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Heidi Reeble: Arrogant, Hostile Anti Vaxxer

I do like having four Facebook accounts in my name. It comes in handy when anti vaxxers pre-emptively block me on the two accounts they know about – my political one and my personal one (the two that I admin AAAV from with my three fellow admins).

In this case it was my wrestling account that I used to take these screenshots after FT informed me of the comments by Heidi Reeble, a Dane who has some things to learn about vaccines. She started badly with this claim on the story about Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy getting the flu shot;

Blatantly claiming that the flu vaccines causes strokes was out of line, and Christine McKewen was onto that calling the comment “disgraceful”. Reeble’s reply?

Just saying what?? How many strokes have there been that can be directly connected to the flu vaccine? I can answer that – NONE! It’s typical anti vax chatter that drives me up the wall!

This was a pretty petty jibe and Christine shot back accusing Reeble of being afraid of the truth as well as noting that the list of side effects was “meaningless” and “wrong”. Reeble played yet another anti vax card in reply;

Christine was absolutely right in reply – what vaccine injured person? I go back again to my “Once and for all – Prove it” entry on this blog in January 2017. There is no proof. As Christine said, they don’t exist and she called Reeble “a disgrace to the human race”. That caused Reeble to run for it, thus;

What a coward! And Christine jumped on her for her lack of community responsibility. Reeble hit the laughing emoticon at that and then uttered this tripe;

Most of the childhood vaccines don’t need boosters in adult life so Reeble lied. Reeble’s call should be heeded by her. Doctor’s advice is needed for these but she would be against that – just get the shots no matter what. How careless and irresponsible is that, huh? Completely owned, and Christine let her have it again smashing Reeble on herd immunity including an admission that she wouldn’t get the jab if others won’t because the others put her in danger. I don’t agree with that even though I can understand the thought line. But I do agree with Christine calling on Reeble to get re-educated on vaccine safety, disease and so on.

That was when LB got involved through the AAAV account and when I first became aware of it, pointing out that Reeble’s lack of understanding of the science of vaccines made her dangerous. Reeble shot back with this;

Ran away from the challenge again! And FT jumped in through the AAAV account pointing to her comments being on public display and that her comments were prejudiced against proven science. He confirmed that anyone against that was dangerous – attracting another laughing emoticon from Reeble, as well as this;

She DID speak about science! What is the claim about strokes being caused by vaccines? SCIENCE! Junk science, but science nevertheless! Ditto the claim to vaccine injury – AND her claim that pro vaxxers were concealing vaccine side effects! What a mess! No idea what she’s talking about at all! Funny how she tries to call Christine and AAAV (FT and LB) on no evidence when she presents none herself! No one was changing the subject. She was just trying to avoid the debate!

And there you go – instantly contradicts herself by talking about science!

And then adds rubbish to divert attention! FT struck back brilliantly calling her out on that and stating rightly that science in vaccines is settled. It’s not sales driven and it is only politically driven when lives are threatened, especially children’s lives! FT didn’t say that – I did now as an addition. LB then added that Reeble was being added to the AV Name Check – albeit not in the same way I do. Reeble responded after blocking the AAAV page thinking no one could see it;

You’ll care, Reeble! I have already given notice of the meaning of “legal action forthwith” on the list, even though you’re on another part! And she still denied arguing about science! She also claimed that by allowing others to vaccinate she wasn’t anti vax. WRONG! A blatant lie! She was scaremongering with the first comment as well as the other anti vax rhetoric like I said.

Yes you are supposed to prove something! You are supposed to prove that vaccines cause strokes! The side effect list is not proof! It’s supposition provided by the compromised VAERS. So you need to back it up! By lying about the flu vaccine, you have failed the test of supporting vaccines. And that is why you are inherently arrogant, hostile and a threat to children’s lives. All opponents of vaccines are that, and for that – as you were already advised…

Heidi Reeble – inciter of child neglect. Live with it, idiot! Because it’s true based on YOUR words!

And the next update has just happened by the way….