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Australian National Review: Fake News

The Australian National Review is back and selling it’s rubbish again about vaccines.

This was originally written by a site called Journalists Unleashed in the US, and I couldn’t find any About section which screams #fakenews. Anyway, it’s written as an opinion piece claiming that someone in 2015 was a pro vaxxer until they were turned by the basic anti vax rhetoric. The writer also claimed several questions had gone unanswered. Well, here you go – here are the answers to those questions!

*Why is a newborn baby vaccinated on day 1 of life against a disease that is primarily transmitted sexually and through needles in drug users?

Key word – primarily. It’s not the only way and the sooner that vaccine is administered the better.

*Why are babies given vaccines to produce antibodies when they don’t produce antibodies until after the age of 3 to 6 months?

That’s an oxymoron. Vaccines produce antibodies for that purpose, and then supports it beyond.

*Why are vaccine manufacturers not held responsible when their product injures your child? Why would they need to be protected from the effects of such wonderful products??

Because there are idiots who have used said products incorrectly. These idiots are the guilty party, not the vaccines themselves.

*Why have no double blind, placebo, randomized controlled trials been done on any vaccines? Standard with any other drug. Some might say there have been, but injecting kids with an aluminum-adjuvant ‘placebo’ is not a placebo, it’s injecting kids with a known neuro-toxin.

Aluminium is not a neuro toxin otherwise aluminium cans and cookware would be banned. The first part hasn’t been done for vaccines because it’s impossible due to exponential variables.

*Why is the world following the US when they are the most vaccinated population on the planet with the highest rates of infant deaths/SIDS in the western world?

The two do not go together and SIDS deaths have declined.

*Why are disease outbreaks occurring in populations with 90%+ vaccination rates?

Because that percentage isn’t high enough for the diseases that are suffering outbreaks.

*Why are kids vaccinated against these diseases still catching and spreading them?

Because herd immunity hasn’t been achieved.

*Why are we scared of non-fatal illnesses that train a child’s immune system how to behave on this planet?

There is no such illness.

*Why are vaccine manufacturers allowed to cut down on antigen and insert cheap and nasty toxic additives that aggravate the injection site?

There is no proof of this happening.

*Why do we need multi-dose vaccines if the number 1 priority of vaccine manufacturers is your child’s safety?

Multi-dose vaccines allow for more money to research and find cures and preventatives for other diseases that do not have these things yet.

*Why will no doctor sign a written guarantee for your child’s safety prior to vaccinating them with a product they insist you have?

Because life is a risk and you can’t make any such guarantee for anything in life. Anything.

It’s not hard to put these questions in their place. The questions are formed by fools who don’t really understand the issue and don’t want to for one simple reason. They fail to take everything into account and balance it all up. They are biased and are unable to make reasoned and rational decisions. So these questions should not even be asked, because they are failures from the get go. Just like anti vaxxers. Failures like any other criminal who is presently in prison for their crime. Anti vaxxers are guilty of a crime – inciting child neglect. The process needs to start soon to arrest and punish them for it. Children deserve to be protected from preventable disease and vaccines are the only way to achieve that.