No Name’s Twitter rot

What is wrong with this Blagen Login! I mean come on!

I went to this fool’s Twitter account just now and I found an argument with the highly reliable Dorit Reiss. I won’t quote the whole thing, but what jumped out at me was another illogical conclusion depicted in this meme;

The first three references are correct. The last is not. There is a key difference between them.

All of the first three are medically verified reactions. They have been proven to happen, the correct test is there as a result so it is easy to diagnose, identify and react to.

The last one doesn’t fulfill those points. It is NOT a medically verified reaction, therefore there is no proof of it. It is 100 percent supposition and non medical assumption. The test used was the wrong test, because it proves nothing relating to vaccines or to Autism! That’s the point – there is NO MEDICAL VERIFICATION!

Heavy metal toxicity has many different causes, but it’s not vaccines. Why? Because if it was all children would have such a reaction. And they don’t. The vast majority are fine. The very few that react all react because they shouldn’t have been given the vaccine at that precise moment. That’s not the vaccine at fault – that’s a system error. It happens, but what bothers me is the lack of reporting of those errors certainly in America! In Australia we’re better at it (the Fluvax incident involving Saba Button is a good example of this) – and I’m talking about PROPER reports, not random form filling like what is done with America’s VAERS system. Boy that thing needs to be revamped and badly!

Autism is genetic. It is not caused by vaccines. That is hate speech against Autism. That’s the real reason why this twit won’t give their full real name. They know they are going to get into some serious trouble!


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