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Frankie Vasquez has sawdust for brains

I have noticed that one of the craziest anti vaxxers in Australia is now trying to claim that the Commonwealth of Australia is owned by Dun and Bradstreet! Take a look!

Now I reproduced the link near the top, and this is what it REALLY shows!

And to back it up;

He made that up! Each and every address given is owned by the real Commonwealth of Australia. Dun and Bradstreet has been around longer than the Commonwealth (it was founded in 1841) but all it is according to Wikipedia – yeah not the best source but anyway – is a business services company. It will have data on all commercial entities. That’s it’s job. It doesn’t own any of it! The ABN that is in the search is the ABN of the Australian Tax Office.

Each of the notes in Frankie’s screenshot is proof of the Commonwealth of Australia doing business in the United States. It has to do this as a private company in the eyes of the IRS. That’s what D&B is noting. Whether it be the Embassy itself in Washington DC, the various consulates, the trade commission and so on. But of course Fwankie can’t see that because he has sawdust for brains.

This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Today, I tried to report Frankie to SA Health’s Mental Health triage. Unfortunately they need police intervention first, but they did appreciate the effort. Section 56 was mentioned and I looked it up – it’s Section 56 of the Mental Health Act 2009. That however doesn’t refer to the police. But Section 57 is a near replica of Section 56 and that’s the one where the police do have jurisdiction. But after a call to Salisbury police station (the Elizabeth cop shop’s phone rang out) it was confirmed that they can’t act until they catch him in real life, and I think he knows it hence his hiding from the police on the two occasions he has been visited by the police in the past month. But I for one will be keeping the pressure on. This effort is specific to Fwankie and isn’t a part of any of the other efforts against others listed on the AV Name Check, because he is a special case. Heavy emphasis on the word “special”.

Believe me, if I have my way in the end – there is a padded cell waiting for him at Yatala Prison. He is a bona fide nutcase, fruitcake standard.