Blagen Login – what is your real name?

In the comments of the last entry you may have seen the idiot in the title applying his or her disgusting level of claimed logic. The idiot just didn’t understand that everything that was claimed by them was wrong. Not logical, and just plain rubbish. Let’s just highlight the so called logic;

1. “Injections by pass the body’s natural filters whereas consumption doesn’t”. There is NO difference between injection and consumption when it comes to the body’s barriers. Anything that is not needed will find it’s way through the body’s ejection system. In order for the body to absorb what it needs it has to be able to deal with both, and it does when working correctly. That is a fact, and it is also logical.

2. “Anti vaxxers own observations are reliable as they look into it themselves and see all the other stories”. Not good enough! There is no medical verification in this process and nor should their be! Medical verification is ESSENTIAL in these claims and as long as it’s not there it’s not true. Speculation is not scientific especially when it comes from people who are thinking with their hearts or guts and not their heads!

3. “Vaccines are not the only way to prevent disease”. If that was true we wouldn’t need vaccines. But we do, because they are the only way to ELIMINATE disease. Clean water provides the improved base, but all that did was cut back in fatalities. It did nothing to dispose of the disease altogether. Vaccines WORK! And they are the ONLY procedure that performs this task successfully.

Basically this idiot is believing the BS. Their logic is skewed badly as a result. And whoever this is can now be identified as a blatant liar. They stated that they had created a Twitter account as a result of the comments in the previous entry. I looked, and the account was created in September 2016! Con artist!

And, no, this person is not being added to the AV Name Check. This one needs their real name on it, not this stupid user name they are using. Now if they aren’t a con artist or liar, they’ll provide it. But I know they won’t. Just making this clear as glass – “Blagen Login” is an illogical, lying con artist who doesn’t understand vaccines, science or anything related to it. Proof? is a quack site, and would you believe this idiot believes the earth is flat??

IDIOT! Take a flight from your home town and go due west – don’t stop. After flying for 40,075 kilometres you will be able to land at your starting point. You couldn’t do that if the Earth was flat!!




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