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Roslyn Ross – uncaring callous bitch

Many anti vaxxers are this way because they claim to have vaccine injured children (none of those claims have been proven as I have said many times).

But others have jumped on board to bolster numbers for their own methods. Those from the natural solutions area; naturopaths and homeopaths. Roslyn Ross is one of these people.

I have come across her before – she was on the AV Name Check I think from the beginning which means she may have shown up on the Tribeca Change dot org petition way back when. But I’m not sure. Anyway, I recently ran into her on that garbage fake news site the Australian National Review on their story defending anti vax quack John Piesse who was providing the means to avoid both No Jab No Pay and No Jab No Play (he’s in Victoria so he avoided the preferred and original version of the latter) and maintain the idiots who were refusing to vaccinate their kids for no good medical reason. Such quacks in Australia will be found and struck off as Andrew Wakefield was in the UK. As they should be.

But Ross was in the comments peddling total nonsense that she wasn’t reading properly from what I’m told and in some cases using blatantly obvious quack sites such as Global Freedom Movement (which even she admitted was radical). I was onto her as were the other two active admins on the AAAV Facebook page (FT and LB) as well as Carl Davis and Chrissie McKewen, with Barb Vernon also getting her two cents in. I miss Melanie Jewell (she’s having family issues at the moment as is the third admin of AAAV JD) because as a scientist she would have had Ross for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

But just today, I discovered that she’d deleted her Facebook account (presumably) and started a new one! To cover her tracks and stimy any further investigations! Now my plan was to tear apart her comments but this news caused me to look elsewhere for fodder – and I didn’t have to look much further through a Dogpile search.

Before I go to the content, I’ll just reference her alma mater – Vermont Girls High School. I looked it up and found that it was a former school in Plympton in Adelaide. I know it well. I’ve umpired the junior football club and seen the senior football club play as recently as July this year. But I digress.

This entry tore Ross apart. She’s into homeopathy, and is a skeptic of what she calls “Allopathic medicine” AKA mainstream medicine. She claimed in the comments on the Piesse article that she’d spent time in India, where there is a lot of reliance on homeopathy and the like. That plus sanitation issues is why there have been reported issues with the polio vaccine. I’ve always said that vaccines are the final preventative, but not the whole preventative. Sanitation without a doubt brought mortality rates down. But it didn’t reduce the incidence and that’s the equation that vaccines complete. Vaccines without sanitation could present some issues.

This was in 2015 and Ross appeared in the comments and called herself not anonymous because she has integrity. WTAF?? Integrity? I have more of that in my pinkie than she has in her whole body! She is deluded, which is why she believes so much in what she does. She’s up there with the likes of Frankie Vasquez, Angela Offer/Eisenhauer, Rixta Francis and the like. Totally out of touch with the real world.

And as if to prove this, she was all over the comments on this entry;

It would take way too long to go through everything, but one thing stood out here as much as it did on the Piesse article. This woman doesn’t care. She see vaccines as useless without understanding a thing about it. This is why she is on the AV Name Check – this is incitement to child neglect, and that makes her what I called her in the title; an uncaring bitch. Her new Facebook account is being watched, and my investigations are ongoing. Like those in the top section of the Check, she will get hers – and it will be nice and legal.

Like it will be with everyone else. Not a criminal act in sight. Nor is there any criminal intent. Fact.