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Jenny Coolen – Nutter from Nova Scotia

You know you’re having an effect when you get this sort of rubbish on your page!

Jenny Coolen appears to live in Hubbards in Nova Scotia, and runs a business called Skintastic 100 in nearby Chester. When she saw my statement from mid November calling everyone who called vaccines dangerous child neglectors and stating that they will be stopped, she barged in with this;

Co-Admin FT responded by telling her she wasn’t telling the truth and Carl Davis backed that up pointing out that the ingredients were no different in effect than apples and pears. And Coolen shot back this rubbish;

The entire body does that, idiot! Not just the digestive system!

At the same time elsewhere, Coolen reacted to Victoria toughening up the No Jab No Play laws thus;

FT was onto this as well wanting medical proof of her claim. Carl was also onto it, telling her she would have her kids taken off her. When I saw this, I gave her the official notification that she was being added to the AV Name Check on the next update. She reacted on this part this way;

Oh he will NOT! That is total rubbish! There is no immunity for life from the flu for a start!

You should be – once the legal action forthwith starts it’s work!

After I gave her the notification I went to her page and boy look at this nonsense!

Not to mention a thread asking how many of her friends were anti vaccine and got too many responses in the affirmative for me to put here! She also queried why if she voices an opinion respectfully she gets kicked to the curb. Well duhhhhhh! It’s because your opinion is bloody offensive to the vast majority of those on social media!

So I went to her Skintastic 100 page and gave her a 1 star review. That got me the following PM from her;

She also managed to remove my review, but I replaced it thus – and she can’t do anything about it now because she blocked me!

It has since been replaced by an even better one.

Meanwhile I asked for my friends to come in and give 1 star reviews and there was a good response. However one of them got the following PM’s from Coolen!

You’re the sick one, Coolen! But typical of an anti vaxxer. It would take too long to go through what’s happened since in screenshots but needless to say it’s been crazed, including one of her deluded friends who insisted I review the business and it’s products only and leave the owner alone. Well excuse us, idiot! Me and everyone else who gave it one star (I admit I did it twice with my personal account and my political account) know that the reality is that judgment can and should be made on everything about the business INCLUDING it’s owner! Especially when her attitude is a threat to the community as she is!

And that’s a bloody fact!