications are for those who create vaccines? They are specialists! Vaccine safety is already as high as it can be, and any claims to the contrary is a threat to said safety! Nothing is happening in Virginia this week – that ended in January, dummy! You are the one who looks like a clown, because the research HAS been done! You just don’t want to believe it! You won’t be laughing when the worst case scenario hits – mandatory vaccinations! THAT is what you are going to cause if you don’t stop with these lies! It will actually be better if you and your ilk are thrown in jail for child neglect/abuse or inciting same. Vaccines are 100 percent safe when used correctly, and SIDS has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Rates are already dropping and yet the number of vaccines is UP over the same period!

I can say this here – Evie Sunday, you are a stupid bitch!!

Speaking of which……

Researched and still vaccinating because I actually understand the issue in full, thanks to being educated by people who actually know and understand the issue and remembering what I learned in high school science about compounds! And did that woman snort? What a PIG!

Wendy Tremain will also be added to the AV Name Check on the next update.


And now we have an idiot named Adam Gray;

Sorry, idiot, but you will have to do it – if you don’t want to end up in prison AND lose your kids! It’s called neglect! Your choice – vaccinate or cop it.

Gray’s first comment is total rubbish, and his claim re a plant based diet has NO nutritional value to a growing child! Kids need all the food groups and that includes meat and dairy! Parents are incapable of taking their children’s health into their own hands 100 percent because they are not medically qualified! You have no rights when you place children in danger, idiot! And it’s you lot who are the looneys because you are wanting to go back to the times when childhood mortality was as high as a kite! Don’t deny it! You know it’s true deep down and you’re too scared to admit it!

And Sunday couldn’t educate a duck to quack!


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